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Nokta/Makro Pulse Dive For Nugget Hunting?

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Seeing Simon resurrect Norvic's idea of replacing/removing the shaft from a Minelab Gold Monster 1000 to convert it to a pinpointer:

and also seeing Steve H.'s earlier mention of the Pulse Dive smaller coil performance for rings:

"I was impressed by the performance of the 5" coil, easily exceeding what my normal pinpointers do on my classic 'Steve's wedding ring air test'" in this thread

got me wondering (for those who don't have a ML GM1000 sitting around colleting dust) if the Pulse Dive w/5" coil attached would be a good option.

Has anyone tried this?

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    I haven't used my two coils yet, but have used the straight tip on the beach! I did have a hard time finding very small metal pieces that my 800 found very easily, but couldn't find in the sand! But coin sized items and other stuff, it was fine and dandy so far!!👍👍

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4 hours ago, phrunt said:

I asked the Nokta dealer in my search for a gold prospecting pinpointer, he said "Hell no", Pulse dive is made for salt water, meaning it's not at all sensitive to small gold..

I wonder if issues with mineralized ground (and no or just primitive ground balancing capability) could be a bigger problem.

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It will ground balance to salt by default whether there is salt in the area or not which will make it blind to small .5 gram and smaller gold for the most part. Most dry land "normal" pinpointers won't do too well on smaller than .5 gram gold either. The Whites TRX and the XP Mi-4 and Mi-6 are pretty good at it however. I have never tried the Minelab Pro Find 35. I have tried all of the current Nok Mak pinpointers and they do not detect sub .5 gram gold well at all.


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From what I gather the ProFind 35 is similar in sensitivity to the Carrot, Carrot is more stable.

Not sure if the pulse dive would do any better on nuggets than a F-pulse, they may not have a quick enough pulse delay to find the super tiny as they are meant to find larger bits. Being sensitive enough to pick up a tiny nugget might make it difficult to use as a pp in most conditions? I could see it sounding off on tiny bits of rust and possibly falsing?

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My Treasure Products 585 pinpointer did pick up very small metals, but you had to be relatively close to it with the tip! But I've used it for years without any problems! I don't have any gold nuggets to test on, or i would let you know! It does pick up very small lead! I'll do some tests with both!👍👍

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You guys have done a good job answering the question.  Now I wonder if one could be made.  Different Ground Balancing, ajdustable pulse delay,....

Then again, I see two problems with my proposal:  1) cost to add all these features; 2) too small of a specialty market.  By the time they got done they'd have a ML SDC2300.  :biggrin:


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      Earlier people were looking for a TRX pinpointer. Centerville Electronics has a refurbished one on their used page for $95 with a 6 month warranty. Already have one or I would have jumped on it.
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