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Sometimes Too Many Choices Are Not Good

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I have been forcing my self to use my Deus more here lately. I am finding that I like the Deus very much. For the most part I am using Gold Maxx and deus fast. I have a custom deep program I use as well. 

What I am getting at is i am not really using as many of the programs and settings. I fiddle between 2 for the most part and some times 3. And that is Deus fast and either gold Maxx or the deep Custom one I made. 

I have been thinking of selling either my Deus remote set up and keeping the ORX or selling the ORX remote set up.

I like the ORX for the large easy to see screen and iron probability bar. Plus I only fiddle with the coin programs anyway. 

I  actually favor the ORX to tell you the truth.  

They are slightly different animals. And each has their own strong points. But target and depth between the 2 are equal. 

Who else has the same delima??

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Well bigtim,  As you know, you pretty much described the situation with my traded Nox 800! I just felt i wasn't utilizing all that it had! Not that i probably couldn't have grown into it more! It

I have been forcing my self to use my Deus more here lately. I am finding that I like the Deus very much. For the most part I am using Gold Maxx and deus fast. I have a custom deep program I use as we

Why not give the classifieds here a shot too.  Saves you some ebay fees and I know some folks here are looking for remotes.

I have battled with the same dilemma. My XP Deus/ORX saga is boring and has taken many twists and turns. So, obviously in most of my ground conditions the XP Deus/ORX have not been a slam dunk. I still like both of them very much but I recently let go of my ORX........I had other detectors that could do what I needed it for (gold prospecting) just as well or better and they are both fully waterproof and have some gold prospecting features that were missing on the ORX. The lack of full tones on the ORX limited it in my area for coin and jewelry hunting

I still have a Deus Lite setup for relic hunting in thick iron and for shallower coin and jewelry hunting. If I used it for gold prospecting it would do just fine too. I would like to get a Deus remote eventually but I'm not in a hurry unless the deal is right. I use mostly Deus Fast, Deus Hot, Deus Pitch and Gold Field. The Deep program gets bogged down in the mineralization here and becomes Deus Shallow.  The rest of the dry land programs get virtually no depth at all for target IDs (3" or less).

So, I hear you on owning an expensive detector for which you don't use even half of the features which is why I sold my first full Deus setup and bought the ORX......


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Pretty much the same for me. Mainly use Deus Fast and Deep. I have a heavy iron program that is based off Deus Fast with negative disc and full tones. It is my clean up machine for iron infested sites though. The Equinox has just enough features and is my first in. I don't like cherry picking with the Deus.

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I see I am not the only guy driving a hot rod that is stuck a traffic jam now.


I really love how small it is and all of the settings it has. In order for me to justify having them both I would have to do some very serious hunting in environments that are unique at each and every field or house I encountered in order to take advantage of the settings.


They both get the same depth and have the same speed on the same Target. 

Although there are no other units on the market in which you can carry a complete spare control unit in your shirt pocket. The next best thing one could do is to buy 2 minelab equinox units and pull off one of the control heads completely off of the shaft and store it in a fanny pack or shoulder pack in case something went haywire with the one you were swinging. But you would even have to carry the tool in order to swap out the control pods.


That is about the smallest control pods that any competitors manufacturer.


I am probably going to keep both of them. What I should do is just use one and then on the next outing use the other. Swap them out on every other outing. 

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Well bigtim,

 As you know, you pretty much described the situation with my traded Nox 800! I just felt i wasn't utilizing all that it had! Not that i probably couldn't have grown into it more! It's a great detector! I guess I'm just not fond of fiddling with programs in the field; it's a time killer! And with all the bright sunny days, and humidity, hard to see the screen well! 

     I can always revisit a more multi feature detector later, if the need arises! But i think my recent units will serve me better for now!👍👍

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IMO ORX was just two or three missing features away from optimal.  I like the display layout of the Orx vs. the Deus.  I like that it normalizes the HF coil TIDs (Deus doesn't do that) but it would be nice to have the option to switch of ID Normalization as you do have with the Deus and the X35 coils.  I also like the way Orx implements ground grab.  Obviates the need for tracking GB.  However, being stuck in 3 tones for the coin modes is just a little TOO bare bones.  I don't need all the tone breaks and tone pitch customizations of Deus but give me at least pitch and full tones to go along with the ORX 3-tones and associated fixed tone breaks and I would be a happy camper.  Ideally, adding a few more custom slots and the ability to navigate them using the +/- keys like on the Deus would be great too.  I don't have a bunch of custom programs, I basically just use Deus Fast variants only, with a Deep program thrown in, but I like having clones of the same program with only the frequency and/or type of tones changed and go back and forth between them when interrogating and iffy target to see how the frequency affects the target signal to make a dig decision.

