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10" X-coil On Gpx Detector

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I was sent this video, the x-coil runs very nicely in the wet ground, just remember these coils are not water proof so don't submerge them.

I'm not sure if the nugget was stuck down deep or kept sliding back into the hole from the water, but anyway what impressed me was how well the 10" x-coil was handling the wet ground.

Anyway I just though I would share the guys video with you all.


cheers dave

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Yeah see what you mean Dave, in water like that tis hard to tell if it kept falling down in the dig but likely it was on/in the clay so a good depth regardless, top going for the prospector and another Xcellent coil.😉

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Thanks for sharing.  It sounded like it was going to be bigger.

His problem is such a short handle on his pick.  I don't work that hard on bending over any more.  I have a proper handle the size of a push broom stick!  Try it, you'll like it.  It makes for an excellent walking stick too on those steep slopes.


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It looks like he's in a dried up creek, probably one that rarely sees water, you can see its banks on either side.  It's good to see Australia getting a bit of rain to get some moisture into the creek and a bit of greenery around 🙂

I doubt that nugget is a loner, I'd be hitting that creek with all I've got.


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Nenad needs to do some GPX coil comparisons X-Coil vs Evo vs Coiltek Elite. These x-coils interest me but not so much info on GPX x-coils. Most of the videos and comments are GPZ and X-Coil combo. Nice video , seems they run very well and run stable on the gpx Minelabs. 

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57 minutes ago, HotSauce said:

Nenad needs to do some GPX coil comparisons X-Coil vs Evo vs Coiltek Elite. These x-coils interest me but not so much info on GPX x-coils. Most of the videos and comments are GPZ and X-Coil combo. Nice video , seems they run very well and run stable on the gpx Minelabs. 

Your right, and mainly because most of the interest was in the x-coils for the Zed for quite awhile at first and then later on people were asking about gpx/QED x-coils.

Reg Wilson has done quite a bit of using and comparing the x-coils on QED and gpx and occasionally he will post his thoughts, I don't think Nenad has tried an x-coil on the gpx 4500/5000 detectors yet.  Most other people just keep using them and are getting results.

You also have to remember that a lot of people just detect in there spare time and don't really have the time to do endless comparisons, they like the results and just keep using them. :nugget:

cheers dave  

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Most comparison videos are done by people selling products, to me that makes the videos a bit iffy, I like Nenad's videos though.

For someone else that isn't involved in sales to make a comparison video on coils or detectors they're just opening themselves up to ridicule.  I prefer word of mouth and reading peoples opinions on forums, people who own things tend to express their thoughts on them occasionally, however usually the most vocal are those who are unhappy with a product.   If people were not happy with their purchase of an X-coil you'd certainly be hearing about it 🙂

There appears to be quite an active user base of the GPX X-coils on Facebook, especially among QED users so you could join their group and ask about them.  I have a few but I don't have coils from competing brands of the same size to compare to.  I am happy with most of my coils, especially the X-coils, the only coils I've bought that I'm not overly happy with are bundle would coils that don't have the small gold sensitivity I require like the Commanders, a Detech 15x8" and a Coiltek 16" round, these seem more suited to big targets, I knew that when purchasing them though so its my fault 🙂

The 15" X-coil spiral on the GPX destroys the 16" Coiltek bundle wound when it comes to small gold sensitivity, unfair comparison I guess when it's spiral vs bundle.

Speaking of Nuggets found with GPX X-Coils, here's a decent size nugget being found live on video with one.


