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I got my first chance to take the Apex out for a test drive in a local park. I chose U.S. Coins mode because the area I was hunting is home to a Carnival with Rides and Game Booths every year. I must

I was hoping for some multi frequency competition from Garrett. But as it stands right now they aren't even close to what Minelab has. I honestly can't tell much of a difference in performance between

Hi , I received the Apex last week and did 4 outings with it , total around 5 hours detecting upto now ... I will write a specific thread on this but for the moment I am quite disappointed with this m

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Nice real review, thanks, sounds like you had some fun with it.  The thing I'm puzzled about is people often thinking the Apex is good as an upgrade for people with an Ace.  I would think people with an Ace that are ready to upgrade would jump up to something significantly better than the Apex.  I don't see the point going entry level to entry level.  I think entry level detectors are good to see if you enjoy the hobby without investing much money, then if you find out you do, go straight to the top or as high as you can afford, you'll save money in the long run as you won't keep upgrading along the way and wasting money buying coils for your lower end machines too 🙂 

The Apex makes a reasonable first detector.  As do it's competition by the other main brands that have a viable competitor.  

This is obviously just my opinion as someone that's wasted a bit of money buying detectors I'll rarely ever use, it's lucky I just like trying stuff out so it doesn't matter for me but if I had my time over again I'd not buy anything but the top few detectors and leave out the ones I bought along the way, even my wife would have been happier then as I wouldn't have a cupboard overflowing with detectors 🙂

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9 hours ago, phrunt said:

The thing I'm puzzled about is people often thinking the Apex is good as an upgrade for people with an Ace.  I would think people with an Ace that are ready to upgrade would jump up to something significantly better than the Apex. 

2 reasons both related to the Value that the Apex brings to the table vs. similarly priced competition:

#1 - Having a stable beach detector (a la Vanquish)

#2 - Getting a relatively inexpensive detector that you can run over a range of individual frequencies (a la Equinox 600, but $250US cheaper).  I know I sound like a broken record, but people are really sleeping on this feature which I consider even more significant than SMF on the Apex and something (along with the ability to ground balance) that the Vanquish does not have.

Also, wireless audio is really starting to become a popular and standard feature the Ace series does not have without investing another $100 in a 3rd party or Garrett wireless bolt on accessory.

Overall, features wise, it is a pretty signficant upgrade over the older Aces without much additional investment.  Not a bad move for an existing Ace user and they still have the Ace as a backup.


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Thanks for the excellent review Walt. I agree with your assessment especially after being at a group hunt this past weekend where one person had an APEX. They purchased it for the reasons Chase mentioned plus a few more. Being elderly, a woman, and very experienced they wanted:

something that was lighter weight and more ergonomic than their AT Pro (this was a big reason)

a Garrett detector that could use the Garrett wireless headphones they already owned (big reason)

a detector with a really big display (this was also a big reason)

a detector that worked well in saltwater situations (SMF multi salt)

a detector with more tones and more reliable target ID (they like the tones, ID not sure yet even with SMF)

a detector that worked as well as their AT Pro for coin and jewelry (again not sure yet due to quality of Garrett's SMF and target separation) 

a detector that was a Garrett


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11 hours ago, phrunt said:

I don't see the point going entry level to entry level.

Says the advanced metal detector user who purchased a Vanquish! 

Granted, you got a 540...

But seriously, going from an old Ace to the Apex is a prett big jump, is it not? Even if Garrett's SMF tech works only have as well as Minelab's, it's still a nice upgrade. I guess for someone who wants to really push their metal detecting limits, in terms of areas to hunt and skills to develop, it may not be a big jump. But someone who wants to keep things casual and doesn't expect to go underwater, it's a nice upgrade.

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I want to like the above two posts but I'm on "like" probation until tomorrow.  (Thanking too many people on their response to my odd 2-cent piece beach find).  See how I turned that into cheap self promotion. :smile:

Anyway, in focusing on Simon's comment, I forgot to also thank Walt for his review and congrats on the nice finds.  Nail board tests etc. notwithstanding - the Apex will hold its own under most detecting situations based on what I have seen of the unbiased "real world" in-the-field videos so far.  But there are definitely higher priced detectors that do beat it on separation, discrimination, tones, and other features such as multiple SMF profiles.

