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Ahoy From Alaska!

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Welcome aboard and post some of the finds you get, we all love gold!

The people here can help with almost any question that you might have, and maybe you can answer someone else's questions.

What type of equipment do you use, and what part of Alaska are you from.

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Ahoy back at you Bryan!

    Welcome to the forum! What part of Alaska do you hale from? And what detectors do you use? Post some more info about yourself, and show us the good stuff!👍👍

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Hey Bryan,  Welcome to a great place to hang out and educate yourself on a myriad of topics on prospecting and metal detecting.  If you're north of Talkeetna I'm sure you'll need a big pick to dig much this time of the year. On this site Steve has provided some great info for research and for locations. Enjoy and feel free to get involved.....Sauer21....?

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i'll attempt to answer everyone's questions is one thread.

1. i am in anchorage. i just retired from the USCG two weeks ago and decided to remain here in the last frontier.

2. i am a life long all around treasure hunting, prospecting, outdoors type. if it's of value i'll dig for it, metal detect, search for it, yard sale hunt, thrift store rummage, storage unit auction, etc etc. 

3. i currently have only 2 detectors- a Garrett GTI 2500 and my trusty old Fisher Gold Bug II. a new coin/relic machine is in my near future.

4. i have more pans and sluice boxes than i probably should.

5. rocks are pretty and i've been known to carry more than i should down off some remote mountain.

6. i've been to adak. twice. once we got stuck for 9 days. that place feels like the edge of the earth. also some of the best ptarmigan hunting you could ever ask for. 




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17 minutes ago, Bryan said:

i've been to adak. twice. once we got stuck for 9 days. that place feels like the edge of the earth. also some of the best ptarmigan hunting you could ever ask for. 



Right on about the ptarmigan and some mighty fine halibut fishing!

When I was there in '70 - '71 the Crab Boats would come every season as well.

Adak has all gone to private use now, no more USN or Air Force as far as I know.

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Welcome Bryon, Lurk no more, glad to have you come aboard. 

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    • By larryw
      Hello, I like the oldschool format of a Forum over a Facebook, But i do use facebook for local detecting groups.  Ive been detecting for about 25 years now. I mostly just hunt coins/jewelry/relics. I live in upstate New York. My village was founded around 1807 and was a militia training ground from about 1807 to 1830 ish.  My village had about 35 + participants in the War of 1812. I got full permission to detect and keep anything on ALL of my Villages property free and clear :). Lots of good stuff has come out of here. Basically all able body people that lived here during the Civil War was required to participate in that. I basically live in what has been a military complex for a very long time but was never owned by the Federal government. Ill be asking questions in about a detector decision in another thread. Just wanted to introduce myself, say hello, and get some info a potential detector purchase. THANKS!
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      Hello from Kellyco Detectors! We are happy to be here and look forward to having many good conversations about metal detectors and treasure hunting 😃
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      This is the first Forum I have ever joined but have enjoyed reading it for a long time.
      Thank you Steve.
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      Hi, I have found DetectorProspector to have some very knowledgeable members and there is great information on the site, so I thought it was time that I registered.
      I live on a British island which is 14 miles from the French coast and we have a rich history. 
      I mainly detect the beach for military relics from the British wars with France and the island's German occupation during World War 2.
      Though I never target jewellery, I very much enjoy undertaking recoveries on a voluntary basis and have reunited a dozen people with lost rings since I started detecting a couple of years ago.
      I use an XP Deus in the fields and a Minelab Equinox 600 with 15in coil on the beach.
      I look forward to contributing. Thank you.
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      Hi all!  I’ve been out nugget hunting and as you can see from the picture if casings and bullet fragments were the objective I’d still be piss poor.   After 15 hours of searching around the East Fork San Gabriel and around Acton that’s all I’ve found!   I just got Jim’s Advanced Nugget hunting though so now I’m ready!   Think I’m going to try upper Piru.   Y’all be cool.   Look for my 17 Gram gold chunk as soon as I find it and update here!

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      Joining from Southern Connecticut, with a just purchased XP ORX. I live near several beaches, but hoping to use the ORX primarilly on camping and hiking trips in in CT and California. I grew up in California, and have camped throughout the United States, including Alaska.
      This is my second metal detector. In high school I bought a very inexpensive Fisher but left it for my younger brother when I went to college. He made one unusual find: When searching in a field in the California foothills he found a portable Sony Color TV sitting in the grass. Believing it was stolen, he turned it in to the police. Two weeks later, the police called and said the TV was his—it was worth more than the metal detector.
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