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Vanquish 540, Simplex, And Apex Depth Test... Who Is King?

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  • Steve Herschbach changed the title to Vanquish 540, Simplex, And Apex Depth Test... Who Is King?

"Man, I'm tired of the bull crap!"

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How does the simplex compare to the vanquish on target seperation?  It would not surprise me if the simplex beats the vanquish. I never tried the Vanquish.  Throw all 3 in the lake for a five minute soak.....The simplex wins that test.😁

Thanks Cal for taking the time to vid the tests.

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Thanks for the video, you've saved me some money.

I remember Garrett's statement about higher frequencies are just fluff.  I could not believe they said that.  Maybe they'll learn the importance of higher frequencies now they've taken over White's and now have the 24k/GMX in their stable.   They need to take out outside and test it on a few nuggets of various sizes against their AT Gold, it'll be an eye opener for them.

I wonder how the Apex would compete with the Go-Find 44 (7.8KHz) or Nokta Mini Hoard (15KHz) kids detectors on the depth tests, they seem more in it's class.

Now my main question, is it just their Multi Frequency attempt that sucks on depth, if you drop back to single frequencies does it improve?  You would think it should, obviously their MF needs a lot of work to become useful for anything other than a method to get a ground balance on a beach.

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Calabash digger ... you do serious tests ... and since you do tests in very low mineralized terrain ... it turns out that Apex on a 6x11 "coil doesn't have to play the best score on depth detection here ... and what about 3D separation. in iron .not also ... even though Apex belongs to the ACE series ...
 I think that Garett can improve these properties of the detector with a possible upgrade of the software .... and a slightly wider coil would definitely help to detect the depth ... maybe 8-9 ".. it could be good ...
and 3D separation can also help.

A smaller coil will help for better 2D separation .... and maybe 5X8 "will work better here ...

So far, Apex is still in the Ace class .... and the competition from other manufacturers is still very strong ...

There's one more thing that I personally don't like ... Garrett should focus more on improving the performance of his detectors..like letting the Find Mall forum member ban ... / Calabash Digger / just for doing serious comparison tests ....

This is really not the right way .... ,,   but I would say ... that this is Garret's very bad way to promote a new detector ...


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Yes Calabash does serious tests , he tells the truth which is not always easy to do, especially when it involves a well known brand like Garrett ....

btw I just had a discussion today with my dealer about his Apex feedbacks from customers  , for the moment it is considered by the French users as a good machine for salt beach hunting . For inland hunting it is an other story and the users are much more negative  ...

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Great video, short and to the point. 

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    • By kac
      Kellyco seems to be selling the Simplex with Green wireless headphones and Pulsedive PP for $340. I just got one of the Pulsedives for my Nokta machines and have to say it is incredibly stable. Not as sensitive to tiny stuff like micro gold or foil bits but overall an awesome pointer. They work very well with the wireless headphones. Thought I would pass this on, I'm sure other dealers will probably have the same/similar offer.
    • By Goldpick
      I see NEL will be releasing a full coil range for the Simplex in December, should make it an even more versatile detector than it already is.
      Also noticed that Detect-Ed is now making carbon fibre lower shafts for the SImplex, resolving the issue of lower shaft flex.

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      I notice that RNB now has a lithium battery pack for the Vanquish priced around $60.
      I have been using RNB battery packs in my Etrac for years and probably will buy one of these Vanquish batteries, if there are no bugs needing to be worked out.  I intend to keep the Vanquish in my car trunk and will only use it sporadically.  Regular rechargeables don't seem to hold a charge if they are not used for a long time.  In contrast, the RNB batteries seem to hold a charge indefinitely.  I want to be confident that the detector is going to work even if it has been sitting unused in the car trunk for months.
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      I was thinking about getting another coil for my Simplex and I was just wondering if any of you have tried either one?
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       I’m more into coin hunting with this detector so I’m thinking 8.5 but like to hear from anyone that has one are the other.
       Heck post your opinion even if you don’t have any.
    • By Steve Herschbach
      This is a Garrett forum for people who like Garrett detectors, so they can learn about how to get the best out of them. If you want to compare brands, or just state your negative opinion of Garrett or it's products, please use the appropriate forums, like the Advice & Comparisons Forum. Thanks.
    • By phrunt
      It may not be the best detector out of the competitors but it sure has the best coils!
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      So now, Garrett is back in the game and the Apex is suddenly interesting again.  It's quite funny, it's not what Garrett did that makes the Apex now the best Multi Frequency entry level detector for coil selection, it's what they didn't do.  By making it possible for aftermarket coil manufacturers they've dramatically improved their detectors desirability without doing anything themselves.
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