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Help Me Identify Type Of This Rock

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I still don't know what it is.  I do understand why someone might think it is a meteorite.  The convex side looks like it might have been partially melted by passing through the atmosphere at high speed, and the back side looks like it might have been slightly melted by hot turbulent gasses behind the meteorite.  However it does not look like any of the common types of meteorites that I am aware of.  I don't even recognize the orange material on the back side.  Show it to a petrologist or a meteorite specialist at a university.  They might have an idea.

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It looks igneous to me. I have found some coarse grained pegmatite with hornblende and pink feldspar that looks similar with the easily weathered feldspar making the harder minerals (in this case the dark mineral) look more prominent. I have also seen some extrusive igneous rocks that come close but yes it is pretty strange. It almost looks slightly waterworn or eroded from some means. It would be nice to know if the dark colored stuff is magnetic/metallic or not. The High and Middle Atlas Mountains have lots of folding, faults, anticlines and synclines that have brought basalts, gabbros and other paleozoic rocks to the surface........ 

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    • By mshin89
      This rock was recently discovered in the garden after deep digging. It has a blackened outer surface which appears to resemble a fusion crust, and is mostly stone with iron streaks throughout and rusting present. It weighs 38 lbs/17.2 kg, and is roughly 27cm long and 15 cm wide. The rock is rounded on one side and has a straight(ish) edge on the other where it likely broke off from a larger rock (I have dug further and can't find anything else). The rock is lightly attracted to a reasonably strong magnet but the attraction is not strong enough for it to stick to the rock independently. I have attached pictures here. Any help identifying it would be appreciated, though I appreciate it's unlikely to be a meteorite as these are very rare findings!
      To summarise:
      Is a magnet attracted to it? Yes (light attraction)
      Is it heavier than other rocks ? Yes
      Does it have a dark, thin crust on the outside? Yes
      Does it have a lighter color on the inside? Yes

    • By CVISChris
      Found these today up stream from my normal digs.  Look like game pieces too me.  
      They are stamped on both sides.   

    • By Rick N. MI
      I was hoping it was piece of a meteorite but it isn't. 
      I was using the Equinox 800 and this piece hit hard. It is very light. It's not magnetic. The ID is 1. Could it be a piece of coal?

    • By Kris0072000
      can anyone help me in identification?

    • By Purplehays69
      I found this years ago while sniping a creek. Went to throw it out of the crack but it was very heavy for its size. Sticks very hard to my pick magnet.

    • By Allen M
      I was out in a area that I was in last week and came across this today. There was a vein running between the Quartz’s. Here are some pictures of what I found. 
      Anybody have any thoughts on this. 

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