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    • By phrunt
      X-coils have now made Concentric coils for the GPZ 7000, It has been a while in the making and it's a long way off the standard DOD coil design the GPZ uses but it works, and it works very well.
      They are the future of coils for the GPZ.  The coil is also a spiral wound coil.
      Here is a video of the ferrite balance.  Settings at the time were HY / Normal / 14 gain.
      There is also a lower video quality longer version video of it balancing out the ferrite ring which shows it reacting more to the ferrite before the balance, the video quality isn't a good but if you're interested you can watch it here.  https://youtu.be/g_srJhzo5cI
      There are currently two sizes in existence, the 17" round and a 15" round.  They are not for sale at this stage but I figured people would be interested to see a new coil for the GPZ far different than anything that's existed before.
      Here is a video of it being tested on a nugget in the air,  This is in HY/Normal/14, there is a lot of EMI around as this is filmed in an urban area.
      I will be getting one of the coils as soon as possible in the 15" size, so I'll do some more video and showing how it operates when it arrives on some nuggets and other targets, and obviously I'll be aiming to find nuggets using it straight away 🙂
    • By phrunt
      I woke up yesterday to some bad news, my brother-in-law in Scotland is being forced into another Covid lockdown for a few weeks, he's had to endure almost a year now being in and out of lock downs and when he's not in lock down he's had tight restrictions and the virus has destroyed his tourism accommodation business with no tourists and Covid restrictions.  He's borrowed about as much money he can off family to try keep afloat but there is only so much money you can borrow off family not knowing if you'll be able to pay it back.  Looks like he's going to have to cut his losses sell up and move back to Australia which he really didn't want to do, he wanted to come to NZ to try out life here but we have our border closed to Australians at the moment so he can't move here either.  I had planned to go or a gold hunt but when you're not in the right fame of mind with prospecting I find I just never do well, I need to be in the right frame of mind, the right mood and I need to go thinking I'll find some gold, if these things don't all align I generally fail and get a skunk. 
      My other problem is I'm still suffering with vertigo, no idea why but my doctor says it could last some time.  Lunk gave me a special set of movements to do that make you wildly dizzy when doing them to the point I even vomited one time but they do temporally fix the vertigo, at least for a few days but sometimes it's lasted for a week without it then you just do it again, it's far better than taking the medication as it makes you really sleepy.  I'm generally always a bit light headed from it even once the main dizziness is gone.  This also doesn't help me be in the right frame of mind for detecting, although I'm starting to get used to it as I've had it for a couple of months now.
      So I jumped in my car and took off and tried to get myself into a better mood.  I was just thinking about how lucky I am as we haven't had any Covid restrictions since about April and life has been completely normal except for the lack of tourists around as NZ has managed to eradicate the virus with the odd little case slipping past the border protections and being stamped out pretty quickly.  The weather was a bit overcast which I prefer, I hate heat and when it's full sun it's too hot.
      About half of my drive to Gold country is around a lake, I like the lake drive, it's nice looking out over it as you drive along.

      Most of the snow is gone off the mountains
      I first thought I'd give a shot detecting along the river, sometimes I've had success there it was worth a shot, it's also nice looking down on it, all things to try improve my mood 🙂

      Gold can be found in the bedrock cracks but a majority of them are close to the cliff edge that drops to the water

      It's a long drop down.

      I spent about an hour doing this and had no luck other than pellets of course and figured probably not a smart place to detect when I'm light headed and a bit dizzy so I moved on and went elsewhere. I was starting to be in the right mindset so I went back to the place I found a couple of nuggets a week or two ago.  I haven't been detecting as much as I'd like due to the illness.  I went back onto the same exposed bedrock I was on last time.

      Again, it's quite high up off the ground, but at least no water to fall into 🙂  The bedrock has a lot of shotgun pellets on it as there are lots of rabbits around and they're a pest.  It's amazing how deep in the cracks pellets can get, they can really fool you.
      My first good target was a screamer, I thought I had a 22 shell.

      It was in that cleaned out crack.

      A nice rice grain size bit of gold.

      My mood dramatically improved now, my biggest in a while 🙂

      This photo shows the cracks, some are obvious with the grass, others are hidden by lichen or closed up and require smashing out the rock, the closed up ones tend to have softer rock in the crack than outside of it so it breaks out easy with the pick.

      This photo shows a few hidden cracks by lichen.  You'll also see the quartz in the bedrock.

      I'm surprised with all the quartz around and being gold bearing ground I've never managed to find a speci with gold and quartz together.
      Jasong was running his 8" the other day on maximum gain, so I copied for this hunt, I've been enjoying running my GPZ more quietly with my gain on 15 or so but I can live with 20, it's pretty stable with the little coil on 20 gain even though this particular bedrock is pretty close to some power lines.

      These were my settings, HY/Normal/Semi Auto/Gain 20.  I keep my volume quite low as I use the SP01 with external speaker.  9 is actually quite loud as I usually run 4 or 5 but seeing I was near the river before I had it cranked up and never bothered to turn it down again.  It's still VERY loud using the SP01 enhancer even on 3 and I find it smooths out the threshold having it lower.

