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V3i Vs MXT Pro And Some Of My Thoughts This Week...... Asking For Some Of Your Thoughts

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Plenty of MXT owners bought a V series detector, only to sell it and go back to the MXT. In general, if you really enjoy exploring settings and experimenting with settings, the V3i can be a playground. If you simply want to go metal detecting and find stuff, the MXT tends to be a better fit.

The MXT is a machine I can grab and use for about any type of detecting. The V3i for me personally is a fun park machine, where it’s discrimination can be used to good effect in dense modern trash. I enjoy going to a park for a few hours, and honestly I’m having about as much fun screwing with the settings as anything else. But for most detecting I want a machine that I can get down to business with minimal fuss, and the MXT exemplifies that type of detector.

It’s really not so much about which machine works better. They can both produce. I think it’s more a personality difference thing, where some people thrive on complexity, and enjoy exploring the inner working of the machine. Detector nerds. Other people, by far the more common, just want to get the job done with minimal fuss. The V3i and MXT are radically different designs that tend to appeal to these two types of detector customers.

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Hello bigtim.

Did you try the program [MXT] from the V3i's library? May be with some tweaks it will do it for you. I'm on and off for a V3(i) but I think I'll stick to the VX3. What I've noticed by using the VX3 is, I have to slow down my physical sweep speed. The MXT can be swung way faster and performs very well also.

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I appreciate all of the tips and advice but this machine is just way too slow. And people out there think a Deus is hard to set up.....those same folks need to get one of these. 

I took another 2 hours yesterday changing settings and adjusting settings and going over targets next to trash trying to pick out good targets next to iron. I am afraid the processor is just way too slow for the task. 

In hunt relics this time of year and the ability to pick out a button or bullet next to a piece of iron is very important. 

It will hardly bleep on a wheat penny next to iron as well.

I like a way faster responding unit. 

I am just not the kind if person that wants to squeeze every minute detail out of a targets conductivity by staring at the screen and watching how the target reacts with all of the adjustments that make it tick. 

If I was a park or soccer field detectorist looking for lost jewelry this would be a different story and I would be jumping up and down over this machine. 

I am afraid this puppy is going to go elsewhere. I do not have the patience for the V3i.

I have come to realize that I can get way better performance out of the box with my little minelab equinox 600 without even adjusting any setting or controls on the equinox.

Technology has come a long way. 

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... Bigtim .... if you want to get the best and faster separation on Spectra V3 .. go to 1F frequency 22.5khz ... this frequency will separate in iron better than 3F multifrequency ...

1fF-22.5khz separates the best of all Spectra frequency options

If you want to use multifrequency ... you can go for the 3F * Salt setting ... which will separate better than the classic 3F multifrequency ... you will lose sensitivity and reach for the smallest things ... but sometimes it's also an advantage ...
3F Salt can also be used with a stronger EMI.

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Hi. This morning I came across this video at garysdetecting . May be this is of help for exactly your problem. If you're watching the video from 9 min. I think that is what you're going to want, may be you can use one of the progs.

Happy Hunting


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