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Video I Did Of The Garrett Apex On Nail Board Test

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  • Steve Herschbach changed the title to Video I Did Of The Garrett Apex On Nail Board Test

Large size of the stock coil?

It’s a 6” wide DD.  I would expect it to do well in a separation test despite its length.  

Fact is that other detectors do even better with 9” round coils as demonstrated here.

But a decent showing for a detector in its price class.

Thanks for sharing.

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    I'm surprised that there wasn't more interference from the concrete slab! Most have wire and rebar embedded; so that would usually have an effect on any test setup!👍👍

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Still looks like a pretty descent machine, if it only had all metal mode 🙂

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    • By Steve Herschbach
      This is a video that Garrett has done in response to some of the user videos made about the new Apex. It’s possible this was posted before and I missed it... been busy lately!
      “Iron targets can “mask” or change the Target ID of adjacent good treasure targets. Two examples of target masking are presented, along with a demonstration of successfully scanning coins mixed into a row of nails. Although the presence of iron can change a target’s ID, this video shows how easy the Garrett Apex can pick out the treasures in such trashy detecting environments.”
    • By abenson
      If you want to see the Apex in the action in the field here is a video I did over the weekend. Didn't compare it to anything in this video just got out and hunted with it.
    • By phrunt
      Well, out of interest I thought maybe if the Apex is cheap enough I'll give it a shot, I could always make it the first detector I've ever sold after buying it if I did dislike it.   I don't like missing out on all the action.
      So I contacted Garrett NZ for a price.  https://www.garrettnewzealand.co.nz/  Their response nearly made me fall off my chair.
      We currently have a pre order in with Garrett USA but no confirmation on delivery at this stage, we hope for Christmas time this year but may be first quarter next year, we are only bringing in the apex unit with headphones, the current retail price will be $1029.00.
       So you can see a price comparison here are some NZ prices in NZ Dollars.
      Garrett Apex + Headphones: $1029
      Vanquish 540: $659
      Vanquish 540 Pro Pack: $769
      Vanquish 440: $559
      Vanquish 340: $469
      Equinox 600: $1,118
      Simplex+: $548
      Multi Kruzer Package deal: $1198
      Includes 2 search coils, waterproof battery case, hat and Nokta digging tool.
      Simplex+ WHP: $698
      Garrett ACE 400i: $675
      Garrett ACE 300i on sale!: $499
      When you look at price points the Apex is laughable, you'd go the Equinox all day long for a tiny amount more, the dealer would probably match the Apex price on it anyway.   And the Vanquish and Simplex crush the Apex price.
      Similar things happen in Australia with US detector pricing, this is why US detectors are US detectors, price makes them very noncompetitive outside of the USA in some other parts of the world.   Its not just Garrett, it's all US detectors that are priced far higher than their competitors produced in other parts of the world, it would be acceptable if they were world leaders in detecting technology but they're far from it.  A big part of it will be the crazy shipping prices incurred with US products being shipped overseas, I'm not sure why that is, the most expensive country to get something shipped from that's for sure but there has to be more to it than that, taxes or something making them not competitive.

    • By DavidBNJ
      I am an extremely new user and just received the apex as my first detector.....did I make a poor decision?

    • By abenson
      I said I was done with the videos about the Apex but I had to do one more that does show some improvement on the in-line nail coin test. I have no problem admitting that sometimes there's a better way to do things, I would like to see Garrett succeed just as much the next guy, so anything that shows improved performance is welcome. If you're only interested in those results skip to 2:46 in the video.
      FYI Monte Berry posted somewhat of a review on metaldetectingforum.com that pretty much matches what I've been saying about the Apex. He's also the one who suggested using iron audio off for the best results. Monte does pretty thorough tests and misses very little. You can see his comments here Apex comments
      The rest of the video addresses some of the comments made on Facebook about my previous videos. The only link I posted to the video was on this forum but someone posted it to an Apex users group and let the fun begin. You'd think I killed their favorite dog. It is what is. So i'm sure someone will find this video and post it there as well, not going to be me though. If people watch it at least they will know where I'm coming from. 
    • By abenson
      OK new comparison and probably the last one for me. Doing this one because Monte made a comment on another forum about the Apex needing to have iron audio off in order for it to perform better on the nail board test. I thought I would throw the F19 into this video since it's in the price range of the Apex. IMO the Apex is just another choice in the $250-450 price range and it's going to come down to the features and performance you want as to which metal detector you chose. Like Steve, I feel like it's closest competition is the Vanquish 540 at $369 and to me the Apex isn't worth the extra money. Funny I should say that because I don't have the Vanquish anymore. 
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