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How Do You Mount Your Booster And So On With The GPZ Harness?

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I don't understand the purpose of audio boosters on the GPZ personally, unless they are battery boosters to take the GPX wireless. The wm12 has a speaker and I detect in some extremely windy parts of the US with it and no headphones and haven't been wanting for more volume, I'd just move to headphones instead of a booster if I needed it.

A Camelbak with a d-ring high up on the shoulder for a bungy is all I've ever used for both the 4500 and GPZ. The WM12 goes on the chest strap or one of the shoulder straps with a rubber band around the clip (its fallen off before and took me a day to find). A Camelbak MULE is my personal favorite, the d ring is in the correct spot (it appears some newer ones lack the D ring now that I am home and looking online, mine currently is a MilSpec model from 2016). Room for parts, food, GoPro, Leatherman, and enough water for a 6 or 8 hour day. But I do a lot of ATV'ing so I dont need much pack space since I have more supplies in my saddle bags. Bungy or not, I still take this pack with me.

That harness is junk to me, I have 2 sitting never used in my closet. The pack is the way to go IMO.

Also, I use conceal carry shirts which have inner zip pockets, easy access to my phone/GPS and nugget pouch. But if you really want a booster, that may be a way to carry it too.

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I managed to open it up. It's a trace antenna, and it looks like it'd be pretty directional to me the way it's designed. So how much it cuts in and out might depend a lot on the orientation of th

One thing that is clear - like so many other detecting topics, there are a lot of unique solutions that come out of personal preference and experience. I love using the WM12 with an SP01. I cinch

Simon, hook your Quest transmitter into the headphone jack on your GPZ and your receiver into noise cancelling headphones, and no more problems. If you must run speakers (and God knows why so called e

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One thing that is clear - like so many other detecting topics, there are a lot of unique solutions that come out of personal preference and experience.

I love using the WM12 with an SP01. I cinch each one to a harness strap with a short velcro strap, that way I can position them anywhere it is most comfortable. I put the WM12 on the left strap (I am left handed) and the Sp02 on the right strap. I use additional velcro straps to run the cords around the outside upper harness and also take up the slack there by looping the excess under the velcro straps. There is no discomfort and things are not "hanging" off the harness, it's all snug.

I use a Hipstick all the time and many times I work in terrain similar to what I see in your photos Simon. I have developed a disconnect method with the Hipstick that, after you incorporate it into your digging technique, is completely normal and second nature without any particular hassle.

I know you are young and strong but both those traits only last so long and the passion to hunt for gold persists far past both. I highly recommend trying to work out an acceptable way of using the Hipstick, you'll thank yourself later.


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Hi all, I have been using the Minelab harness as well, but you are right the shoulder straps are quite uncomfortable and tight fitting and tend to make me feel hot and encumbered.  I cannot use the original lower struts my overall body size to big. Seeing JP`s set up in videos I decided to give the hip stick a try. Works reasonably well to remove the tension from the shoulders but as the hip stick connects between the shoulder ring and waist band it pulls down the whole harness loading up the shoulders again.

I am now going to try using a quality wide belt to hold the hip stick and a smaller shoulder harness/knapsack similar to JP. I have a builders pouch that I used on the GPX waist strap. I will slide this over the belt on the hip. I found the builders(chippies) pouch great for holding water bottles, GPS, Finds bottle, Lead and junk, mobile phone and pick. Hopefully removing all that added weight from the shoulders. 

I dont use any speaker or phones attached to the WM12, just clip it to the metal ring opposite shoulder to the hip stick. Heading out next week to find my fortune, let you know how I go, cheers sturt

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I completely understand Reg's stance on this one, The QED is like swinging a VLF, light as a feather.

I think perhaps the best thing for me to do to suit my needs in this scenario is use a backpack, ditch the harness ( I rarely use it anyway ) and the backpack can be my bungee mounting point when it's needed and just clip the WM12 onto it and be done with it.   I really like my SP01 but it seems it's just difficult with all the extra cords required to use it so I'll give it a miss, I found it easier to use on my GPX without the WM12 as well. The WM12 is OK except for the audio drop outs if you don't have it on your swing arm side close to the detector, once I worked that out I was fine, it's got nice loud audio, I just don't have anywhere good to clip it to so it goes on my t-shirt collar, but it falls off a lot.

I was more worried about the dropouts when I first got it as I thought it must be faulty it does it that much, I guess you get used to it.  It's a wonder Minelab haven't made headphones with a WM12 style receiver in the headphones, you'd think that would be an obvious accessory.

I've just ordered a short GPX power cable off Nenad as I've decided I'll mount the battery on the side of it to go harness free with it too.  I was going to make my own cable but it just wasn't worth it.   I've mounted one of the QED's Logitech X50 speakers onto the GPX also so It's now completely harness free so perhaps I could mount one of them on the GPZ somehow too then the WM12 isn't needed anymore and the X50s are so loud the SP01 isn't as necessary either.

I'm digging or scraping to check pellet targets every few steps so being awkwardly strapped up is difficult, especially on hillsides.

I just like to be comfortable when I'm detecting, it makes it a whole lot more enjoyable.  JW used to be surprised when I'd always show up for a detect with my VLF and leave my GPX at home, it was because I wasn't comfortable strapped up with it and the harness and the VLF was just lightweight fun, even though it found less gold 🙂

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I use the GPX harness when I use the 17" 3030 in the same way I use it with the GPZ.  It becomes weightless at the beach.  I don't remember using it with the SP01.  I had used it with the BZ.  The SP01 is an enhancer and not just an amplifier.  There is a difference in the field.  I think having noise cancelling headphones with a separate power and volume control is better than boosted noise.

I now get 'worn out' by swinging the 15" coil with my Equinox 800 on the beach.  I don't use anything with it and periodically have to take breaks and move my fingers, work my back and such.  The 11" is not tiring but I have to hunt differently with it and I've been finding more gold with the larger coil.

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3 hours ago, phrunt said:

I just like to be comfortable when I'm detecting, it makes it a whole lot more enjoyable. 

Why don't you try this item below with your bluetooth headphones.

Hope this helps.



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I couldn't find any advantage to using a booster even though I have shizen houzen hearing.

The best improment I have discovered is to run my speaker on my hat like in the picture, I face the speaker in and I actually have to run the volume lower. This also provides the advantage that the sound moves with your head and you maintain an even distance from both of your ears to the speaker at all times. Also I can just pick up speaker hat detector and pick for a quick unencumbered swing anytime... ahhh freedom from bondage 😄

I'm wearing it in my mountain goat gold video.

Im quite surprised that no one else has adopted my set-up as I've mentioned it a number of times. I'm yet to see another even try it...



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I got an email from Amazon about the Tao earlier in the day.  It made me read it because it is low latency.

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2 minutes ago, Gold Hound said:

Im quite surprised that no one else has adopted my set-up as I've mentioned it a number of times. I'm yet to see another even try it...

Awesome, you've won me Gold Hound, that suits me perfectly! love it! Thanks.  I feel like setting my harness on fire now.  That's my solution.  Thank you.

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I was mounting a WM on the back of my cap a long time ago.  I had to wind the cords around it because I didn't go out and buy short ones but you are right, a hat trick can work.

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