      My next bit of gold was here, on my way climbing down off the bedrock.  I made a mess trying to find it as it was tiny and kept moving, it was too difficult using the pin pointer for this bit so I used the scoop method, I was trying the Pro Find 35 pin pointer as much as possible as I wanted to see how well it does 🙂

      Got the little sucker! It's tiny!
      At the bottom of the bedrock there had been a rock fall, I did not notice this last time I was here so I checked it out.

      I had a nice signal and dug a deep hole, I filmed it and was all excited but it turned out to be a little bit of wire, the GPZ smacks hard on wire for some reason.

      That big deep hole for this!!!!!!!!

      That tiny little bent bit of wire.  Disappointed as I was sure I had gold, it sounded so nice.
      I filmed a little video here showing how my coil handles the hottest settings possible on vegetation and the slight bump sensitivity when hitting rocks, I think I can improve that by securing my coil cable down near the coil, any coil cable movement this coil detects being so sensitive when on maxed out settings.  I was planning on picking up some dual wall heat shrink to put over the top of some electrical tape on my way home after detecting to make a coil cable stabilizer to prevent the cable moving inside the shaft as the coil does pick up that movement.
      You'll hear if I hit rocks it can set it off sometimes, vegetation is generally OK unless it's a very hard hit moving that coil cable.  I think securing the cable will fix most of the bump sensitivity but I don't consider it a problem anyway, I think it's very good especially for maxed out settings, put it in difficult or lower the gain and it gets a lot better.  I'm used to not being able to hit rocks hard as my Equinox and GM1000 also sound off if you hit them.  I'm pretty confident it will improve when I secure the coil cable as If I move the cable around near the coil with my finger it sets off the detector and there is no way bumping a rock that cable won't move.
      I spent a lot of time filming almost every dig of the day hoping one was gold, I didn't film every dig but I was filming ones I thought might be gold, I hadn't filmed the previous ones as I thought they were 22 shells and pellets. 🙂  The next one I finally got my first gold find on video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I've wanted to do this forever but it's very difficult using one hand holding my phone filming while digging, this one was easy as my pin pointer located it and it was a screamer of a target.  Turned out my biggest gold of the day.
      I didn't even get any photos of this bit of gold, I was too excited about the video 😛
      I also filmed a video at this spot of bumping the coil around a bit and how it reacts, I'm not sure if the target in the video was the bit of gold or a pellet as I found about 4 pellets in this same little spot as the bit of gold.
      I decided I'd walk over to a spot I found nothing a couple of weeks ago, then JW came through after me and found two bits!!! Thought I'd try my luck there with the 8".
      When I arrived I had a target which I went to recover and discovered I'd lost my scoop on the walk, it fell out of my pocket 😞 I had to order that scoop from Australia and it's my favourite scoop by far, I put my detector down and left it at the target to mark it's spot as it sounded very good, too big to be a pellet and not like a 22 shell as it was in shallow ground so I walked back retracing my steps and wandered around over an hour trying to find it, I was in a panic.  It was GONE.  That was going to end my day.  It had to be somewhere, I was trying to remember when I last used it as I'd dug a number of pellets but don't always need the scoop to work out they're pellets.  I'd given up and walked back to get the detector to go home and you wouldn't believe it, I'd dropped it right near the detector

      Lucky find!  It's a shame it's green, I need a bright orange scoop.  I recovered the target and luck was on my side alright, it was gold.  No photos as I was still all worked up from my incident 🙂 I completely forgot photos.  It was a lucky find too, all around it was pellets, I spent 30 minutes digging various pellets in the same spot before giving up.
      Although my mind wasn't in the game I was having a bit of a lucky day on the gold and it wasn't ending yet my lucky last find of the day was in another crack, this was in a soil area with shallow bedrock.

      A real screamer too.  I find often gold gives a better signal than pellets, so its either one of the big old rusty pellets or it's gold with a signal this good.

      I think it's my biggest of the day, I haven't done weights yet.  I best go do that now to get the weight photos for the post 😛
      I was liking my Pro Find 35, it's reasonably sensitive and doesn't mess with the GPZ much at all, it can go much closer to the GPZ than the Garrett Pro Pointer AT before causing issues.  Only problem is I think mine is faulty, it was playing up at home falsing but I put it down to EMI, well, it does the exact same thing away from my house EMI, here is a video showing what it does, can anyone with one confirm if this is normal.
      If I turn it on, and then tilt it, it goes off in all but very low sensitivity modes.  I have to have it tilted the angle I want to use it for it to work.  Any variation to that and it goes off.
      Well, last but not least, my junk for the day

      And my gold weights

      This is the little guy, I expected it to weigh less than that, it's very small.