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1 hour ago, Joe D. said:

I guess I'm just not fond of fiddling with programs in the field;

Neither am I, and ironically that's why I like the Equinox.  I basically just choose the mode for the situation at hand (e.g., FIeld 2 for relic hunting, Park 1 for coin shooting, Beach 2 for wet salt sand) and basically run straight up with the defaults with either Gold Mode (for relic hunting) or a single frequency variant of Park 1 residing in the user profile slot for target interrogation.  For me it is the ultimate turn it on a go machine - it's just that you have plenty of choices of modes to turn it on and go with.  The Deus on the other hand sometimes takes a little more "tuning" in the field to get some of the parameters optimized (specifically reactivity, silencer, and frequency), especially in hot dirt.  Moot point since Equinox was not your cup o' tea, but just my perspective so I thought I'd mention it.  I do see a lot of folks fiddling with the user parameter settings on Equinox and they tend to get themselves tied up in knots when the defaults work for more than 95% of the situations once you get the machine noise cancelled and ground balanced.  ML really hit the mark on getting the machine pretty optimized as far as the default setting are concerned based on my experience in the field.  FWIW.

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So I got the Deus remote and found that I was often not really even using it as I had gotten used to digging by tones with the WS4 headphones. For the way I detect the WS4 is really ideal so I put the remote up On eBay and it sold in 30 minutes without much of a loss as it was essentially new. Now I’m keeping the Orx controller in my pouch and the Orx phones in my backpack and can switch between Deus lite and Orx at any time I want. Most of the time I use Deus fast or coin fast on the Orx, but I also like the hot program and want to explore Gold maxx (Tim) and pitch (Chase). 
Since selling my Equinox 600, I considered getting a Garrett Apex until it got hammered in early unbiased reports. I’m considering a Vanquish 440 bc it’s simple Inexpensive and I like the lighter 10”x7” coil. I asked On another forum if the vanquish Was nose heavy with the 12” coil and most said it was about same as Equinox- thT was my reason for selling it. 

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7 hours ago, Chase Goldman said:

.....  However, being stuck in 3 tones for the coin modes is just a little TOO bare bones.  I don't need all the tone breaks and tone pitch customizations of Deus but give me at least pitch and full tones to go along with the ORX 3-tones and associated fixed tone breaks and I would be a happy camper. ....

Yes I agree only 3 tones on the Orx is not normal knowing the price of this machine 700 euros over here. A Vanquish 540 at 440euros has 5 tones it should be at least 5 tones and ideally fulltones for the Orx   . Perhaps it would be a good thing to inform the XP support about this , I have informed my seller in Paris about this issue but no answer from XP for the moment . Perhaps if the request comes from the US they will be more reactive ... 🙂

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 I would love to see the Orx set up as you just described! I was just addressing the issue of manufacturers paying closer attention to the suggestions on the forums,  in another post a few minutes ago!

   As far as the Nox 800, i still like it very much! And had i been able to afford to keep it, and get the MXT, i would have! But i know i will be able to pick up one, or the 600 later on, if i wish! I also like the Orx, and would consider it also, especially if the changes you suggested were implemented!!👍👍

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  • Similar Content

    • By Tnsharpshooter
      Thought I would share a few experiences I had today while detecting in the wild.
      A 3 hour hunt with split time between round and elliptical HF coils.
      Made a few finds using both coils.
      I ran the hot program while actually hunting.  But used gold field program to check some targets.  Glad I did too. Payed off.
      Here is pic.

