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Out with the Minelab Equinox yesterday and getting frustrated with the difficulty of switching to the user 'profile' (plenty of complaints on that since its release) but then wondering why we have only one memory slot.  Sure, many detectors have zero....

Are there detectors on the market (or even from the past -- no longer manufacturered) that have more than one user memory slot?  It's hard to believe in 2020 with gigabytes of memory in so many small packages/products that we can't have 2 or (am I asking for too much?) 4 places to put user custom set search modes.

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    This, and several other issues, are why i wasn't too broken up about trading it away! Don't get me wrong, it's one of the best detectors out there! But i really think that Minelab need's to be more responsive to things that overwhelming amounts of owners are asking for!

     If you don't learn from other company's failures, than you are doomed to repeat them!👍👍

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The White's DFX and V3i have about 5 user slots, The XP ORX has 2 slots, and the winner is: (Drum roll) Deus has 10 factory programs with and additional 8 user slots for a total of 18 Programs. 

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That's what I get for relying on my memory. Thanks for setting the record straight. 

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My Tejon has no user slots but only one user, does that count? 🙂

I wish you could just put a thumb drive on the control box and pick the saves you had and back up ones you create. Then your not really restricted at all, even be able to share settings with others with the same detector.

The Kruzer and Racer only have save all for current setups and a factory reset. Not a big deal on the gold racer as it is super simple to use but the Kruzer has enough settings that can make it a pain to restore if needed.

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