      The Rice grain 🙂

      Chunky little one, turns out the biggest of the day.

      This one is shiny compared to the others, I think it's the one I didn't get any photos of the dig area after losing my scoop.

      And the one I thought was the biggest, it was a real screamer, maybe because its flat.

      My total for the day, pretty good for me.
      The other thing that happened is I store my bank card in my phones case when detecting so I don't need to take my wallet, with all the phone use filming the various targets I somehow lost my bank card, this meant I was unable to buy dinner and I left the spot about 7pm for my hour drive home and it also meant I couldn't stop at the shops to buy the heat shrink I wanted for my coil cable stabilizer 😞  No doubt JW or I will find my bank card on another detecting mission sometime on the ground there somewhere 🙂
    • By jasong
      I was sent this coil for free to use and keep by the manufacturer many months ago with no expectations of reviews or anything else, and I had intended many times to test it in Nevada for my own personal use, but work kept delaying me and I never made it. But I was able to finally get free from work and give it a solid 12 hours of run time over 2 days in Arizona since it's winter now. Soils are mild, few hotrocks (more on that in a moment). 40-50F degrees out. Mostly shallow, rocky washes or hilltops I've pounded with the stock and 17" X Coil (as well as a 4500). I consider these spots flogged and dead for my purposes, and so great places to see if new products can find missed gold. My observations were as follows:
      This coil (as expected with a smaller coil) was noticeably quieter than the 17" coil and the stock coil. I was able to bump my threshold up 8-10 points and still had about the same threshold chatter as I did with the 17" coil.  I usually run 18 sensitivity here because I like a very stable threshold and EMI can be an issue, but I bumped up to 20 sensitivity with no problem. The coil ground balanced ok and I ran in auto which seemed to work fine. This coil loves hotrocks, as would be expected when you are running a smaller, more sensitive coil. I was finding hotrocks deep, shallow, and in places I considered more or less hotrock free in the past. Conversely, I hope it will do well in salt, which I hope to test this summer in Nevada. This coil is bump sensitive This coil is sensitive to a lot of vegetation, particularly sticks/twigs and grasses. I'm unsure if it's detecting them or bumping them. This coil screams on tiny nuggets just out of range of the stock coil. It gives decent signal on edge of detection, tiny nuggets that I missed with the 17" coil. The light weight made me very much more prone to lift up and detect side walls, benches, and pick up and poke/prod into just about any place I encountered, from beginning of day to end. The weight didn't fatigue my arm after a half day of swinging, 5 or 6 hours. Much of that time was without a bungee.  This coil eminates a faint, very high pitched squeel or buzz if you get your ear close to it Overall, detecting with the GPZ feels a lot more pleasurable and less like fighting your equipment with a coil of this size and weight. I've mentioned it in prior posts, but take my word from experience now - it's not the weight of the GPZ that causes problems, it's the coil. And this 8" coil is almost the perfect weight to counterbalance the GPZ with the shaft fully extended - ie, this is the coil weight the GPZ should have been designed for. I'll take another pound on the control box no problem, but add 100 or 200 grams onto the coil end, that causes fatigue. Swinging the GPZ with this coil (or any coil of this weight) is a pleasure and not oppressive. The bump sensitivity I'm guessing is a relic of trying to cram so much wire into a tiny space that might not be meant for it, as I get the feeling that this coil is pressing the limits of how small a Super D can be built. But it does mean that I have to slow down and really concentrate on not hitting rocks or vegetation, which ends up being ok because this is a cleanup coil where I am going slow anyways. 
      I expected to find a handful of faint, edge of detection signals I had missed with my other coils. But other than a couple nuggets, almost all the signals were bright, some even loud, and all pretty obvious. Even right out in the middle of the wash. This coil hits hard on tiny stuff.
      I haven't compared it to the GB2 or Gold Monster, but I found stuff down to 0.06-0.07 grams and they were all great signals. Pinpointing these tiny targets with the coil edge can be difficult as the center of the coil is more sensitive. And they are too tiny to register on my pinpointer, especially the porous and not flaky ones.
      And that is why I think I missed all the nuggets originally which I later found with the 8" - its a lot easier to get the center of the coil over more of the potential ground, especially with obstructions in the way. In the end, I didn't find a lot of missed nuggets in nooks and crannies, most of them were simply next to a rock or other obstruction like a bush which I was able to get the center of the 8" much closer to.
      Overall this seems like a good coil for working steep areas (Colorado comes to mind), surface patches, tight washes, and banks/vertical surfaces. The bump sensitivity is the only real major downside, so a slow and controlled swing is important with this coil I think. If NF doesn't end up releasing some critical sizes of coils and new detector releases make the GPZ cheaper (and less risky to make an adapter) then serious detectorists may want to give X Coils another thought. Because right now I can't help but feel like with these coils I am running a new detector that no one else has access to in a way, and I'm somewhat surprised more hard detectorists/enthusiasts haven't availed themselves of this opportunity. But, in the same respect I'm happy, because my time is slim and I haven't had a chance to put them over a lot of places I know others would have flogged to death already. My favorite coil by far is still the 17", but if this 8" (and the 10") perform well in NNV then I may change my mind on that.
      Here are the nuggets I found (weights are estimated) and my recollection of why I thought I missed them originally with all my other equipment but then found them with the 8" X Coil:
      Test Wash 1, less than 0.1 gram, too deep for other coils

