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Welcome aboard and post some of the finds you get, we all love gold!

The people here can help with almost any question that you might have, and maybe you can answer someone else's questions.

What type of equipment do you use, and what part of Alaska are you from.

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Welcome from Southern California. Good luck out there Bryan.
You have a great weekend.

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Ahoy back at you Bryan!

    Welcome to the forum! What part of Alaska do you hale from? And what detectors do you use? Post some more info about yourself, and show us the good stuff!👍👍

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Welcome!  My initial experience with Alaska was out on Adak in the Aleutians courtesy of the USN.

Been  back to enjoy your beautiful state from Fairbanks to Ketchikan via some cruises.

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Hey Bryan,  Welcome to a great place to hang out and educate yourself on a myriad of topics on prospecting and metal detecting.  If you're north of Talkeetna I'm sure you'll need a big pick to dig much this time of the year. On this site Steve has provided some great info for research and for locations. Enjoy and feel free to get involved.....Sauer21....?

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i'll attempt to answer everyone's questions is one thread.

1. i am in anchorage. i just retired from the USCG two weeks ago and decided to remain here in the last frontier.

2. i am a life long all around treasure hunting, prospecting, outdoors type. if it's of value i'll dig for it, metal detect, search for it, yard sale hunt, thrift store rummage, storage unit auction, etc etc. 

3. i currently have only 2 detectors- a Garrett GTI 2500 and my trusty old Fisher Gold Bug II. a new coin/relic machine is in my near future.

4. i have more pans and sluice boxes than i probably should.

5. rocks are pretty and i've been known to carry more than i should down off some remote mountain.

6. i've been to adak. twice. once we got stuck for 9 days. that place feels like the edge of the earth. also some of the best ptarmigan hunting you could ever ask for. 




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17 minutes ago, Bryan said:

i've been to adak. twice. once we got stuck for 9 days. that place feels like the edge of the earth. also some of the best ptarmigan hunting you could ever ask for. 



Right on about the ptarmigan and some mighty fine halibut fishing!

When I was there in '70 - '71 the Crab Boats would come every season as well.

Adak has all gone to private use now, no more USN or Air Force as far as I know.

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Welcome Bryon, Lurk no more, glad to have you come aboard. 

