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Very nice find and unique at that!

Great hunting and I wish you more luck in the future.

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Very nice. Was there any gems in the eye sockets?

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    • By Bryan
      i was showing a co-worker a minelab Go-Find 22. he knows nothing about detectors and was interested in how they work. i was explaining the difference between the four symbols on the display when a lengthy conversation ensued about detectors in general. he was amazed to hear about all the things they can find and have found for people and the technology inside the machines. suddenly he declares, "hey, if you know all this stuff can you tell if something is actually gold? i bought a used car and found something stuck in the floor boards. give me 2 mins and i'll run and grab it." now, this co-worker is a young college kid just getting started in life. money is tight, apartment is small. so when he handed me this and i showed him how to check it, explained the karat system, gold spot price, grams, and got it weighed, he was VERY happy. made my whole day.
      item = 14K pendant + 14K chain both from Kay Jewelers. 10.7g @ $35.71 per gram as of yesterdays spot price

    • By dogodog
      I'm  pretty much a blind squirrel when it comes to the beach hunting thing. This trip totaled about 6 hours over the course of 3 days. Thanks to all you beach members, I've managed to pick up on a few things. I was in the dig it all mode, being not that confident in my sand skills. Did I mention that I hate bottle caps? They sound even better in the sand!!! I was mostly hunting the wet/dry edge and was just enjoying the early morning sunrise. This day I was on a tear of sinkers and caps. Still having fun being away from work though. At 9:00 am my wife came down and joined me for a before breakfast walk. She asked if I found anything good and answered with the usual, Nope just crap. We walked another 20 feet and I got a really nice strong soft tone. Thinking sinker, I started to dig with my homemade plastic scoop. Let me just say DO NOT have your wife with you when you find something really good, It never works out in your favor. In my scoop was a wonderful diamond ring (wasn't to sure at the time) After I rinsed it off a little and felt the weight I knew I had something good. Oh yes she promptly removed it from my death grip!!! After getting home from our trip I took it to a jeweler friend, who offered me $5500 for the diamonds, said I could keep the platinum. Turns out it was a vvs1  1.2 carrat main stone and 8 very nice 2mm stones. Lucky for me my wife said she would keep it (god help me) I haven't seen it since.

    • By Skullgolddiver
      I don't have words to describe what the last couple months have been.
      I just know that finally I hitted this morning one ring over a wine red clay, after two days In a new spot, freediving with heck of rough water yesterday and quitted for real unacceptable danger.
      I fighted against the monkey since last August end and finally won this morning...
      I don't care the weight and the numbers, I just want to enjoy the shine again as a therapy.
      I hug You all.

    • By Hamid
      Hi everyone 😎 
      Hope y’all are doing well,
       This wasn't the best year personally and as such, I only got to hunt a couple weeks( one hour in early morning and sometime one hour in night) 
      Here’s pics and thank you for reading and looking at my post🙂

        Well, many scientists are confused about the secret and source of geomagnetism. there're many planets much larger than the earth, but they have no magnetic field at all. So, what's the secret behind geomagnetism? about 300 years ago, the queen of England's physician; William Gilbert, said something out of mere geussing, he said "The Earth moves as if it had a magnet within!"
      That was mere guessing, without any scientific proof. Hundreds of years before that, the chinese had invented the compass, it's a chinese invention. Then, the compass was use in Europe, where it had a great role in developing navigation. Yet, people remained confused about why the compass always points to the North. It was suggested the polar star might be pulling it in that direction, which is not logical, because if it were true, the compass needle'd be directed upwards, but actually, it's the apposite; it points downwards. Secondly, a compass doesn't point to the polar star att all. Compass dont point to the polar star and dont point to to the actual geographical North, either, rather, the point to something ele; the magnetic North pole. The difference between both is about 4 degrees.
      The polar star has nothing to do with compasses. 
      So, what's the atory? It has took several years for technology to be progressed enough to allow the establishment of modern geomagnetism observatories where accurate studies are carried out. 
      Later on, Scientists started talking about the center of the earth, where there's a central core of liquid iron, circulating deep down, which is associated with Earth's cycle of movement. That is the liquid iron circulates as Earth evolves. That circulating liquid iron contains convection currents.
      Those currents within that melted, liquid iron, whose temperature is very high, act like a coil which once electricity gors through it can magnetize iron rods in this case, the ferrous earth center gets magnetized, resulting in the Earth acting like a magnet with a magnetic fild, exactly like the magnetism experiments all learn and do at school.

    • By Compass
      Hurricane Marie generated some good swells and moved sand at several southern California beaches. I got gold at 2 of the 4 beaches I hunted but not as many targets as I would have expected from the size of some of the cuts. I see that a couple of other forum members also did well from Marie which was an unexpected but welcome surprise.
      After finding a few dollars in clad and a small, 1.8 gram 14K gold ring at the first beach I hunted, I tried a couple other beaches that didn't yield much before driving to beach #4. This beach had a nice deep cut but, again, not nearly as many targets as a cut that size could have produced. Perhaps someone had beaten me to the punch earlier but I didn't see any signs of digging.
      Late in the hunt I scooped out a target and was shocked to see half of a bracelet in the mound of wet sand. It had the famous Cartier circles on the perimeter of the bracelet but I have found so many fakes with those same circles before. The bracelet also had a funny color to it so I tried not to get too excited about it even though it felt pretty weighty and was stamped "AU 750".

      When I got home I realized that the bracelet was rose gold and it  acid tested at 18K. On the internet I found out that Cartier jewelry is one of the most copied in the world but the bracelet seemed to pass all the checkpoints that determine its authenticity including its weight which was half of the typical 30 to 37 grams for a complete bracelet.

      At first I thought that it would be nice to find the other half and have the bracelet repaired. I still would love to find the other piece but it probably won't need to be fixed. The 2 halves are actually screwed together with permanently mounted screws. That's probably why the person that lost it didn't remove it since it is a bit of a hassle to do so. Of course, the downside is that you better make sure that those screws are fastened properly and checked periodically. 
      Sorry for the lengthy post but pretty excited about this one. My hunting friend doesn't think it's likely that I'll find the other half but the way this year is going I wouldn't be totally shocked (well, maybe a little). GL&HH!
    • By mn90403
      Last night I went to a beach that yielded a lot of targets.  On my 6 hour hunt from 8 PM to 2 AM I got 51 quarters, 40 dimes and nickels, 54 pennies (one wheat), 2 silver rings and one 10k gold ring.  There should have been more rings!  The trash was another 50 pieces or so.  When you figure it is 4-5 scoops per target (1000 total) then it adds up to a stiff back in the morning.
      I found the gold ring 2/3rds of the way through the session about the time the fog started rolling in which made for an enjoyable sight as it covered up the normal lights but there was still a mostly full moon above.  I was using the 15 inch coil and when I started I was down a couple of notches from full power.  I thought there would not be much on the beach but I was wrong and kept pushing along finding some high cuts.  Near the end of the session the detector was nearly out of power and I could hear a lessening in my headphones.
      Something I've wanted to say about the 3.0 update is that it really makes the quarters crackle.  I don't think I remember them like that before and I wish they would be a little more 'solid' but perhaps it is because of the sandwich metals.

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