      Test Wash 1, 0.08 grams, next to a rock and slightly into wash bank

      Test Wash 1, 0.12 grams, from a boot scrape and I had given up finding this with the 17" for some reason

      Test Wash 1, 1+ gram, next to a rock and oriented vertically in a bedrock crack, not sure why I didn't hear this on at least 6 or 7 previous passes since it's right in the wash, but it didn't produce a diggable signal with other coils/machines
      Test Wash 1, .2 grams, in a little ring of rocks, was only a few inches deep though
      Test Wash 1, .15 grams, too deep/edge of detection, or too close to rocks
      Test Wash 1, 0.12 grams, no idea, great signal and should have found before
      Test Wash 1, 0.15 grams, in side of bank, arm was probably always too tired to raise the coil up there 
      Test Wash 2, 0.12 grams, no idea why it was missed before, right in middle of wash 

      Test Wash 2, 0.3 grams, 2ft up wash side

      Bench patch, 0.3 grams, next to cactus, too deep/edge of detection?

      Bench patch, 0.08 grams, too deep/edge of detection
      Bench patch, 0.06 grams, edge of detection

      That was all of them. Smallest was 0.06 grams and very porous and almost on surface, largest was like 1.1 grams but I forget the exact weight. All total was a little over 4 grams out of severely beat up washes and a patch. Not much, but it did pay for my gas down here at least. 
      I think once stuff gets below 0.15 grams, it's not really worth my time to chase on general principal. But when you need to grind out some finds for gas, food, whatever, and if you have a lot of patches that produced more than 5 or 6 stray nuggets, then this little guy can probably pop up a few more when you really need them.