      Notice the bracelet with the name on it.  Gent is still a kicking and in his 80s now, bracelet likely lost back in late50s early 60s.  I showed it to his sister actually.
      What about this bracelet portion?
      I hope folks don't laugh here, what I am going to say, but it is true.
      I was when I found this, in the same area where cut Spanish bit and half dime came from back in the summer.  I'll bet I have swung a Deus detector, others too over this bracelet buried over 300 times.  And I heard it likely every time but didn't dig.
      Probably the same reason why is the same reason I wouldn't have dug again today except for the mighty gold field program.
      I swept this bracelet (not knowing) with hot program and the signal I got, I would have bet the farm it was relic iron.  A very tight super high short blaring signal.  I actually remember getting this same tone here previously many times before.  Remember this place does infact have old relic iron smaller, medium sized and bigger all over.  
      So in the past I was writing this target off as iron.
      Today after I hit the target, I toggled over to gold field same freq run as my hot program Reactivty 2.5.  When Iistened to this target using gold field, a nice sounding signal smooth on the edges, usually a good giveaway it is infact nonferrous.  And sure enough it was.
      One more target I dug  today I will discuss, and again using gold field gave me some additional Intel to actually recover find.
      The old button in the pic.
      I located it with round HF coil but the tone signature was crippled big time, with multiple tones being had as I swept.  I repeated sweep several times and I would have gave < 15 % chance of nonferrous even existing beneath my coil.  But checking target with gold field even even running 1 level lower (slower) Reactivty (level 2.5) I got more to go on vs the disc mode hot program, meaning now my odds went up to >50 % chance of being nonferous based on what I heard.
      To conclude here.
      I won't BS folks here.
      Using the HF coils running 28.8khz they can be sharper in iron vs the LF coils.  A person will get used to if they apply themselves.  One thing I will mention here and this too is a good weapon (using gold field to check suspect targets) is using disc program sometimes Deus audio will get caught, trying to sound off extremely close to iron range, and a user may be thinking is what I hear nonferrous or is it iron.  When you get these, if you hit them with gold field and you hear nothing, or you hear a signal more corrupt vs what you heard using disc mode program, you can almost bet the farm what you are hearing is iron.  Now this applies moreso to shallow and middepth targets.
    • By RobNC
      I know this is a dead horse on many fronts and is highly variable and dependent upon soil conditions, metal condition, etc. But I will once again try to gain some insight. So here goes!
      1) What ID range have you found gold rings to fall into on the ORX?(50-59 for instance)
      2) Is there a particular ID range that nothing but junk appears to huddle into? (0-45 for instance)
      I know it is difficult and a dodgy question of sorts but I've never found anything good below the 60's, as it mostly appears to be can slaw, iron, or foil fragments. Another zone of junk seems to be in the 70's.
    • By Kaolin washer
      i HAVE been using the Hot program in full tones, with the HF coil and 28khz , I have been amazed at how good it is at telling iron from non iron , and tells me more about the iron in the ground , like is it round iron flat iron  and really good at telling me how big the iron is . I took it to iron hill and its finding 22 slugs, shot shels, brass, right now i would have to say its my favorite,  i do check it with the deep , program. the deep seems like the Equnox to me  prone to false on cut nails. but so far the hot has been hot and good and hot
    • By bigtim1973
      Ok so according to the manual of he deus with the white HF coil the target ID normalization is fixed on and supposedly it will not give you the option of turning it off. 
      So yesterday in my test bed on my zinc penny I noticed in 14 khz the ID was 72 to 76.
      When I bumped over to another frequency of 31 khz and went back over the zinc penny the ID jumped about 10 segments to 86-88. 
      I thought the id Norm was supposed to be fixed on the HF coils????
      Am I doing something wrong here?
    • By bigtim1973
      I went to a friend's house and detected his front yard with my ORX. House was from the 50's. Found some old clad and a few wheat cents and some other odd and end stuff. After a while I did not get any more coin signals. There is the odd and end junk left but no more coins with the ORX.
      I took my Deus over there the other day just to cherry pick for coins. Did not find one. Not even a zinc penny. 
      I think that is pretty impressive.
      Just wanted to share with you guys.
    • By Kaolin washer
      Yesterday i wanted to see how the HF coil staked up against the x35 coil in my test garden , I wanted to see how it did on high conductors .  8" dime  7" dime, 6" dime, 7" pull tab, and a 7" cut nail pointed at a 45 degree angle  to make it false good . I used the ,Deep program,   7 disc,  2 reaction speed,  silencer 1, 93 gain,  bumped up the audio volume to 6, and to my amazment it hit all targets good and this at 50KHz I also have to 3" cut nails laying flat at 5" the one has a nickle 1" under it , and the other just the nail . so at the factory pre set of 5.5disc i was getting a high tone on the cut nail and i adjusted up the disc untill it went to a low sound , that was 7 disc but when i went over the cut nail with the nickle under it i got a clear high tone  unmasking the nickle , so i wanted to take it out to the 30,s tar paper shack and see what it could do with an earea i had cleared of brush and went over many times. it was not long i started hitting 22 short shell casings and slugs, and to my great amazment a 1930,s shot shell , could hardly think i had missed it , but it was the 50KHZ was just picking things out in the iron , very pleased with it , i did dig several iron targets one was a fence post nailand a round tarepaper washer, and two pices of flat iron  and at least two nails , but the performance was very noticeable at how good it is at hunting in the iron and still getting reasonable depth

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