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Garrett Buys White's Electronics Assets!

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1 hour ago, GB_Amateur said:

That's a good start, but will you actually be swinging a Garrett detector?  (I recall you saying you have a fresh-in-the-box Apex....)

It's been out of the box for a while...


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This is like the 2nd coming ! The resurrection of THE KOB ! I've crawled outta the grave. But I'm not gonna fill that hole back in just yet ! It will be interesting to see if some of the patent technology will be useful , maybe some form of hybrid. Have never been a Garrett guy and that could change. I've been a beach hunter and frankly the Garrett's haven't measured up. Whites parts may now be available for a little while longer. I will be looking forward in the next 3-4 years to see what they come up with.

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Glad to see someone pick them up, and hope they improve on their way of selling the units to dealers.

Whites had been around for a very long time, and this could be the break that Garrett needed to have for their competition of the other brands. With the patents that Whites had and the newer technology from Garrett this could be huge.

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That is awesome news.

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So glad to hear from the Aussie end though we are long out of a whites repairs with Dean and Goldsearch Dunolly Victoria gone. But l am partial to whites detectors (still chasing an old Seirra super pulse). Best of luck with their future endevours...

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I wonder if they're going to combine some model names now too.....can we expect an MX Bug Master AT Pro anytime soon??😄

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Didn’t expect this but glad to see it. Thought they would just quietly disappear forever. 

What are folks speculating on this? First Texas like merger of independent brands, one more premium than the other?  Just keep the newer form factor detectors, out with the analog metal boxes, more competitive pricing, great service from Garrett?

I mean what is there to gain otherwise? The loyal customers that would have gone elsewhere eventually? Only Merica choices are now Garrett and Fisher. Their multi tech was licensed at some point from Minelab is my understanding and Garrett already has their multi flex in the Apex and hinted  future AT series?  Crap site? Some weird dealer agreement that seems to hurt flexibility in sales from what I have read?

Not saying these are equals but as far as product line and price point:

AT Pro Pointer = TRX 

Ace series = Coinmaster, Treasure Master/Pro, MX7

AT series = MX Sport, GMX Sport

SeaHunter /ATX = TDI....

Apex = ?

GTI 2500 (LOL, they still sell this?) = V3i/VX3 (cool but doesn’t sell well, outdated packaging)

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