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Socal With 15 Hours Using The 24k

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Hi all!  I’ve been out nugget hunting and as you can see from the picture if casings and bullet fragments were the objective I’d still be piss poor.   After 15 hours of searching around the East Fork San Gabriel and around Acton that’s all I’ve found!   I just got Jim’s Advanced Nugget hunting though so now I’m ready!   Think I’m going to try upper Piru.   Y’all be cool.   Look for my 17 Gram gold chunk as soon as I find it and update here!



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You're on the right track, looks like your finding small junk, that's a good sign that you've got everything worked out.  Once you find that first one for some reason it becomes a bit easier, the confidence is there I guess.  I look forward to hearing how you go.

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Welcome TR,

Glad to have you! You will learn much here, no matter what your swinging! Good luck on the nuggets!👍👍

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As I have learned about hunting is dig everything!

I have only found a few coins since I have started with my grandfathers detector, but I am learning some of the sounds that make. I know I have a couple of good coins that I have found, and yes some junk does stink at times.

With that said keep at it as you are getting close to the gold that you seek from finding the small stuff you are showing.

Welcome and good luck.

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On 10/1/2020 at 9:01 AM, Theraker said:

searching around the East Fork San Gabriel and around Acton that’s all I’ve found!

Those are two very, very tough areas for a metal detector.  Most people who find color at the East Fork sluice or pan and now it is a National Monument and I've heard they are giving tickets to prospectors.  

If Piru is on your horizon I hope you have an 'inside track' on where to go.  I've researched it and looked at old GPAA and other claims and was chased out because of the protected frog.  I've read about good gold there but don't know where to go.  There is a lot of private land.

The gold areas around Big Bear, Barstow and Randsburg are areas well suited for a detector like the 24k.  I got my first nugget with a ML 5000 on a club claim in the Dale District east of 29 Palms.


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Thanks a lot for the info!   Randsburg is on my list along with upper Piru at the junction with Lockwood Creek.   I’ve contacted a couple of claim owners asking for permission in  Rand district along with Dale district and Lytle Creek and was given the go ahead in all three spots because people cool.  Here are my finds from Soledad Canyon area.   3 hours detected. 


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