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Rick sad to hear you are not out digging gold up to your elbows ....

My Prayers are for you to be well and one ahead of Everybody on the Motherload...

Glad to hear you are using this time,of reflection wisely....and sounds like you have a sound plan of Action....

Tell Carl he will get some Boot Soup if he does not get you that Big Eight coil.. I mean Yesterday....

I trust you will snap back better than ever and soar with Eagles high above the Crowd but in the mean time you can pass out Candy and Work on those dang Christmas lights

All the Best Padre GB 


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Hope that you have a fast recovery and be healthier than ever.

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14 hours ago, tvr said:

I too am looking forward to availability of an 8 inch coil.

Hope you heal well and can resist over-doing it too soon.

It is coming, the field tests of the proto are finished and it has been validated

Light as a feather and tough as a rock😉

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I too am looking forward to the 8 inch coil. Hopefully I'll get one soon.


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    • By King-Of-Bling
      I met up with a local forum member at 1 of my secret spots he has never been to. Conditions were bad , heavily sanded in. We were down in the wet , no mineralization to speak of , hard sand the first 3" then gravel mixture. The hole filled in fast. Keep in mind , my EDC for 30 years has been a PI. Also I used this for only 15 MINUTES. Here is what I found :
      I buried a small size 4 ladies 14k , 2 gram diamond ring about 12" in the hole and filled it. Myself being tall , the shaft was fully extended. Immediately I knew it was not long enough and it had a bit of a wobble. Did not feel steady because of that. Ergonomics seemed good and the coil felt light , so that was great. Now... the only settings I messed with were changing the modes. I didn't even look or ask what my buddy had those other settings on. I just wanted to get a feel for the machine and see if it had any discrimination. I tried 3 different modes when I swept over the hole : all metal , tone , mute. All 3 picked up the ring loud and clear. Then we threw a small piece of iron and a piece of lobster trap wire on top , which was probably about 4" above the ring. In all metal and tone mode , I could barely noticed the difference between all 3 targets. But I could seperate them from different directions. In the mute mode I couldn't. I thought I would only hear the ring , but I still heard all 3 targets. This really isn't any different than my DF. BUT , I do have a sense that this AQ can go a few more inches deeper. 6-8" ? I doubt it. Overall , it's not a bad machine , definitely needs a few tweaks. But I feel what needs more tweeks would be me...🤣 As accustomed as I am with a PI , I know this would take me MONTHS to get down. Let alone probably a good year or so to master. Kinda my short 15 minute hands on review of the AQ. Anyway...our hunt together was fun , even though we only found a few coins and trash. And I got to meet a great guy.
    • By Tony
      My question is in the description.
      Does the AQ see all gold as low conductors. I have some big 18K and some mid sized 22K rings that give high numerical numbers on my Whites MX7 and from memory a high tone on my CZ21 (no longer have). I also recall a high tone on a pure gold nugget on a gold chain with the CZ21. I understand that golds conductivity diminishes as more alloys are added to the mix. 
      Will these bigger and higher karat gold rings be “low conductors” ?
      And finally......how does the AQ see platinum rings. I’d hate to miss any of the items described above.
      Thanks for any replies or first hand experience.
    • By calabash digger
      I am looking for a loaner to test...I will pay shipping both ways and take care of your machine.https://youtu.be/8prRYNWJ7xU
    • By Ridge Runner
      I may have fell out of my tree again because here’s something I just don’t understand.
       You got a Limited AQ selling for 1500 and here come summer you have another AQ that will be selling for over a thousand more than the Limited.
       The word Limited is just referring to the number of detectors made on that run and as we’ve been told that number was 100 .
       What I’d like to know is the Limited ones also limited in brains as one would have to think that justifies the new AQ such a increase in price that goes with it .
       If it’s face is one only a mother could love with a bunch of knobs that okay . I’ve seen some of the best detectors ever made have nothing but knobs. I do have ears and I’ve been digging on sounds for years.
       I thank you ahead because I know somebody out there can answer my question and at the same time reduce the pressure on my brain when I think too hard.
    • By cobill
      I just watched the FB live program on Treasure Talk. The new AQ will be released this summer, will have a depth rating of 10', an accessory 8" coil, and will cost $2,800 - $3,500!
      Fisher Impulse AQ Data & Reviews
    • By schoolofhardNox
      I was wondering if anyone has ordered anything from this company before. I'm assuming my headphones dies on the AQ, so I wanted to get the cable and have someone build me a new set of headphones. This company has the 5 pin M8 connector needed for the AQ I think.  It also has the ones that are "L" shaped which would look to be a better way to have the cable come out of the battery. The video shown sounds promising and the price seems extremely reasonable. Let me know what you think. Will it work?
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