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Not trying to put the boot in Reg as I see there been a few responses to your post but some of the things you’ve said are just plain wrong and need correcting. The GPZ housing is based on the CTX

Ah, more controls implies sophistication does it? And simplicity of operation must reflect on the mental capabilities of the operator? Just simple folks really, not nearly so smart as you, are they Re

Yes Reg.  John gave up the gold not long after the belated release of the Minelab SD2000. He was the principal Minelab prototype tester here for many years. Took to teaching detecting lessons for awhi

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Maybe the GPX 6000.  It's already been hinted by unreliable sources it has GPX + SDC performance in one detector.  I'd rather carry one than two.

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I saw all of those posted too but the 'reasons' given for selling all made sense.  If Wes was selling his primary detector then I would be wondering if the ergonomics of the next detector had been released and he was 'all in' as you seem to be sometimes Steve.

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I'm loving my new-to-me ill handling boat anchor with cardboard in between the batteries SDC so it'll be with me for a long time....lol  Like to learn the one(s) I use to the best of my abilities before any switch ups.....jmo

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1 hour ago, phrunt said:

  I'd rather carry one than two.

Phrunt...  You own every detector ever made?...lol  Gotcha...(couldn't resist a poke...lol)

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Gerry’s - as far as I know are a combination of a buyer who didn’t like the realities of nugget hunting (the one Gerry advertised) and some ordinary “horse trading”. The others I know nothing about.

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That comes later....

Meanwhile the SDC is a very capable machine and a worthy comparison to the Gold - when it appears. 


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9 hours ago, Steve Herschbach said:

Four used ones advertised on The Classifieds in the last couple days, one sold already. Seems like Gerry’s circle of people... you know something the rest of us do not know Gerry?


Well, as for mine on sale in the classifieds I’m just selling it for a different reason, I have no issues with my SDC at all... I have a Gold Monster and a GPX 5000 so one VLF and PI is good, it has lots more coils too, but I’d like to also upgrade that one as well...🤫 🙂 My other half might be reading this!

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For the record, I've got a 2300 that I rarely use.  I would probably find more gold if I did use it.


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  • Similar Content

    • By Lunk
      With the fantastic weather in the Rye Patch region during the month of October, I was chomping at the bit to get down there, but my summer job didn't end until the 30th. It still took me a few days afterward to get everything wrapped up, so I finally hit the road and met up with Gerry and friends at Rye Patch the following Tuesday. The detector training class we were scheduled to give that weekend ended up being cancelled, thanks to a winter storm that was forecast to move into the area on Friday. Needless to say, having only two days of optimal detecting conditions before being snowed out and forced to move on to Arizona was a total bummer.😞 Intent on finding a few bits of gold in-spite of the looming storm system and armed with our trusty Minelab GPZ 7000 gold detectors (and one SDC 2300 - also quite trusty, btw), we hit an old patch in hopes of digging up some previously overlooked yellow metal. Only two small nuggets were found after a couple of hours searching with four coils on the ground - not a very good start. It was then that I remembered another old patch nearby that I had completely forgotten about, it had been so long since I had been there. It wasn't a very good producer back in the day, but perhaps we would be able to find a few nuggets that the VLF and early PI machines may have left behind. Within minutes of hitting the ground, my good friend Chef Rusty and I both popped a shallow sub-gram nugget; not a bad start. Soon, everyone was digging good gold! My second target gave an obvious yet deep sounding signal response from the GPZ's stock 14” coil. I imagined it to be a three or four gram piece at a depth of 12” to 18”. Gerry noticed me digging quite an excavation and came over to capture the action on video. At a measured depth of 20”, the target was finally out of the hole, and as I held it aloft there was an audible gasp from the audience that had gathered to watch, followed by cheers and fist-bumps:

      After a thorough cleaning, the specimen weighed in at a whopping 40 grams - a totally unexpected and pleasant surprise! The nuggets kept biting sporadically for everyone the rest of the day, and the same was repeated the following day. Just goes to show that sometimes the ZVT tech can really ignite an old burned-out nugget patch. Much fun was had by all, and it really made up for such a short two-day detecting trip. Pictured below are my finds, including the 40 gram chunk, a couple nuggets at over 8 grams, and all the small bits, with a total combined weight of over 66 grams.

