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Steve’s Scoop Handle; Follow Up Thoughts

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On 9 August, I posted my initial impression of Steve Goss’ latest offering---carbon fiber scoop handles for the T-Rex, Stealth and X-treme series of sand scoops.

I’ve been using his product exclusively now for over a month and thought I’d submit a few follow up thoughts. Bottom line up front: Does his handle still impress me as it did when I first got it? ABSOLUTELY.

A few descriptive words/phrases come to mind when evaluating this handle after many beach outings:

Stout: This handle is indeed worthy of the term. It leaves no doubt that what you have in your hand is a very stout piece of carbon fiber. There isn’t one hint of flex or weakness in this thing.

Reliable: I’m more than certain Steve’s handle will serve me well for years to come.

Professional construction: Steve’s handle is not your big box store, mass produced item. This man takes pride in what he makes and each one reflects his strict attention to detail.

Conclusion: I’m even more impressed now than I was when I first posted my initial report. If you decide you’d like a top notch carbon fiber handle, you can buy this with the utmost confidence that you’re getting the best I’ve seen since I bought my first detector in 1970.

Again, I have no financial interest in Steve’s business. I’m just passing along my personal opinion.

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THANKS for the follow-up thoughts; I really appreciate it and it sounds like you are well-pleased (and therefore, so am I)!


Thank you for the endorsement!  🙂


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