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Brand New in Box GPZ19 coil with extra coil cover (the extra coil cover is used).  Free Shipping in the States.

PayPal Friends or 3% extra for normal PayPal.  



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Not even a little intrest?  If thinking Xcoil this is ready to be cut up 😋

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Maybe you have some of those SDC 2300 coil tech coil ‘s? I would entertain a trade too.

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    • By Reggie Sniff
      My name is Reggie Sniff.
      My father was a metal detector enthusiast. He had been an avid coin, jewelry and ultimately a gold hunter and collector since the 1970's. He was also an electronics guy and spent considerable amount of time evaluating, modifying and reviewing detectors for the various manufacturers. Throughout the years he accumulated quite a collection of detectors, coils, digging tools and all sorts of other items.  We are now trying to find good homes for some of the detectors and such (those that have not gone to family members) with other collectors or just folks who will hopefully can find good use for them.
      Below is the list of available detectors.  We are open to any fair offer for any of the units listed.  Most are in really good condition given the model year of each but I am happy to send photos of any you might be interested in.  Attached are a few photos I took of just some of the units as we were trying to inventory the whole collection.  You will see some in the photos that are not in the list because they are either sold or have gone to family members.
      We also have numerous coils for many of the manufactures but mostly a bunch of White’s, Tesoro coils.  If there is a particular coil you are looking for, drop me a note and I can see what we have available.  If there is enough interest I can try to generate a list of all of the coils or at least take some photos.
      AH Electronics   Pro  AH Electronics   Mini Pro  BH          I  BH          CoinHunter  BH          Discriminator RBS (2)  BH          III   BH          8-10  Bounty Hunter  III  Bounty Hunter  DE 280 Outlaw  Bounty Hunter  RBL VLF SPP (2)  Bounty Hunter  Professional  Compass              Judge 2 (2)  Compass              Yukon 77B (3)  Compass              ADS  Compass              Relic Magnum 6  Compass              Relic Magnum 2  Compass              Yukon 78B  Compass              Yukon 94B  Compass              Judge 6 (2)  Compass              Mag 320  Compass              99B  Compass              Judge 5  Compass              Gold Star  Compass              Mag 420  Compass              Coin Magnum  Compass              Coin Hustler  Compass              Judge 1  Compass              94B  Discovery Electronics Treasure Baron Gardiner  Model 202A (2)  Garett   CE  Garrett                 VFL/TR Coin Hunter  Garrett                 Treasure Hunter  Garrett                 Coin Hunter ADS (2)  Garrett                 Cache Hunter  Garrett                 Master Hunter 7 ADS  Garrett                 Sidewinder  Garrett                 BFO  Hays Electronics  Mark II (4)  Hays Electronics  Mark I  Master Hunter  Deep Seeker  Minelab Electronics XT18000 Teknetics             8000  Teknetics             8500  (2) Teknetics             Mark III  Teknetics             Turbo Competition Tesoro                  Silver U Max  Tesoro                  Sabre III  Tesoro                  Lobo Super Traq  Tesoro                  Sidewinder  Tex                         MK10  Whites  Goldmaster  Whites  PulseScan TDI (2)  Whites  Coinmaster Classic 1  Whites  5900/DI  Whites  PCL 500    ???         The Nugget  ???         Pro 2  ???         Pro 2  ???         Groundtrack  ???         Cointrack  ???         Goldmaster  ???         CoinHunter TR  ???         GEB Box/TR Discriminator II  ???         Treasurer  ???         GTH HunterMaster  ???         The Backpacker  ???         CUE CR 200   ???         Gold Scan  ???         The Pro  ???         Pioneer 3  ???         Super Pro V  ???         TR Discriminator  ???         Model 32156330 

    • By shellhouse
      Bought a new 13x11 x35 coil to use with my XP ORX and have since been playing "musical detectors" - haven't had an occasion to open it up. 
      If anyone is looking for one, figured I'd put it up here.  If not, will give it some weeks and see if I end up setting the coil up.  Seems like a great size for beach hunting or fields, neither of which are immediately nearby.
      Looking for 299 shipped, paid 339 just a couple of weeks back.
      Thanks and HH!
    • By Tometusns
      Anyone interested? I figured around $25 to ship it.  Anyways make me an offer that you're ok with and if it's worth me boxing and taking to the post office we'll have a deal.  Thanks!

    • By calabash digger
      Purchased 10/18 took out of box and tested both in my garden. Simplex has wireless headphone...300.00 ....Apex 375.00 shipped paypal friends and family.  

    • By bigtim1973
      I have a nice whites MXT Tracker for sale. It is in good shape. Coil has hardly any marks on it.  If anyone is interested it is 325.00 shipped by PayPal friends and family option. 
      Let me know. Thanks

    • By Rick N. MI
      I have 2 Equinox 800. Both were bought new June 2020. I'm selling this one which was used 1 day for 2 hours in a lake. No leaks. $650 shipped.

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