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Has Anyone Seen Or Used The Detech Detectors??

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   Hey all,

   I was just wondering if anyone else know's anything about these 3 detectors! The flyers where in my new coil boxes! 👍👍





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Hi ,

I have tested the Chaser 14khz for a shop in France called "Le Fouilleur" 3years ago.  A very deep detector especially with the 12 X 10 coil on medium/big coins in low iron trashed areas , which is quite surprising considering its relatively high freq of 14khz. A little deeper than the Equinox I would say . This was the positive thing with this machine.

On the other hand a few negative issues :

the multitone audio does not work correctly because the target tone change with the target distance from the coil . This is the main issue with this detector , the multitone is not reliable at all and for example the Vanquish/Equinox multitones are far better and accurate ... Same pb with the VDIs which are not reliable.

- the iron disc on big ferrous at depth is approximative they often sound like good targets

- the Chaser is heavy , around 1,7kg with the 12 X 10 coil

However I did this test 3 years ago in 2017 , perhaps Detech has fixed some issues and especially the multitone issue since 2017 ... Not sure about this ... I would suggest you to check this with your dealer if you plan to buy one ..

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    Well, i guess that answer's that question!! Too bad, i would like to see more competition for the big boys out there! 

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