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    • By WickedWolf
      To all members
      I wish to thank all of you at this site Detector prospector.com and also some of my old friends at The old Compass Forum, sven7, Joe D, And Paul (CA) plus all of the new friends I’ve met on this  forum are some of the greatest guys I’ve met in along time. In 2014 I started this road of doctors and hospital stays. I always thought when I retired I would enjoy my life and take trips and detect some and spend time with my wife. But it’s not in the Lords will for me to have that, I can except his way and I trust him with my life. But I’m  on this soap box to tell you believe in the kindness of man and lady’s that there is still people who care for you and want to help when you don’t know what to do or where to go and some friends new and old pick you up and brush you off and point in the right direction and say it’s fine we get it done. I have to tell you Joe D  talked to Paul (ca) now he’s putting one together and shipping it to me. I told my wife when I’ve pasted ship it back to him. I will leave a note in it before I past to let him know I will meet him in paradise. I will me a lot of my friends that’s left one was on national news today his name was Sargent Jumper he worked for the Greenville South Carolina Sheriff office you may have seen it on the news. I work with him for 20 years. He was kill by out of state drug runners, I told him to get out or that department many times. Now my friend has gone leaving a wife and one teenage girl never to come home. I think about these things and I know we will have a joyous day with no tears. My bone cancer will not be healed with chemo. It just keeps me ahead of it and then I must decide to try to live or let my time come. Jesus Christ will come and let me how we will go. My wife wants me to fight but with all my other problems I don’t know if it will  God help me do the right thing. Thanks Friends I’m very tired so good night and thanks for all your kind words and actions 
      Jimmy Huff
    • By Upperstore
      I just joined today, I live in Walker Lake Nevada, about two hours south of Reno. I'm an LDMA/GPAA member and went to an outing at Scott River CA last weekend and it was the first time for my wife, it was a metal detector outing.  I brought my Garrett Infinium LS that I have used a couple of times from new, it wouldn't fire up, with new batteries.  Very disappointing, I called Garrett and its on the way to Texas (for repairs).  I noticed on your site that my experience sounds way to familiar, ouch!!  
      Well, while I'm awaiting the outcome on the LS my wife says she wants a detector for Christmas.  The Fisher F19 looks like a great little detector to go down to the lakeshore and up on some of the trails around here.  The price on that unit varies quite a bit, like from $499 to $799 with the 10" loop.  I notice that some of the lower priced ones on eBay have a lot of positive feedback and after visiting their store seem legit...any input on that?
      I also have a Treasure Finder 900 two box deep search detector in excellent shape I might be interested in selling.
      Any comments would be appreciated  
    • By GeoBill
      Been lurking here off and on for quite a while and decided that it was time to join in and introduce myself. Not currently a detector/prospector, but hope to change that.
      A bit of my background: 21 years as a geologist with the USGS, about 2/3 summers looking at mines in Alaska, 1/2 in CA, NV, AZ, and WY. When I left the survey in the big purge in ’95 I was working on a project looking at lode mines east of the Mother Lode proper. My work in Alaska was almost exclusively looking at lode gold mines and prospects, and spent quite a bit of time late ‘70s early 80’s south of Anchorage: Girdwood/Crow Pass (my favorite, staying at the Alyska and eating at the Double Musky), Hope/Sunrise, Moose Pass, Port Wells, Port Valdez, down the Kenai, and around PWS and SE Alaska (good story about an almost helicopter crash into the AJ pit, but maybe later). I think part of my lurking here was many of these areas are home for Steve’s exploits, and kicking myself for always staying up on the hillsides and not looking in the creek bottoms. I sure missed out on the gold (the Bureau of Mines guys were dredging the creeks as their part of the assessments, and I know a lot of gold went home in their pockets).
      I always thought about taking a metal detector with me, not to look for gold, but to check around all the old cabins and workings, and  in ‘88 I bought my first metal detector, a Gold Mountain King Cobra because it was small and light and I could sneak it into my backpack. Never got to use it up there. My final AK field season was in ’89 sampling and mapping the exposed bedrock from active mining at Valdez Creek. The cheerful 18 yo security guard was more than happy every evening to let us know over beers that he had his scope on us all day just in case we decided to pick up a nugget. Don’t think swinging a detector would have gone over well.
      That King Cobra also indirectly contributed to my getting off my butt and joining here. When Reggie posted the pictures of his dad’s collection I thought I saw a Gold Mountain detector among the lot. It was also somewhat ironic that I had earlier this summer been reading a lot of what Reg had written about PI detectors on various blogs and forums over the years. Back in June I did a small consulting job in the Mother Lode at a winery where the grapes are planted in the weathered volcanic cover and the owner was wondering if the volcanics capped any Tertiary channel gravels. Turned out there was a lot of gravels that don’t show on any geologic map I could find, and they had been extensively mined though I couldn’t find any record in Cal State pubs. Since lurking here I decided to take along my two detectors, a MXT (I’m deadly at parks and old houses) and a mid '90s V-Sat that has not seen a lot of use. The ground there was unbelievable. Just setting my magnetic cultivator on the ground would pick up several pounds of hot rocks and coat with black sand. A full screened pan once the weathered volcanic soil and clay was removed would end up almost half full of black sand (and quite a bit of flour gold). Never seen anything like it. Anyway, got me curious whether a PI detector would work better and got me reading a lot of Reg’s posts and discussions here and on other sites. I was very sorry to see the news of his passing here. The detecting community truly lost a hero.
      Anyway, recently retired from 12 years sitting on my butt doing research/data analysis in radiation oncology (once a scientist, always a scientist), getting a knee replacement in a few weeks (Steve, I think the first time I blew it out was hiking down from the Nearhouse mine on Palmer Creek with a backpack full of about 80 lbs of samples), and I hope that part of my recovery therapy is walking and swinging. I’ve spent a good deal of time on the other side of interstate 80 from Rye Patch but never visited the Majuba Mtns and reading some of the geology papers reminds me of some areas I worked in the Klamaths. I hope to get out there at some point - soon.
      Looking to pick up a PI machine (was tempted by the GPX 5000 listed here, but a bit out of my price range) and pick your brains on how to best use it (just missed on a TDI Pro on Craigslist - damn).
      A bit of a more rambling intro than I had planned.
    • By larryw
      Hello, I like the oldschool format of a Forum over a Facebook, But i do use facebook for local detecting groups.  Ive been detecting for about 25 years now. I mostly just hunt coins/jewelry/relics. I live in upstate New York. My village was founded around 1807 and was a militia training ground from about 1807 to 1830 ish.  My village had about 35 + participants in the War of 1812. I got full permission to detect and keep anything on ALL of my Villages property free and clear :). Lots of good stuff has come out of here. Basically all able body people that lived here during the Civil War was required to participate in that. I basically live in what has been a military complex for a very long time but was never owned by the Federal government. Ill be asking questions in about a detector decision in another thread. Just wanted to introduce myself, say hello, and get some info a potential detector purchase. THANKS!
    • By KellycoDetectors
      Hello from Kellyco Detectors! We are happy to be here and look forward to having many good conversations about metal detectors and treasure hunting 😃
    • By JCR
      This is the first Forum I have ever joined but have enjoyed reading it for a long time.
      Thank you Steve.
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