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Couple Indian Heads In Short River Hunt

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Man, I thought I had some iron problems, you got me beat. looks like an old trash can lid with a sprinkle of salt water!!!!

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  • Steve Herschbach changed the title to Couple Ih's In Short Riverhttps://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/13957-couple-ihs-in-short-river-hunt/ Hunt.

Nice hunt in tough conditions. Are any of the 2 Indians early dates? Nice that you found a musket ball too. I bet that lead sounded loud














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  • Steve Herschbach changed the title to Couple Indian Heads In Short River Hunt

IH's were 1903 and 1892. The 03 almost looked like gold at first and had a low number 60's. Not sure why the drastic color difference, maybe one is bronze and other is brass?  Musket ball is fairly small so think it might have been from a pistol. Tons of lead as you see in the pic. Buddy picked up what looked like a ct coin further down stream towards the short I may have skipped over but it was in rough shape.

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Great hunting and a couple of good I H coins.

Wish you more luck on your next outing.

You can always use some of those weights with your fly fishing  setup to knock them out when they go after the flies.

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Congrats on the IH pennies! That ground looks brutal but probably keeps some of the competition away.

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20 hours ago, kac said:

IH's were 1903 and 1892. The 03 almost looked like gold at first and had a low number 60's. Not sure why the drastic color difference, maybe one is bronze and other is brass?

I don't know what your low 60's corresponds to on my detectors.  Where is a Zincoln and where is a copper Memorial on your scale?  From ~1962-82 the Memorials were all 95% copper, 5% zinc.  All USA small cents were 95% copper until the Stinkin's arrived in second part of 1982.  The only difference was how much tin and how much zinc made up the 5% (and until ~1962 the mint never specified that split).

Bottom line is that every 95% copper cent I've ever found is at or higher than the cleanest (top edge digital TID) Zincoln.

Should we assume you are using the Gold Racer until further notice?

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Copper pennies are usually 72-78 depending the year and ground, some the spots puts them below a zincoln which are 63-66 if i remember my id scale right on that machine. This was with the Multi Kruzer in normal mode (same id across frequencies).

The Gold Racer does pretty well in that ground but lacks depth due to the high frequency and small coil. The river is tidal in that area so I also don't want to get any salt on that machine.

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      Hello to all,
      Sunday and Monday i hit the coast in search of long lost treasure,still with my mate Fred and his nox and big coil Sunday night not much a copper ring for him,and a deep old copper penny for me.On Monday we hit another beach as we are still testing in real condition Nox Vs MDT.
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      25mm diameter , 8.4 grams . Solid 18 on the Nox in ground [5 inches] and out .

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      and no, I’m not willing to sell the Batman keychain I dug.   I’ve got to post it in the paper so I don’t get popped for theft. 

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      I noticed that every direction showed the same numbers and used the pin pointer mode and marked the spot. The 800 was in park 1 at factory settings, and showed that it would be about 5 arrows down. I started to dig in the dry ground removing the top few inches of dirt and grass. I went to the tool shed and picked out a shovel knowing how hard the ground was I needed the added ability to dig.
      After I got down about 6 inches and no signal on the carrot yet I kept digging. Once I got down 8 inches deep I got a signal on the carrot and began to carefully poke around the ground to remove the dirt where the signal was coming from.
      I finally saw what was giving me the signal and removed it from it's tomb.
      Since there was so much dirt still clinging to it I rechecked the hole and nothing else was in it so I filled it in.
      After cleaning the dirt of with a little bit of Dawn dish soap and water I could make out what was on it.
      I first thought it said 1 farting, but later was able to read 1 farthing a British coin. The date was 1799 and I am shocked that I was able to find it.
      Here is what was on grandfathers property, and yes I am going to keep searching the area for more items. I fully expect to dig at least another 15 pounds of trash before I can say I have covered his yard properly.
      I wish I knew more on how to clean coins and I am reading the forum on just how to do that before I ruin anything. Grandfather never got to clean some of his coins and I really want to get those done for him.

    • By kac
      Did a late run at the local park, was dark so I was just picking some obvious targets. One area had some very old trees that had been taken down leaving some deep roots and for some reason there is a good amount of iron where the old oaks were so I tossed the Gold Racer into disc 2, kicked the sensitivity to 85 and upped the id to 25 trimming much of the chatter out. Knew I had a dime but didn't realize it was a silver until I got home and dumped my pouch out. Few months ago I did pick out an 1906 IH that was in fair shape.

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