    • By phrunt
      JW has had a bit of an ongoing battle with me, for some time now he's been advising me to use my PI's over my VLFs, then when I bought a GPZ he was advising I use GPZ over my VLF's to find more gold.  I know he's right as the proof's always been there, he's been finding more than me consistently since we met but I kept picking up the VLF's as they were my comfort zone.
      I've struggled more on the PI's especially and always favored the VLF's as down here at the bottom of the planet we tend to have a lot of smaller gold and far less bigger stuff and the VLF's tend to be the most sensitive to small gold, I ended up finding gold regularly with the VLF's, just nowhere near as much as he was finding with his GPZ.  On a trip I'd find maybe 1 or 2 bits and he'd find 8 or 10.
      We'd go to go out on a hunt and I'd show up at his place and I'd be standing there holding my Equinox and he'd go OHHH the NOX hey! 🙂  I'd find any excuse to use the VLF as I felt comfortable on them, especially the Nox with all my coin hunts, I knew it like the back of my hand so to take on a PI or GPZ was a challenge.
      Over time I've started using the GPZ a lot more and the results are showing, I've certainly improved in my gold take, very rarely do I get a skunk now when I used to get a skunk 2 out of 3 trips when using the VLF detectors or the GPX.  I can't really include the QED in the equation as I didn't have it long enough before getting the GPZ so it hasn't had the hours the GPX, GPZ and VLFs have had.
      The other day I found a couple of bits of gold with the GPZ and 15x10" X-coil and they were not yet dropped into my bottle of gold so I thought they'd make good test targets as I wanted to work out for myself if I would be disadvantaged using the GPZ over a VLF on small gold targets in the ground.  As the soils in NZ even in gold country are very mild burying a nugget at a depth doesn't seem at all different to finding one naturally with the target signal.  With the Gold Bug 2 widely accepted as the most sensitive VLF on small gold I decided I'd use that as the comparison detector.    I did this test to prove it to myself more than anything but after doing it I thought I may as well repeat it to show the good people on the forum what I'm experiencing.  It's not a scientific test, it's not anything more than me proving to myself why I should use the GPZ over a VLF.  
      I used the 8" X-coil on the GPZ as it's possibly the most sensitive to small gold, although it may not be as the 8" is bundle wound to be able to fit the windings in such a small coil where as the 15x10" that I found the gold with is spiral wound or flat wound as some call it.   The flat wound coils are generally more sensitive than the bundles, so I'm not sure if the 8" is more sensitive than the 15x10" and the bigger coil did find the nuggets in the first place.  The 8" certainly has the size advantage which usually means more sensitive, it is also unbeatable for in rough rocky terrain where the 15x10" is difficult to get to the ground.
      So I went down to the river behind my house to try it out, I go there as my house has too bad EMI for the GPZ, the disadvantage of going there is a lot of hot rocks which trouble the Gold Bug 2 but not the GPZ, so I had to first dig the area out, remove all the hot rocks by using the GB2 to find them and then refill the hole.  I dug out a much bigger area than I was using to be sure no rocks would interfere with the GB2 however I missed one to the right of the hole, far enough off to not effect the results but I do hear the GB2 find it when I pass over it during filming.  After doing it I thought I should have put my harness on and used the GPZ how I do in the field with the sP01 enhancer/booster and external speaker as for the video I was just using the WM12, and it gives poor audio compared to the sP01, the targets stand out MUCH more when the sP01 is used.  I may redo the test and post a video with just the GPZ using the sP01 to show the difference between using it and not using it next.
      Anyway, here is the video, I put little captions on it so it's easier to understand what's going on.
      I think I've proven it to myself I should focus more on using the GPZ and less on the VLF's...... JW will be happy with this revelation. 🙂
      By the way, a GIANT thank you to Dr Lunk, he read my post where I found the two nuggets used in this video where I was talking about the bad vertigo I've been having the past couple of weeks and advised me of an exercise method that can fix it and fixed it for him so I looked up what he was talking about and found this video

      I followed the instructions in that video and within about 5 minutes my vertigo was fixed, weeks of suffering ended with a few minutes of an exercise technique.  Incredibly amazing so thank you very much Lunk, or as I call him Dr Lunk.  It's been two days now with no dizziness, and it was resolved immediately after doing Lunk's exercise technique.  I've even stopped taking my anti-dizziness/nausea drugs.
    • By phrunt
      I went for a gold hunt with JW yesterday, he has a sore foot as he was prospecting last weekend and walking up a steep bit of hillside and heard a pop in his foot then very bad pain and could hardly walk.  He's still not sure what the problem is, he had 3 x-rays and no sign of a bone break so he is just taking it easy.  I'm suffering from Vertigo and have been for the past week or two, it came on from nowhere about 2 months ago when I was skiing and come right in about a week but now I'm having a second run of it, the doctors know what it is and it has a huge name which I've forgotten now but it should pass in another week or two, I just have random dizzy spells that last for about 10 to 30 seconds, and when I lay down it's a lot worse than when I'm upright.  For this reason we went to a very close spot where there was little walking required for JW's foot and my dizziness.  It's right near as residential area, for example most of the time I was detecting I was looking at a row of houses.
      I'd never detected this bedrock before, I've been past it a zillion times though and JW hadn't done it since his GP3000 days I think it was.
      We're both using our 15x10" X-coils lately, we are both a bit surprised how sensitive they are as we were always using the 10" for maximum sensitivity then JW put on his 15x10" and was finding absolutely tiny gold so I too did it too and haven't looked back, more ground coverage while maintaining the sensitivity of the 10" due to it's spiral windings when the 10" is bundle wound.  I got the 15x10" as I thought it'd be good for ground coverage and finding slightly bigger gold so to find it's more than capable of finding the tiny stuff was a pleasant surprise.   Some of the gold I've been finding with it could probably have been found with the Gold Bug 2 and it's little 6.5" coil ,Nox with 6" coil or the GM with it's 5" coil but to cover the amount of ground with those tiny coils vs using a 15x10" coil would just take so long, with the 15x10" you can cover ground very quickly in comparison while maintaining similar sensitivity to these high frequency VLF's so you do have more chance of finding gold in far less time.  Obviously the smaller coils are MUCH better in locations where their size benefits you greatly being able to poke and prod in among rocks and lumpy bedrock, in these more flat locations the bigger coils are better for ground coverage.
      The ground around these areas is full of shot gun pellets as there is a big rabbit problem, we saw hundreds of rabbits bouncing around on the small walk in, most were little babies too that the parents had sent off to play for the day while they get much needed mating time I guess 🙂

