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A Much Needed Clarification


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Holy crap Batman, that's a big OLD cat. He can move a mountain with that 'ol bugger.

The drive wheel and grousers are looking to be about worn out,  it won't be long before it throws a track and then the big cat gets angry and will not turn on you........Beware Scott!!!!

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6 hours ago, klunker said:

 I don't know how it happened but it looks as though my post "Sourdough Scott Survives Encounter With Big Cat" seems to have been mistakenly read as having something to do with wild animals.

Sorry, I believe the first story!

Now if you think this is the real story, you are sadly mistaken because this thing tastes awful when cooked no matter how much seasoning you put on it.

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God bless you Klunker, but I think you need to get outa that COVID cave and grab some fresh air.  You are gonna need some serious aid soon otherwise, given all that diesel “Cat” contact.

Frankly - if we all don’t leave our caves soon, it’ll be us that need that aid sooner than later. 🥴.  D

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