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Anyone Using A 7" DD Ultimate Detech Coil? - How Does It Perform?

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Hi. I'm looking for a smaller than the 6x10 DD coil for my White's detectors. Would like to hear how the 7" Ultimate performs depthwise and how target separation is.

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I will compare the reels of 7 "Ultimate y 6x10" whites Eclipse on Vision and I will let you know ..... With the vision I got 6x10 "Eclipse with excellent parameters V-rated --- so I can compare it with a  Coil of 7" Ultimate a little more seriously. ....

...remember for one .... 7 "Ultimate coil has a real size of 18.5cm without cover ... so the Eclipse coil 6x10" ..which has a real width of about 13.5 -14cm.. max .... will be a disadvantage at depth ....



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Thank you El Nino77. Have orderd one and it will arrive next week. If I get some time on hands I'll do a little testing. Again, thanks for your effort and your time.

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Since I have previously tested various coils for MXT in field tests .. ,, I did what I call ... reverse engineering - compare these coils 6x10 "eclipse, 7" Ultimate, and 6x8 "SEF also in the control airtest ....

Program  Prospecting- HyperSat,  Gain +3... GB lock-50... Treshold in posicion -quiet... 


6x10 Eclipse coil  :



7" Ultimate Coil.....





6X8" Sef coil....



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El Nino77, thanks for the tests and photos, but it's a bit difficult to determine relative performance.  Can you list for a couple representative targets (e.g. a particular coin and a particular piece of jewelry) the actual distances for each of the three coils?

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All right ... if we take the test of the 6x10 "Whites eclipse coil, then the impact on testing the objects is:

   0.02 gram ... 24k gold .. is a range of 5cm ..../7" Ultimate-5.5cm/.../6x8"SEF-5cm/..

0.1gram 24k gold .. is a range of 12 .4 cm ..../7"Ultimate-13cm/.../6x8"SEF-13cm/..

1.2 gram ..open gold earring ... the range is 14cm ..../7" Ultimate-15cm/.../6X8"SEF-15.2cm/..

13mm-0.45 gram silver hammered coin - reaches 24.5cm ..../7"Ultimate-27cm/.../6X8"SEF-28cm/..

15.5 mm- 1.6 gram bronze coin 1grosz PL has a range of 25cm ../7"Ultimate- 28cm/.../6X8"SEF-30cm/

19 mm silver pendant - is a reach - at 26 cm .../7"Ultimate-30cm/...6x8"SEF-29.5cm/

20 mm -0.7 gram gold women's ring 9K- range is 27cm .../7"Ultimate-30cm/..../8X6"SEF-30.5cm/

US Quarter - 1972 .... the range of this coin is exactly 30cm .../7"Ultimate- 32.4cm/../6X8"SEF-32.8cm/

Idian Head cent 1892 - the reach of this coin is 30.5 cm .../7"Ultimate- 32.5cm/.../6X8"SEF- 32.5cm/

coin 1 Zloty PL -nickel reach for this coin is 32.5 cm .../7"Ultimate- 35cm/.../6X8"SEF-35.2cm/

50 Eurocent coin - the range on this coin is less than 33 cm .../7"Ultimate- 34.5cm/../6x8"SEF-34.5cm/

28mm -3 gram silver hammered coin  Grossus Pragensis year 1300 ..- has a range of just under 33cm ... /7"Ultimate-37cm/.../6x8"SEF- 37.5 cm/..



IMG_20201008_001308 (2).jpg

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Hello. Thanks a lot for your time and effort again, El Nino77. You did a great job by this comparison. Hopefully with your permission I did a little photoshop and with some pushing and tweaking I scaled the images to one size so the difference will be more visible.1097301036_CoilTestElNino77.thumb.jpg.88668cf163f7e657824f57953cdb647d.jpg

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Thanks!  At least for air tests, from your numbers it looks like the 7" round Detech and the 6"x8" Detech are equal, both beating the White's 6"x10".  One is closed (for rough ground) and the other open (for water).  Weight is probably not an issue for these small coils, but cost might be....

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This afternoon I did an MXT field test on a 6X10 "Whites Eclipse ...

my setting in the test Program prospekting-hypersat ..., Gain to +3, and setting the threshold to the limit of silent work ..

The goal of the test was simple ... to get a Signal with a non-ferrous ID on all 4 tested goals ...

The result of the test was also as I roughly expected ... the coil 6x10 "eclipse hit all 4 targets without ID ...

Here it must first be said that the coil 6x10 "Eclipse is almost a coil with the actual dimension of the coil forcing about 5x9" .. maybe 5.5 x 9.5 "...

So if you have a range of 13mm silver hammered at 25cm in the air test .... it will be really very difficult to get a good signal with an ID on this small coin, which is done on a test field at a depth of 23cm ... that's logical ..

After testing similarly large 6x 10 "Mars Sniper coils, 5.3" Whites Eclipse concentric, 7 "Mars Lion, 7" Ultimate and 6x8 "SEF coils .. I already have some idea which coil can achieve in the detection of these targets ...

In these tests, the best results with the detection of 3 targets from * ID out of 4 ... achieved the coils in this order ... 6x8 "SEF, 7" ultimate ... and 7 "Mars Lion coil ... it's not bad. .. despite the fourth goal .. -0.05 grams of gold at a depth of 10cm in the ground gave a good signal but without ID ...
Note ...
So far, I haven't found an MXT coil that can reliably detect 0.05 grams of gold as a signal with a good ID ... but I still think that the coil is about 7.5x9 "DD, or 8" DD round ... it could prove ... .

So we go on ...
The result of 2 targets with the ID of 4 targets in the test .. reached the reel 6x10 "Mars Sniper which is really a real 6X10" reel ..

The result of 1 target with ID from 4 tested .. reached 5.3 "concentric Eclipse coil ... and this target was 50eurocent at 37cm..even when it was a more occasional signal ...
For the other 3 targets it gives a signal .. but it is without ID ... which surprised me, I expected a stronger signal for very small gold 0.05 gram at 10cm in depth ... maybe the fault is the higher phase GB - at the level of 62-64 GB ..where the concentric coil can lose points..in depth ..

6x10 "eclipse gave a signal without ID to all 4 targets..so though it is the weakest in range ... you can successfully use it on less deep targets ...

Since the "4 x4" test targets can be buried at enough depths - which separates the top detectors from the mid range detectors in depth and sensitivity ... you have to take into account that sometimes only the right combination of a powerful detector and coil allows you to achieve all 4 targets with good ID ...



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 Tested objects on the test field..




3x5 mm -0.05 gram gold in 10cm low mineralized terain.jpg

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