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Garrett Buys White's Electronics Assets!

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21 minutes ago, Steve Herschbach said:

Well, with news like that I broke out my Garrett hat to start wearing again! :smile:

That's a good start, but will you actually be swinging a Garrett detector?  (I recall you saying you have a fresh-in-the-box Apex....)

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It would still be good enough for a start being able to use White's detectors still with a Garrett name. Before, it was all gone. I don't know if they will do that. They have a lot of stuff to work with. We don't how how long it will be before they use the technology. 

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    • By afreakofnature
    • By Steve Herschbach
      Garrett Announces Acquisition
      Garland, TX, October 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Garrett Electronics, a design and manufacturing company specializing in sport and security metal detectors, announced the acquisition of certain assets of White’s Electronics.
      White’s, who had been in business since 1950 as a premier manufacturer of metal detection products, announced the suspension of operations on June 18, 2020 in a memo to its dealers. White’s founders, Kenneth and Olive White, built their business the same way Garrett’s founders, Charles and Eleanor Garrett, did, by innovating and committing to producing high quality products in the United States. White’s current principals, Kenneth R. and Mary White, are choosing to fold the White’s legacy in with Garrett Metal Detectors as a way of extending their “Made in the USA” tradition.
      Garrett CEO Steve Novakovich commented, “The White family and the Garrett family have had a high level of respect for one another as competitors in the sport market for decades. Now we at Garrett are proud to combine our respective legacies as Garrett continues on as the premier American metal detector company.”
      The transaction includes White’s trademarks, intellectual property, tooling, and other assets. It does not include White’s real estate in Oregon or Scotland. Garrett intends to rigorously defend all of White’s trademarks, patents, and other IP wherever infringement may occur.
      Novakovich continued, “Garrett recognizes that the White’s brand has a loyal following in the US and around the world. We are pleased to welcome those customers to Garrett, and we hope we can earn your future business.”
      Current White’s customers in need of repair or warranty service should contact:
      Centreville Electronics
      9437 Main Street
      Manassas, VA 20110

      Centreville Electronics NW
      1550 Maple Place
      Lebanon OR 97355
      About Garrett Metal Detectors
      Garrett Metal Detectors, co-founded by electrical engineer Charles Garrett and fifth-generation educator Eleanor Smith Garrett, is a global leader in the design and manufacture of metal detection products for hobby, security, and law enforcement applications.. Garrett Metal Detectors’ headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in Garland Texas. Garrett is an International Standards Organization (ISO) 9001:2015 certified company.
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      My spidey sense is tingling. October 16th, 2020. Keep your ear on the threshold.
    • By dewcon4414
      Last week my battery conked out.  The Nox ran on the charger..... but not the battery.  I called Keith Leppert my dealer out of Fort Bedford Metal Detectors, where by the way ML repair is, and asked him what i needed to do.  He gave me a phone number and they gave me an RMA to send the machine in.   When i took the machine apart ... i noticed stress cracks in the plastic mounts that holds the bolts in on the pod.  She added that to my battery issue.   They received it on Friday and i got a message from John who said they would get right on it, but because of the Virus there could be a delay but to please be patient and they would let me know.   3 more Emails on Monday from different people lol.  Thanking me for choosing  ML, my machine was repaired and heres the tracking number.   Never said what they did....... so i contacted Kieth late in the evening.  Next morning he said they replaced the pod.  Thats a high five to ML in my book.  They have just been awesome to me on this machine.  Keith as a dealer ...... great to deal with, id highly recommend him any day.  He will spend the time talking to you about hunting as well as a machine if you have the time ...... he takes the time.  Plus..... the ML repair shop is right there. 
      I happened to check those bolt mounts because two friends had they pods break completely off the shaft.  Keith said the after market shafts maybe the issue.  Apparently the OD on some maybe to small.  So people are over tightening them.  Also if its to small it wears the CF enough they get re-tightened.   Keiths word of caution .... take care in tightening those bolts.
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      Looking only for those who are Canadians that live in Canada. Become a Nomad, enjoy the benefits.

      Visit us on Facebook
    • By Nokta Detectors
      Dear Valued Members,

      As our market share and sales are growing in the USA, thanks to all of you, the amount of service requests are also increasing.
      Responding to end-users in a timely manner to provide them with the best customer service experience is a MUST for Nokta Makro Detectors.

      For this reason, we have recently added a second service center located in Missouri.

      Please find below the contact details for the new service center:

      Name: Andy O’Neal
      Address: 120 Black Ave. Chaffee, MO 63740
      Tel: 573-270-0447
      Email: Noktarepairs@wedigmetaldetectors.net

      Thank you!
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