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1 hour ago, phrunt said:

What kind of rock would behave this way?

Try seeing how your QED reacts, and vary the pulse delay if it responds at the lowest delay.  My sister found a large (~8 kg) rock which appears to contain a lot of graphite and reads right around 40 on my Fisher Gold Bug Pro (break between ferrous and non-ferrous, as you know, but others may not).  It even makes the Garrett Carrot sound off, but my White's TDI/SPP (locked at supposedly 10 microsecond delay) is quiet as a mouse when waved near it.  (Yes, it's turned on!)  However the QED reacts, that won't prove it contains a lot of graphite, but it's one more clue.

You didn't mention the density but called it a rock.  My sister's specimen has a specific gravity close to 2.7, which screams 'rock' as opposed to similar much lower density burnt wood, etc.  Another clue is that graphite conducts electricity.  You can also try putting an ohm meter on it and seeing what it reads.

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I didn't bring it home with me, it's still sitting on that rock, it was hard, very much a rock.  I smashed it with the pointy end of my pick to see inside it.   I'll have to go back as I accidentally left my little box I found there too, I left it on a rock and was intending to collect it on my way out and forgot.   I think I'm now done at that spot too though, I'll have to explore further afield, like JW yesterday, he was in the same general area but further away and he managed 2 nuggets.  His biggest one at 1.38 grams looks like a sausage 🙂



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Interesting rock and it sure made the NOX scream in the video.  I found a couple graphite nodules in hears past tat read as non ferrous.  At a site in Oregon, there are quite a few grey/black rocks that fool many detectors, even when ID'ing. 

The rusty tin tell you there was activity in the area back in the day and probably from another early prospector.

Nice to see a piece of gold come home with you.

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