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Wanna Thank Joe Beechnut For The Awesome 11 Hour Battery Work Of Art

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This Battery musical chairs .....was a big thorn in my side .....

This Pack is all black and well balanced it looks like the rest of the machine was built to compliment the battery pack ....I chose the M12 connector from my old 3030 headphones gray ghost when they made good stuff my daughter bought me a set for my simplex last Christmas never worked I called left a message never called back new In box .....still dead ....guess they went out of business...anyway ....

    you can shift this a little up or down to balance it out a little more on coil control..

Good Job Big Joe...... please remember ole Jim hunts year round And on a good day 16 hours and Thirty Lashes....for insubordination Host the Jolly Roger ye sully sods...

In  the queen’s English ....Gonna need pack number Two ?....

Happy Trails me Bucko’s


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  • jimpugh changed the title to Wanna Thank Joe Beechnut For The Awesome 11 Hour Battery Work Of Art

Thanks Jim...Wishing you many great finds with the extra hunting time. Be Safe and Good Luck.. 

Just to let those have put in orders for, No one is forgotten. Just hit a little bump in the road (delay) due to a family members illness. Not me...Hopefully things will improve and I can finish all orders by the end of the month.  Thank you.. Joe

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17 hours ago, Joe Beechnut OBN said:

Thanks Jim...Wishing you many great finds with the extra hunting time


16 hours ago, ALEXANDRE TARTAR said:

I like it's a good job!


Well time to get Joe Beechnut off the beach and on the DESIGN TEAM! Just think of all the gold left for others if Joe is off the beach! 😁  🤣

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Joe is worth his weight in gold. He needs to be paid more per day than his findings per hunt.

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Really uped the game Joe with this one.   When he said 11 hours i was expecting a pair of jumper cables connected to a car battery lol.  Thats a huge improvement tha makes the machine more desirable..... as will a 3 meter depth and transferable warranty.  These LIFE issues have plagued many of us this year.  Bless you buddy.

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      I am partial to the pure sine wave (PSW)  type as the sensitive electronics like computers (or a Nox) , are often a bit "gun shy" around the modified sine wave (MSW) units.
      I just got a Renogy 700watt PSW inverter last summer and am very impressed with it. ANNNND  My Nox seems to like it too.
      A bit more power than the prize unit but it will charge two detectors including headphones at the same time. with power to spare. ( A good thing.)
      (I won't mention my old inverter as it sucked slime water from the Black Lagoon .... OK,  it released the "magic smoke" )
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