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    Your ratio of finds sounds about right for our area! The drops are not nearly what they used to be here, and are not being replenished! Even coins are disappearing due to cashless meters!

     There is good stuff still to be found, but alot of renurishment sand has to be moved out to get to it anymore! That used to be the exception, but now very common to have multiple renurishment's a year!!👍👍

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Great hunt and good saves.

Good luck on your next hunt.

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9 hours ago, Joe D. said:

    Your ratio of finds sounds about right for our area! The drops are not nearly what they used to be here, and are not being replenished! Even coins are disappearing due to cashless meters!

     There is good stuff still to be found, but alot of renurishment sand has to be moved out to get to it anymore! That used to be the exception, but now very common to have multiple renurishment's a year!!👍👍

I looked over about a three mile area for some cuts and did not find any good ones. Sand was soft and the way the slope come down from dry area just looked like replenishment stuff. Thank you for confirming that. I was surprised by how much change the beach held; a lot more than some other areas I've been.

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    • By Joe D.
      Hey all,
          I got up to Treasure Coast for a couple of hunts, to break in my new/used Equinox! I haven't had one for a few months, but i got back into it in a hurry!
          The area is always full of detectorists for any rare erosion event, and this past week was no different! The blue erosion bags are a main indicator of the level of erosion present! Normally they are covered by up to several feet of sand! The orange sand is the original sand we look for, when looking for the old stuff! Last friday was the better of the two days i was there! I found a few pieces of lead, iron, copper, and modern coins! For a few lucky hunters, there were musket ball's and spent bullets! There were a few coin and artifact finds, but those were on various other beaches nearby!
          The highlight of this trip was recognizing, than meeting a local legend here; Terry Shannon, a super nice, very experienced detectorist, and author! He has a few very good books out on Amazon! He was my best "find" of the day!
          I also went Monday, but i caught the tide incoming, and just got beat up by the big waves, with very few targets! But i will keep going there, whenever i get the chance, to finally find some of the elusive and rare Spanish items!👍👍

    • By mn90403
      After my success at the beach the night before I was ready for another 'bite' of it.  Conditions were almost the same with all new sand and targets minus a few I found the day before!  haha  Now that I knew targets should still be there again I went with the tide down as far as I could go until near the hard pack.  As you can see it was another productive hunt.  This time someone showed up and 'infringed' on my hunting style but I adapted.
      I still got 47 quarters, 55 dimes, 19 nickels and 28 pennies in addition to a couple of the most unique finds for me ever.  I was on a slow grid to get everything that sounded with the 15" coil.  To do that the coil speed has to be slower in order to get the 8" plus 10s to be loud enough to dig.  This has been part of my learning curve with the 15 on the beach.  At one time I thought of it as 'finicky' but now I know that was mostly my impatience and not the coil.
      Any way here are the finds.

      As you can tell it was another 'good' ring night as far as the count goes but most silver and only one gold.
      The silver rings total 8.5 grams.

      The gold items were a Jesus pendant at 4.4g/14k and the 1.3g/14k ring.  Now for the 'unusual' stuff.
      Early in the session I had dug a deep mostly negative target.  It was down 14-15 inches.  It turned out to be the rust covered crescent wrench.  Later on while working slow I got a little 10ish signal and it kept dropping through my scoop.  When I looked at it I could hardly believe what I was looking at.  A tiny crescent wrench!

      It is not a working wrench but who could believe I find a .84 gram wrench by itself.

      Another thing I found was a silver chain that weighs 6.3g.

      To top off the session I had gotten another '10-11' and it was dropping through my scoop also.  When I finally got it in my hand I couldn't really believe what I was looking at.  It was a gold nugget!

      How could I explain this?  Was it a part of a jewelry piece?  No, it wasn't solid and then it hit me.  It was gold and it was from a tooth.  It also had the hollow on one side.  The waves had kicked out a 'nugget' that weighs .73g and I found it with the 15" coil.
      So those were two really odd finds with very similar ID.
      I attempted one more hunt on the beach but there was a squadron of detectorists on it.  I consider this session to have given up 7 more rings for a total of 17 in two days.  It is my best beach.
    • By mn90403
      We had a blow over the weekend and I was there.  A huge cut was formed at the beach.  I had new personal bests in total rings (10 for a day), gold rings (5) and quarters (64).  I took a break to eat during the evening so I have two 'sessions' at the same beach.  It was good enough to return with my sore back.  It was a target rich environment.

      The total for all change was $24.03 which is also a personal high for change.  I have found $20 bills on the beach in the past.

      These are the rings by session.  More after I went back and the tide went out a bit than the first go.

      The L ring was the first ring I found it is 14k/3.2g.  The other ring is 1.3g/18k.

      The green ring is 1.9g/14k.  The black ring is 5.5g/titanium Legend of Zelda ring.

      The crusty ring is 3.5g/.925.  The yellow stone ring is 3.8g/18k.

      This is a little 'old' ring and a cheap 'love' ring.

      The ring on the left is 16.9g/18k but I question it.  The ring on the right is silver and is the last ring I found.

      The reason I 'question' it is that it had some green corrosion on it you can see in the first picture and now when I go to clean it the pocks appear even with the gold color.  Perhaps that means it is a high copper ring?  I also think it is 'old' but some of the edges don't look like it has worn that much in the wet surf/sand where I found it.  Comments are welcome.

    • By FloridaSon
      After a recent multi day erosion event, Equinox owners racked up on musket balls and other relics. The majority of detectors were the NOX. Then with a few degrees wind shift it’s all over until the next time. 

    • By tvr
      Interesting hunt with the AQ. First thing I find out in the water is that my gauntlets are leaking; oh well, not that cold; first time they have been used since this past February. Pulled a couple handfuls of lead, a couple nickles and what I'm pretty sure was a silver ring. The ring took a long time and many scoops to get up out of the bottom. Yesterday, I would have been well over my head in the water where the ring was. It had the kind of crusting that I see on silver rings in these waters. When I went to work with a dental pick to work the layer of crud off, the ring started to disintegrate. I did get some of it to stay together and it looks like what I'd expect from a silver ring in these waters. I've had some stay together and some break up. This little hole by itself has paid for every detector I've bought; but pickings have been thin this year. Time to branch out a bit more.

    • By stevejhgla
      Hey everybody,
      I'm wondering if anyone has had success in applying Bernoulli's principle to recover recent drops in shallow water on the beach?
      Something like this but scaled down:
      I was thinking something simple like some pvc pipe and a submersible water pump could do the trick.  The tesoro coils look like they would work well with this due to the hole in the center.  
      Trying to save my aching joints from chasing those floaty pulltabs, pennies and nickles. 
      Let me know what you think.
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