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Another great score for the you and the AQ!

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It will be interesting to see how the Fl hunters use this machine Joe.   We have more of a recent drop situation........ which with the AQ could change to be much like winter hunting here.   Those users will have to change how they hunt to cherry pick like you do.   Skipping shallower targets for the deeper/weaker ones would be like asking a dirt digger to just listen to med. tones for gold hunting in a park..... many will still want to dig it all which is time consuming except in the winter.  Thats when you take the time to work an area.   Very few PIs being used here so VLFs leave us a lot of junk that gets buried not to mention those who "CATCH AND RELEASE" targets........specifically bottle caps at these party beaches like say Ft Meyer where you have the river mud mixed with sand or even CWB.   BUT.... IMO, most hunting doing a lot of time out there will want to have this machine to hit beaches that appear cleaned out.

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Big to ME.  Good job again Joe.

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I think we are still on the same page about wanting a 9 or 10" coil out there.   Not that the 8" wont sale......if thats whats offered.   The 8" makes a good dive coil.......but remember the Xcal had an 8"...... and now we dont.   They just didnt sell well for salt water hunting.....but this is a PI and you may not loose very much depth like you do on a VLF.  Let me know how it goes Joe when ya get one.

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Nice hunt Joe. I hope you get the moisture out of the camera. This temp drop is probably making it worse.




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Two nice rings that look fairly old. You can tell they were not recently dropped! Beauties! The AQ seemed to run very smooth on your video. Looks like you have this machine dialed in for your type of hunting extremely well. I think it will be in your detecting arsenal for a long time to come 😄

