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Whites Detectors & Garrett Z-lynk / Will This Work?

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Hello. Using the forum search didn't bring up a confirmation. So, if this was asked in the past I'm sorry for the repeat.

My question is, will the Garrett MS-3 Z-Lynk wireless kit work with the MXT or DFX? The manual states compatible with nearly any brand; and from detector pro I know they have a special white's switch build in. Anyone using this setup for his White's detector?


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  • Steve Herschbach changed the title to Whites Detectors & Garrett Z-lynk / Will This Work?

Garrett Z-Lynk employs a transmitter box and as such will work with any detector with the correct adapter. There is nothing special about White’s audio output. The Detectorpro switch is not a “White’s” switch, it is a stereo / mono switch. Some detectors put out mono, some stereo, and you need to be properly matched in that regard. Many detector headphones have a stereo / mono switch for this reason. Most White’s detectors have stereo output.

Only Minelab to my knowledge uses non-standard wiring to ground and shut off the external speaker on some of their models.

Long story short, for any audio system not working properly, acquiring and using the correct mono to stereo adapter (or vice versa) will almost always do the trick.

Just a reminder.... Z-Lynk is proprietary and will not work with standard Bluetooth headphones.

Z-Lynk Manual

• Z-Lynk can be used with both VLF and pulse metal detectors.
• These modules can be paired with any Garrett wireless-enabled device. This wireless system is nearly universal, designed to work with almost any brand of metal detector and almost any wired headphone.

click images below for larger versions...

Garrett Z-Lynk Wireless Audio System


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I will add the Quest Wirefree Mate should also work, I've used it on all of my detectors.  It's worked on my Minelabs too, works on my GM1000 and GPX 4500.  It even works on my QED and the QED is very fussy with audio.

Its home is on my Gold Bug Pro.

It just passes whatever signal though it receives from your detector to your existing headphones.

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And I’ve got the TaoTronics low latency Bluetooth for my White’s. Any matched set of transmitters and receivers will work on almost any device. That’s kind of the entire point of using a transmitter box.

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@Steve Herschbach - Thank you for your responses and the clarification about the switch.

@phrunt - Thank you for your response, too.

I'll keep all your good advice in mind and have to read some more about wireless HP before I decide what to use.

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On 9/12/2020 at 10:11 PM, Steve Herschbach said:

And I’ve got the TaoTronics low latency Bluetooth for my White’s. Any matched set of transmitters and receivers will work on almost any device. That’s kind of the entire point of using a transmitter box.

Hello Steve.

Yesterday the TT low latency Bluetooth arrived and a set of BT headphones. Works great on my MXT. Mounted the BT-TR with Scotch dual lock to the MXT so I can swap detectors very easy. Thank you a lot for your advice.

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Agree with the Simon......the Quest Wirefree works perfectly with my Whites MX7 and XL Pro.

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