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Dealer Sale Goldmaster 24k/gmx Coils For Sale

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I still have a few Goldmaster 24K and GMX coils for sale. They are all brand new, never mounted, never used. Each comes with a brand new coil cover, personally autographed copy of my book "Advanced Nuggetshooting with the Goldmaster 24K," and my optimal tuning cheat sheet. The 6" round concentric is $135.00, postpaid. The extremely rare 8" by 14" is $249.95 postpaid. This might be your last chance to obtain these coils. No, I do not have any 6x4's. Continental US shipping only. I accept PayPal.

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There are still a few of each left. I forgot to add a laminated nugget card comes with the sale. 

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    • By Jeff McClendon
      Serious Detecting has slashed the prices on many PI and VLF coils including most of their Coiltek, Detech, Mars, some FTP and Cors coils along with many other items. Usually the Clearance section is only a page or two. Now it is 8 pages of mostly coils. Check it out if you need a good coil at a great price.
    • By Gerry in Idaho
      Yes that's right, the very popular GPZ-7000 is coming (Christmas Promo) with the Super Deep $1500 19" coil right now.  The 19" coil is 30% deeper than the stock coil on your GPZ-7000, so now you get to go back over and find the really deep ones. 
      Yes as a VET myself, I proudly offer the 15% Military Discount ($6800) as you earned it.
      Bonus is the chance to do a 3 Day Field Training with my Field Staff Experts and I (we all own and use the 7000 with great success) at no charge.  or you can meet Lunk down in AZ this winter for a 1 day 1 on 1, at no charge.
      I have them in stock and ready to ship as well as the SDC-2300's, GM-1000's and EQ-800's and more.
      PS.  If your unit is out of warranty or close to it, now is the time to trade it in for a new one with 3 year warranty.
      Picture is the gold I found on the last trip to Rye Patch area a few weeks ago (all found with GPZ-7000).  No it's not quartz, but rather caliche on them.  Yes I did hit my 1 ounce troy goal for the trip.
      Gerry's Detectors at www.gerrysdetectors.com

    • By cjc
      “The Minelab Equinox: “From Beginner to Advanced”
      Clive James Clynick is the author of some 20 previous detector “how-to” manuals, numerous articles and product reviews.  In this detailed and informative book he explains the Minelab Equinox’s ground breaking technology and how it can help you to find treasure. Topics include:
      Customizing the Equinox for your Conditions and Targets Sought.
      “Multi IQ” and High Gain Detector Operating Characteristics.
      Understanding and Applying the Equinox’s Features.
      Audio, Meter and Coil Control “Skill Building.”
      Beach, Shallow Water and “In-Iron” Skill Building with the Equinox.
      The Equinox as a Gold Jewellery-Hunting Machine.
      “Reverse” Hunting with the Equinox.
      Bottlecaps and Other Problem Targets.
      …and much more…
      (111 Pages, Softbound, $16.95)
      The Minelab Equinox: “An Advanced Guide”
      Clive James Clynick is the author of some 22 previous detector “how-to” manuals, numerous articles and product reviews.  In this detailed and informative book he explains the Minelab Equinox’s ground breaking technology and how it can help you to find treasure.  Topics include:
      Using Theory and Basic Skills to Improve Your Accuracy
      Depth and Target Acquisition.
      Applying the Equinox’s Strengths to Your Sites.
      Using the Equinox’s Target Information to Learn Problem Targets.
      Methods and Applications: Creating Custom Search Modes.
      Across-Frequency Target Testing.
      “Gold 2” on the Beach and Inland.
      Salt Water Stabilization.
      …and much more…
      101 pgs. (Softbound, $16.95)
      “Skill-Building with the Minelab Equinox Series Metal Detectors”
      By Clive James Clynick
      Clive James Clynick is the author of some 24 previous treasure hunting “how-to” books and numerous articles.  In this detailed and informative book, he explains how understanding the Equinox’s operating characteristics and features can help you to find more treasure at park, relic and beach sites. Topics include:
      Dense Iron Methods and Skill Building
      Walk First. How Small Skills Add Up to Accuracy
      Managing the Heavily Processed, Modulated Signal
      Understanding and Managing the Power Curve
      Beyond Meter and Tone
      Accuracy and Conclusiveness
      Salt Water Stabilization and Depth Tips from Top Hunters
      Signal Balancing the Equinox for More Depth
      ‘Micro’ Gold and Chain Hunting
      Understanding the Upgrades
      …and much more…
      (8.5 X 5.5, softbound, 120 pages) $16.95
      Ordering and Reviews:
      Summer special!  Three ship as two AND AUS $ at par use code AUS1

    • By Gerry in Idaho
      GPZ-7000 is Mint Like new (Approx 10 hrs use) and was purchased May of this yr.  Has a brand new 19" coil still in box.  Transferable warranty is good until May 2023 which is 2 and a half years.

      Also join Lunk and my other Field Staff for 3 days of in depth gold detector training/camping with like minded people all wanting to learn their gold detectors., Nov. 6th - 8th at Rye Patch, NV or join Lunk this winter in AZ for a full 1 day 1 on 1.
      $6500 and I do not charge tax.  PayPal or card add 3%.  Personal Check/Cash is preferred or pick up in person.

      If you are prior US Military, just purchase a new one from me for $6800 and come join us for the training.
      Last pics are of Lunk and some of his AZ Success, so if you are more of a 1 on 1 guy wanting training, we have you covered.  I do promise, you'll remember more in the 3 day class as each of my Field Staff Experts all own a GPZ-7000 and will all be plugging in with you and explaining things.
      Contact me at Gerry's Detectors www.gerrysdetectors.com

    • By Goldseeker5000
      The Nugget Shooter's Field Guide will give you insight on new areas to detect for gold by learning understanding the clues to hydraulic pits, old river channels, dredge tailings and much more. Learn about Mass Wasting and why it is important to the gold detectorist. Also learn about the Townes Theory and how it can put you on top of more nuggets. A must have for every serious Nugget Hunter. Go to https://goldseekerbooks.com
      $24.95 plus shipping.  Get your signed copy today.

    • By Gerry in Idaho
      I have 2 CoilTek Anti Interference Coils for sale.
      1st is 17 x 11" brand new in box with matching serial #.  Comes with coil cover already attached. $200 + S/H.
      2nd is 1 time used (like new) 11" round and it too already has cover attached. $150 = S/H.
      Fits All Minelab SD GP and GPX Series Detectors.  Also fits White's TDI series.

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