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New Minelab Video Clearly Targeting The Apex

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They couldn't be more clear this is about the Apex and Garrett ūüôā


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Wow..... Iooked  a lot like a garrett at series I know that!!


At least they showed the little guy pulling out his pocket size manual. At least mine lab recognized that garrett does include a manual!!!!ūüėč I wish they would too

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I just got that from Minelab in my email.  The battles are heating up.

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Another thing I have noticed about minelab here lately is they seem to be really pushing the multi iq thing.

What about their top dog units?? Do they have something up their sleeve because, all of the hype from the company here lately is about the low to mid priced multi iq stuff. 

Or maybe they took a little advice from Garrett and decided to take advantage of the lower priced new units so they will sell more units instead of the higher priced flagships they are more known for.

Maybe there is going to be a new unit that is priced upwards or more along the explorer series style that will be multi iq or a variant of it. 

And speaking if multi iq stuff I saw last night in this paper about the FCC from.minelab in my equinox stuff a thing about frequencies on the vanquish and also the other units. Here is it if you wanna take a look


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We can update that chart for the Equinox now. It should say 4 to 143 kHz.

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They were very rude and didn't put a dot on the map where JW and I live, we probably have 5% of the Minelab detectors in the country between us ūüôā so I took the liberty of adding a gold dot where we are.


Don't slip up again Minelab, I expect better from you.  At least you put us up near the top of the world.  It gets a bit old always being down the bottom.

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They did put OZ above you!

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Isn't there a plateau on frequency and usability? Can't imagine why anyone would need 143khz. Get to the point you start picking up trashy talk radio ūüė¨

So with all these engineers farfing around when is ML coming out with a descent pinpointer? My 3rd one is starting to fail again and is only 8 months old. Time to buy a carrot?

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2 minutes ago, kac said:

So with all these engineers farfing around when is ML coming out with a descent pinpointer? My 3rd one is starting to fail again and is only 8 months old. Time to buy a carrot?

I don't think they care about pin pointers, that's the impression I get, maybe they'll task the apprentice/trainee with it at some point.  I wish they'd do a propsecting pin pointer that picks up tiny gold, seeing they're the main gold prospecting detector manufacturer it seems like something they should be doing.  Then I wouldn't need to use my Mini Monster.

I am currently looking forward to the next Multi-IQ detector release, I'm hoping it's one of the 5 new products.

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1 minute ago, phrunt said:

I wish they'd do a propsecting pin pointer that picks up tiny gold,

I agree, a pp that can pick up the tiny stuff at a distance would be nice. Current PP they have are borderline trash.

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  • Steve Herschbach changed the title to New Minelab Video Clearly Targeting The Apex

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        #######                 Thread titled Minelab Equinox owners,  page 12.      #########
      Tom Dankowski is looking for input , in performance and design on the next Minelab Flagship detector. 
      Tom has input with Minelab.   
      Pop on over to Toms forum and read the thread, and post your ideas.   
      I started a post about 25 posts down on this thread, about new ideas for the new Equinox.
      Not realizing they are looking for ideas. 
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      Who knows what else the engineers are working on. 
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      Back in May we were speculating on the filing of a new Minelab trademark for "MF5" and what kind of detector that might mean. Well, Minelab quietly added the MF5 mine detector to the lineup. What makes this interesting is the MF5 employs the fold up housing originally developed for the F3 Compact mine detector, and later used on the SDC 2300 gold nugget detector. The Minelab MF5 introduces a new coil that features a round transmit coil combined with a EMI canceling figure 8 receive coil. The coil measures 7.5" x 10.6".