    • By Donnie
      Am wanting to purchase a Sdc 2300 all checks out on serial numbers etc and is a good price with many extras.
      my concern never using one before I set up three pieces of lead. 0.05g , 1.13g, 2.00g.
      i ran the Sdc over the three individual and the two larger pieces good solid signal up to 300mm lift.
      it would not pick up the 0.05g? Also ran it over 2.5g nugget yep good signal.
      i then ran my old AT Gold over the three same. As per the Sdc the AT went off and up to 300mm difference here is the AT picked up the 0.05g light signal but good solid number at around 50mm lift.
      AT also same on nugget.
      my question is shouldn’t the s
      Sdc have picked up the sub Gram lead?? Isn’t that what it is supposed to grab onto??
      Im a bit lost as to what to do now purchase/don’t purchase Can anyone confirm that it should have picked that up, could there be a problem with it.
      really want it but was expecting it to leave the AT Gold for dead??
      Thanks Guys
    • By Benny
      Hi all,
      I'm ready to buy my first detector and have narrowed the choice down to two. Mainly based on price but some advice could help point me in the right direction. My choices are the GPX 4500 & SDC 2300, within $100 of each other. Most of my hunting will be in the Golden Triangle of central Victoria, Australia. The GPX seems to be more versatile but the SDC appears to be easier to master. It appears both will find gold in the right hands so I suppose my quandary revolves around which one will give me the broadest chance to find gold in quantity and size.
      Cheers in advance,
    • By Denver Bryan
      OK so apparently I don't have a good understanding of what type of metal my detector and find.  I've only had my SDC for a week or so and I'm new to metal detecting.  I put two of girlfriend's earrings on the surface of some soil and here are the results:
      White gold (or platinum I'm not totally sure) earring:  SDC doesn't sound off at all 14K gold earring:  SDC produces a very faint sound Again the earrings were on the surface of the soil.  My detector is finding things like bullets, nails, aluminum foil, etc just fine.  I also buried an old gold plated tooth about 6 to 8 inches down and the SDC found that too.
      So is there something special about the earrings?

    • By oneguy
      First off... Really liking my SDC so far and have only about 18-20hrs on it so far.  Most places I hunt are pretty trashy so the Goldmonster is usually my weapon of choice. My question regarding the SDC is about threshold change over targets.  I've been finding myself usually only digging targets when the threshold goes from a steady tone to a higher in pitch and softer tone?  When I get a lower in pitch signal tone from the steady threshold I find myself passing on these lower than threshold pitch signal tones?  In your opinion am I on to something as far as trash or gold?  I'm basically lazy and try to manage my time more efficient so I try and avoid digging every signal if the odds are junk?  What I've been doing lately with success is taking the SDC and finding a target, do a shallow scrape, then check with the Monster to determine whether to dig or not. Then again...packing 2 machines also takes extra time and effort (lazy me)?  What are your opinions on signal pitch tones as semi reliable clues?  Thanks.....
    • By Not happy jan
      Hi there fellow yella hunters, ive been prospecting for gold & gems for about 5yrs now in nth nsw.Have mostly been alluvial working with sluice & pan.Found some ok gold, enough to keep me interested.Thought i wld step up to a detector to enter a new & exciting chapter in my prospecting journey.Ended up buying a brand new sdc 2300, i was so excited & proud of my new acquisition.As soon as i unboxed it i had an uneasy feeling with all the screaching & wailing as soon as i switched it on.I persisted with all the best advice & did get it to settle.I am on my second detecting trip & i have had to go home early because the detector seems to have a mind of its own.Last trip was the same although i persisted for 10days trying to make sense of the machine.Overall i wld say this detector works effectively for around less than 10% of the time.Extremely disappointing performance from a $ 4000 detector.Im not trying to poo bag the machine but so far its been almost completely unusable.Im offering this advice to any wld be purchasers to be carefull in deciding on this machine.It has been extremely frustrating & a complete waste of time & money.I have travelled over 2500ks, spent thousands of dollars & now im sitting on the side of the road, in the middle of nowhere with a bruised ego, empty wallet & so far .2 gram nugg.Buyer beware.
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