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Fun and interesting video, but, it would have been better with a REAL head to head comparison and not just random individual finds. Why not compare each signal with each detector BEFORE they're dug to see what audio and I.D. signals look and sound like. He didn't really remark on how chatty the field was with the Vanquish or his buddy's Simplex, just the Apex. How would the Apex have been with the sensitivity turned down a bit to make it stable? What were the settings on the Vanquish and Simplex? Just from what little I could glean out of this rather limited test, I would choose the Vanquish.....or maybe the Simplex, but, the finds could have been random luck or operator experience/expertise.

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      I have loved my simplex, and been using it almost every day since I got it. Also finaly finding gold ( now that I know what I'm watching for. I'll post pictures eventually).
      Anyway I was thinking to myself, how could they make a second generation simplex better? I know it's a ways off, but I bet nokta has already been thinking about this. So I wanted to start a thread about features you'd like to see on the next one?
      I'll start. When night hunting, the light on the back seems to be either not quite bright enough, or it's at the wrong angle, and can't use it well to dig. No problem, I've got a headlight. 
      What if on the next one, they had a sensor that felt the detector be laid down, and switched on a brighter higher angle set of lights to illuminate your digging when in night mode?
      Also multi frequency would be killer, even if it had to be a super simple featureless dumbed down machine, at least around here.

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