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I may be jumping to conclusion in thinking that White’s will let’s say rise again. Even to think it maybe is a beautiful dream .

 I started with White’s way back when and when they closed the doors it was like a friend had died.


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Is there anywhere in the world where it's not the 16th? Maybe tboykin is not the one producingthe news here and we have to wait for another party to announce something.  


Additionally, having gone through several large business transactions with banks, i feel like banks love nothing more than coming back with more questions at the last second. Business deals often get delayed repeatedly. 

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This forum software is amazing (except for a crash now and then). I can mix, match, separate, merge.... pretty much pull off anything within reason.

Merger, huh? I'm excited and curious as heck!

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Its the 17th here, so... what's the news! Is the TRX and 24K/GMX alive and kicking? 🙂


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      Hello all, I just signed up!
      Does anyone know what happened to the UKGPA?
      I was a member and I met up with a few from there on a gold panning trip about 3-4 years ago. Thought I'd like to get back into it and have another go, but I can no longer find their website and no trace of them on the internet!
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      As many of you have no doubt heard, the COVID19 situation in El Paso is pretty serious. I posted a while ago information I got from them that they were busy working and shipping product (not so many AQ’s - but). Well, I just had a chance to talk to my main contact in Sales Management at FTP and I think it is useful to share the general message I got. She explained to me that the (new) facility at FTP has advanced air circulation and filtration systems - that all personnel have been provided with highly effective face masks and that workstations and all other aspects of the internal organization of where people work and how they interact with each other have been carefully arranged to absolutely minimize the chance of infection. Her general comment was - the time we spend at work is the safest part of our days. Tom (the President) is deeply involved in making this a safe workplace and has spared no expense in doing so.
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      There is a little coin shop next town over from me that used to be a Whites dealer and now has a big Garrett Sign out front. Will stop in and see what they have for inventory. Seems Garrett is using some of the original Whites dealers for distribution. Nice to see the dealers still offer equipment and not disbanding local sales. Good to be able to see new units in hand rather than just online pictures and videos.
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      I spoke with Todd Marshall today and he just picked up ALL the left over parts from White's.  He said to give him about 3 weeks to sort it all out before calling for availability.
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