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  • Similar Content

    • By GaryC/Oregon Coast
      Sorry for the delay in putting my experiences on paper, I received my AQ 8-7-20.  I have lived in Oregon now for the last three years.  Coming from California I was use to un-ending tourists, vacationers, locals streaming to the beaches all year long.  Here in Oregon I now have to live with the fact that many of my close, local beaches are just not popular with "In the water" type of beach goers.  These beaches do not have the throngs of people lying a towel out and sunning themselves all day long.  Most are lucky to get a few hours of towel sitting and then start looking for a wind break to hide behind.  That being said, if I drive 50 to 250 miles north the populace does have access to a few more popular sunning beaches.
      My first outing was right down to my local beach, three miles away.  Just wanted to see how the AQ acted on my black sand beach and to my water.  I'll have to say it took me awhile to get it calmed down in and near water, even on wet sand.  Ended up with the Frequency at 10.5, ATS at 9, Sensitivity at 6.  This allowed me to run it with some faultsing during my swings.  I just have to slow down my swings and it was more quiet.  
      Second outing was to an inland fresh water reservoir (120 mile round trip) where they have been draining it for only four days.  This is a huge reservoir and takes over a month to drain it down before storms hit.  The beach areas had only about ten yards exposed to the mud bottom and no where near to the end of where people jump off the end of the dock.  The mud was un-digable  with a scoop.  Like working in modeling clay.  I'll have to wait until it gets a little more dried out and use a shovel.  Will try and hit it next month.  Anyway the AQ worked very well in freshwater at the presets.  
      Third outing was to a beach south of me (80 mile round trip).  Actually hit two beaches here same settings were needed to keep the AQ stable while swinging.  These beaches were very clean of trash so I got a good three hours in with the AQ.  I had the exact same experiences other owners reported with hair pins, bottle caps, wire bits, etc.  Like every new owner, especially me, I dug all signals using the All Metal and Tone settings, switching back and forth before digging.  Learning this machine will take me awhile but I like the sound of it.  It reminds me of using my old Mine Lab 4000 gold machine.  Similar in sound and especially reactions to hot rocks.  
      Fourth outing was yesterday, a beach north of me (400 mile round trip).  Actually I hit three beaches but stayed at the first one for a long time.  Nice clean beach.  I usually take my Nox 800 out on it first to test for trash and if it looks good go and get the Impulse.  I got a lot of practice in yesterday.  Digging almost everything and comparing sounds and switching between All Metal and Tone.  I did not take any pictures of my trash or coins or toys found.  Every body has enough pictures of the bad stuff.  I will be staying with my settings for a while as they seem to be good for my beaches.  
      I waited a long time to get this machine and I am not sorry I have it.  You have to realize, and it's been written before.  The AQ will not be for every beach hunter.  It has to be used in conjunction with other machines.  It's not a coin machine and will drive you crazy if you are wanting it for coins.  My trips did not score any jewelry or gold.  Not that I wasn't trying but because (I believe) my beaches are not in use as So. Cal. beaches are throughout the year.  Lower numbers of people on the beach at shorter summer type weather will just not have the abundance of what I was used to finding in California.  You will see a report when I do score gold!!
      Bottom line, I hope the AQ (re-worked model) is a monetary success for Fisher.  I do see however people buying this machine and being very un-happy with it in the short term.  Many new detectorists or seasoned ones either don't have the time to put in on the learning curve or just get frustrated with the limits this water machine has.  Limits being it's not a coin machine (many detectorists will not remember this when purchasing the AQ).  So I predict you will see lots of them for re-sale, maybe six months after the final version has been released.  GaryC/Oregon Coast
    • By Rick Kempf
      Well, here I sit - recovering from some minor surgery - the sitting part made more difficult - no more details available....
      Today I had Fisher ship the 25th AQ LTD. If I had any idea why it is so infernally slow of them to ship the darned things, I probably couldn’t share the details....but the fact that they give me no useful information about such things means that I am spared the decision on what to disclose.
      Mostly folks who have them are learning what they are good for and the consensus is - I think - that like any other detector - they are not good for EVERYTHING. Happily, the consensus also seems to be that they are amazing for a range of interesting and useful things. You can all read about all this elsewhere here.
      For me, I am patiently tending my “waiting list” now about 45 or so. Whether FTP will eventually furnish enough machines to clear the list is not known to me, but I am optimistic.
      I am surprised, pleased and grateful that the majority of folks on my list are unbelievably patient and polite - You all have my thanks. I am VERY happy that I didn’t go in for “pre orders” “pre payments” of “deposits”. Had I done som my life would be a bookkeeping hell (thank you Steve for good advice!).
      When the LTD is done and the “Unlimited” is available, I expect and hope to be one of the dealers for this. In fact, I pretty much feel like I am “all in” for the whole Impulse line.
      The Gold is busily in work. Prototypes will be fielded for test and when the time is right it will be “inshallah” introduced. I have bought a new SDC2300 and a nice used Gold Bug 2 to play with in getting ready for the Gold. In the meantime - I bought myself another AQ LTD and am demanding (for that that is worth) to be early on line for an 8” coil to play with the AQ inland - running its paces against the “trial ponies” - all to educate me for the Gold.
      Meanwhile, I sit here in Gold Canyon - seeing no-one. I have a couple of “strikes against me” and I am a bit of a “health pessimist” and so the slightest hint of the plague would be extremely unwelcome.
      I look forward to next year when we hopefully do more and be more engaged.
    • By cuniagau
      Got my BBB (Beachnut Big Battery) 11 hour (est) run time battery today.  Hope to give it a spin tomorrow.   This should help me from having to backpack extra gear around for 3 1/2 hours or until the first battery quits me.   I opted for the standard headphone connector to keep things simpler.   The standard FT hearphones seem to sufficient at this point.  Although I have been reading a lot on some of the threads about adapting other headphone for the AQ.  That may be something I need to address down the road but not for now.  I am just now starting to discern one target from another and don't want to start the learning curve again. LOL
      Thanks OBN for such a nice looking addition to my AQ.  11 hours is something FT really needs to think hard about now.  Or at least the 8 hour version.  That would be very do able I would think.  
      I will keep you posted on run times.
      PS:  I am not sure why my pics are sideways. 

    • By schoolofhardNox
      Tides were decent this past week, so I took 2 days to hunt 2 different beaches with the AQ. While the tide was high, I would detect with the GPX 5000 or the Equinox 800, so I could conserve battery time for the AQ. These finds pictured are all found with the AQ. First beach was disappointing, as the low tide did not expose any rocks or clay. This beach just doesn't want me to hunt the good areas  😄 Beach two was better hunt with all day rain to keep the gawkers away. This hunt was interesting, and I was able to shed some light on how the AQ will perform for my style of beach hunting. Both day's hunts were mainly using Tone Mode, so I could hear both the accepted and rejected targets. I did this since both beaches can produce silver, plus I was interested to see the cut off between reject and accept, for the settings I had. The most telling were the sinkers, as some came in high tone and the larger ones came in at a low tone. Beach two also showed that location matters, even on the same beach. One section produced zinc pennies, and scraps of aluminum cans. But the other section produced heavy targets, with a lot of lead. That section I was only able to detect for about 1 hour as the beach was about to close down for the night. No gold, but the lead and nickels says that I was close. If my coil would have come over gold I would have heard it loud and clear. All those targets screamed out loud. I will hit that area again when time permits.

    • By vive equinox
      have you seen this video ? 
       Lot of iron ... 
      I don't understand English very well, but I have the impression that he says that there is no variation in the audio. and that there is no double beep on the bobbie pin .it is sold to find under iron, but I see it only finds iron. 🤔
    • By Steve Herschbach
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