      Minelab MF5 metal detector
      Even more interesting is the MF5 is employing some sort of multifrequency hybrid technology. No doubt the reality is hidden under a layer of advertising catch words:
      "combining the advantages of Pulse Induction and Continuous Wave technologies"
      "Simultaneous Multi-Frequency Digital Metal Detection"
      "Four frequencies in the range 5 kHz to 75 kHz"
      This means the MF5 has at least some level of discrimination available:
      "DETECTION CAPABILITIES - The MF5 detects metal and conductive targets, including fine wires and carbon rods. It provides indications of ferrous and non-ferrous targets, carbon rods, and fine wires. The MF5 is able to detect targets in all types of soil, regardless of mineralized content, and can operate in environments of high electrical interference."
      Minelab MF5 Official Information Page
      MF5 Color Brochure
      Minelab MF5 User Guide
      Key Technologies: Simultaneous Multi-Frequency Digital Metal Detection
      Coil: Transmit Coil: 269 x 191 mm (10.6" x 7.5") Monoloop | Receive Coil: Figure 8
      Operating Frequencies: Four frequencies in the range 5 kHz to 75 kHz
      Output Power: < -30dBm
      Sensitivity: 1 to 5
      Noise Cancel: Automatic, Operator initiated
      Ground Balance: Automatic, Operator initiated, Settings retained after switch off
      Target Identification:¬†Ferrous / Non-Ferrous / Carbon Rods ‚ÄĒ Fine Wires
      Volume Control: 1 to 9
      Collapsed Size: 400 x 99 x 194 mm (15.7" x 3.9" x 7.6")
      Extended Size: 1615 x 191 x 237 mm (63.6" x 7.5" x 9.3")
      Weight, Operational: 2.8 kg (6.2 lb) with rechargeable NiMH C cell batteries
      Audio Output: Internal Speaker / MF5 Earset
      Earset: MF5 Earset
      Waterproof: Waterproof to 3 m / 10 ft (IP 68)
      Software Upgradeable: Yes
      Battery Compatibility: Rechargeable NiMH / Alkaline C cells
      Battery Life: 10 hours with NiMH batteries

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      I saw one of these for sale for basically $200 + shipping. Is that a good deal? What's the typical resale price (Fair Market Value) for a machine like that?
    • By Curl
      "The proper threshold on hot ground, any ground type for that matter, is a nice and high full sound, stable and rock solid threshold that cannot be wavered on that ground type.. Allowing the highest sensitivity they can muster. 
      Causing lovely repeatable dropouts in the threshold on deep signals on heavy ground."
      Hello All.
      I have an old Minelab GT16000, and in the process of searching for Coils, came across a post(above) by "argyle" that suggested a completely different Threshold setup for some of the early VLF detectors including mine.
      Just wondering if anyone has used this procedure, as it is different to the manufacturer's instruction?
    • By Ronjas
      One year ago My husband and I decided to try our hand at metal detecting.We were total newbies with a steep learning curve. We purchased a used Xterra 705 for our starting machine. We downloaded and printed Randy Horton’s Xterra guide and have read it many times.  It is a valuable tool for any Xterra owner. We spent the last year educating ourselves on the basics of metal detecting and getting to know our machine. 
      We are feeling pretty confident about the Xterra except for one issue.  I am looking for advice on any errors we are committing or if we possibly have something wrong with our detector.  We have contacted minelab, but they never got back to us about our issue.  So here goes...
      We are having an issue with TID numbers with in ground silver. We have several old silver coins we use¬†for testing. ¬†They air test¬†¬†perfectly per published Xterra TID charts. When we place a coin (dime, quarter or half dollar, doesn‚Äôt matter) in a dug¬†plug and cover, the coins register as ferrous (-8, -6 or -4) every time regardless of the coil¬†we have installed. ¬†We have the stock 9‚ÄĚ 7.5 kHz and the 6‚ÄĚ 18.75 kHz Double D coils. ¬†We cannot get silver to register as anything but ferrous in the ground. ¬†The depth does not matter. ¬†
      We usually run in all metal or discrim 1 on occasion. ¬†We go through a set up each time we arrive at a place to detect that includes noise canceling, threshold, sensitivity and manual ground balance, although we usually detect in auto ground balance. We use 99 tones and silver in the ground¬†has a ferrous ‚Äúthunking‚Ä̬†sound to go along with the TID numbers.
      We have reset to factory setting several times in the hope of solving this issue to no avail.  We are out of ideas and possibly need service.  Thank you for reading this far.  Any advice or suggestions are welcome and appreciated.  
    • By Norm S
      I am now the proud owner of both the Equinox 800 and 600 and I no longer have any use for my E-Trac, My E-Trac is 2 yrs old and has no extra accessories. I do have a cheap harness I bought for it but found it to be more trouble than it was worth. Does anyone know what a used E-Trac is worth. 
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