      This rabbit hole was quite funny, the little guy spent a lot of time digging a nice hole out, only to find its a short little trip into a dead end of bedrock 😁
      As there are so many shot gun pellets the GPZ can actually be a bit easier than using a detector like the Equinox, the Equinox will give you a nice 1-2 target ID on a pellet, the exact same as small gold nuggets, the GPZ will do a double blip on the surface and near surface pellets as the separate windings pass over them so it's a good indication it's a shallow target, you start to learn after passing over and digging hundreds of pellets what they sound like, they all have the double blip but you also get used to their volume level and sound so you can gradually start to ignore them, with the small gold coming in various shapes and weights the noise and double blip of shallow gold isn't as consistent as the pellet noise, especially after a scrape if they move you can mostly ignore them.  It is a gamble but it's necessary in places with so many pellets.  Shallow gold can do the double blip too but it's volume/sound can often sound a fair bit different to pellets.  Any out of the ordinary double blips are certainly worth investigating.
      It was only about 20 minutes after arriving and I had a good target sound it wasn't a double blip but it did have a nice target sound, wasn't a booming target that's usually a bullet shell or something, just a nice gold sound.  I scraped the grass off the bedrock and the target was still there, very positive sign.

      You'll see in the photo above where I scraped the grass away.

      Sitting on the bedrock was a bit of gold.

      You can see there the cleaned out crack where I got it in the middle of the photo.

      And the location above where it was found on some bedrock up quite high off the ground.

      0.124 of a gram, a decent size for me.
      I was finding a lot of pellets, not necessarily digging a lot of pellets, about 20 fooled me in the 2 or so hours we were detecting, we cut the trip pretty short due to our health issues.
      Not much further along the same bedrock I had another good signal,
      I had to scrape out the crack and smash away at the bedrock to break it out, this one took me about half an hour to recover as I'm always very careful smashing out the bedrock as I've lost gold before when smashing the bedrock and then the gold goes flying off into the air never to be found again.

      It ended up being quite deep, at least 10cm, I had to smash a fair bit of rock out.  I was breaking a bit out, cleaning out the crack, checking it's still there, then repeating the process over and over again, slowly and cautiously as it just had to be gold.

      This is the depth it ended up being, hard to see in a photo.

      It was a tiny little nugget in the end.  0.074 of a gram, it's sitting just above the X-coils branding on the coil in the photo above.  I was very confident I had a nugget so I took a short video showing the target noise prior to smashing out the bedrock.
      You'll see it was a pretty unmissable target.

      And this was it's location on the bedrock, you'll see the dug out crack in front of the coil.

      0.074 of a gram.
      Not long after this I decided I couldn't keep going, the bending over digging all the time was affecting my dizziness, and JW was sitting down having a rest due to his sore foot I guess so we decided to call it quits for the day.  He also found two nuggets, his bigger one was probably .4 of a gram and a smaller one similar to my 0.074, possibly even smaller.
      Some more seasoned guys finding big nuggets in OZ may wonder why I even do a post about two little nuggets, I get a lot of feedback from people learning like myself who enjoy the posts as they find them educational, If I help one person with a story like this then it's been worth it, it's not easy learning to find gold, and any help is good help.
    • By Norvic
      Some criticism has been levelled at the X coils on the GPZ in regards to the coils cable mod bricking the GPZ, myself the two Zs I`ve used for many hours have displayed no such problem, I know of one DP forum member who has reported this problem are there any other users who frequent this forum who have experienced this? Also Dave as the distributor of the Z coils how many customers, in the US,OZ and NZ, no names but numbers if possible who have contacted you with this problem and approx. how many X coils have you distributed, ie how many X coil users are out there in these 3 countries. Whilst it is not a major concern to me because I`ve personally not experienced such a major issue, it is of interest, thus a topic to cover this X coil problem.
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