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For once Chase, i still have some left!!👍

 I really want to see Garrett do well with the Apex! If for no other reason than to move up to an AT version! But they are going to have to step it up, to better compete with ML, and the other soon to be multi competitor's!👍👍

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I guess my nut works differently.  If I don't have the best detector I always want it.  I don't like settling for second, third or in the Apex's case something like the 10th best detector on the market.   I always end up upgrading.  I'd rather skip the steps of gradually getting to the top and just start there and grow into the machine, it ends up cheaper too.  Often a fair bit cheaper if they start buying coils too for these lesser models.

I imagine most people that commented wouldn't be satisfied using the Apex as their only detector.  Then you say it's because you're not at that beginner level..... neither will the person in question if they put effort in and get out there using their detector, and if they start at the top they've got nowhere to go, don't need to learn new detectors as they upgrade, they don't need an upgrade.  They don't need to wonder if they'll do better with a better machine.

Yes it's technically an upgrade over the Ace, and so it should be when the Ace was release in 2004, that's 16 years for an electronic product.  People need to think outside of detectors for a bit and think of other products that use similar features.  Wireless audio has been standard on things for donkeys years, things that can cost $20 have wireless audio via blue tooth.  It's not a big technological jump, it's standard in other electronics, detector companies just take us for a ride selling outdated technology as there is so little competition.

The Ace came out in 2004 and has had some minor changes over it's life with the biggest adding target ID instead of notches I guess so should it even be sold anymore or should the Apex be the new entry level. Then their detectors are from 2020 not over a decade ago.  Detector companies are mostly all guilty of selling old products.   You can buy one new and you're swinging a retro detector with vintage electronics 🙂

I cant think of any other electronics products that can sit on the shelf in a shop for 5-10-15 or even 20 years and still be a current model other than some detectors.

Is the Apex a good detector? Yes, it's a good first detector.  Would you want to stick with it as you get more advanced with your detecting? Not likely.  That answers the question.  Pay double the Apex price and get something good that you won't need to upgrade as you develop in your detecting, maybe that'll be the AT Pro Multi if it comes out if you insist on buying Garrett for where it's made rather than it's performance. :wacko:  Maybe Garrett will come out with the At Pro Multi and be the King of the market, then I'll want one!

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   As you have said before, you are definitely not the norm, when it comes to buying detectors! Most of us can't get that many past our wives!🤣

  I really want Garrett to succeed due to the competition aspect, more than anything! We don't need any more companies closing up shop; not just in the US, but anywhere! With the exception being China and there damn counterfeiters! 

   Like you say, its nice to have a variety to keep prices down, and innovation up! It would be expensive, and boring, to have ML be the only show in town!👍👍

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And Good Morning Simon! Just checked NZ time! Have a nice day!!👍👍

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      I think Garrett is heading in the right direction with all the modern features they have included on the Apex. Here's what I really like about the Garrett Ace Apex.
      1.    Wireless headphones
      2.    Backlight display
      3.    Rechargeable battery
      4.    Easy to navigate menu
      5.    Easy to read display
      6.    Great sleek look
      7.    Light weight
      8.    Ground balance capabilities
      9.    Weatherproof design
      10. Adjustable frequencies
      What I don’t like and why, yea I know you can’t have everything you want with a $425 machine.
      1.    Lack of accessory coils-IMO the 6” x 11” Viper coil is too big for trashy sites and not big enough for clean sites.
      2.    Iron audio-IMO the iron audio on the Apex is pretty much worthless. It’s too loud even on 1 and the machine can’t reset fast enough and drowns out good signals close to iron when iron audio is used.
      3.    Notch discrimination-notching out 5 segments at a time is too many. With the Apex already struggling at depth and in iron, you need to be able to notch out one number at a time so you don’t lose targets in iron or make them even more jumpy when the target is deep.
      4.    Lack of adjustable tones-5 tones on this machine doesn’t work well, especially in iron trash. The iron tone and the very low conductor tones are too close in sound. Yea you can hear the difference but since this machine pulls down target ID so bad in iron, a 2 tone option or even a 3 tone would be much better so there is a distinct separation of the audio.
      5.    Lack of usable search modes-Really all you get with the Apex is set discrimination patterns, not search modes. When you change modes you simply notch out different segments you may not want to dig. Depth and separation remain the same, many other machines on the market both more and less expensive change the recovery and depth in relation to the mode you choose.
      For those of you that have the Apex or even if you don't, I would be interested in what your thoughts are on the Apex.
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