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How Long Is Too Long? Are Nokta Going To Release A New Pi Detector?

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Some time ago I recall Dilek saying Nokta Makro were going to work on a PI detector, well over a year ago from memory, it's that long ago now I guess most have forgotten about it, not me! my ears perked up and I got excited.  I think the market has far too few manufacturers of decent PI machines and with White's collapsing the TDI is now likely to just be part of detecting history, although not ground breaking by any means at least it was another option.    Nokta have great prospecting machines when it comes to VLF's, you need to complete the set and have a PI to go with it.

First Texas may or may not have a Gold Prospecting PI in the next year or so and it sounds like it will be a decent unit, lightweight, reasonable performance, although they'll have to do something serious to get better battery life, prospectors can't only detect a couple of hours a day 🙂  They've been very slow with their beach version so I expect the Gold version to be a couple of years away at least if it makes it to market, I'm happy to be proven wrong.

The QED is another PI option on the market but it's really Australia and NZ only.  There isn't a worldwide reach with it.

So we are really left with Minelab, the Garrett ATX exists, but that's about all it does, not a very popular unit.

Nokta have access to the worlds market, and if they did eventually release their prospecting PI with their usual aggressive pricing for a high quality unit that actually is very competitive with performance like all other detectors they make they may well be serious competition and take a significant market share of new sales off Minelab quite quickly.

I'm sure Nokta are aware how big the prospecting detectors market is around the world, a quick peep at Minelab shareholder information can give them a good idea on that.

So Nokta.....  Is this detector still in the making?  If so, is there anything you can say about it?

Nokta is well known for listening to their customers, I'm sure customers could give a lot of advice they'd want in a prospecting detector if it is going to be a project Nokta are taking on.

I guess it's probably at this stage more important to get the Multi Frequency VLF detector out first, we've been waiting on that one for a very long time too with little talk of it in a long time really, since the "naming contest".  I hope that one is still coming too...   Garrett beat you to that one Nokta, although that's debatable with many still preferring the single frequency Simplex over their attempt at multi frequency.

This is almost all questions for Dilek I guess 🙂 but I'm sure others might want to chime in on their wishes for Nokta Makro to release their new detectors, a PI and a Multi Frequency VLF.

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 I say give them time to get it right the first time. Not like some that jumped on the bandwagon and bought then wish they hadn’t.

 I would like to know what name was picked to go with this new detector.

 As long as I got my Nox 800 , ORX and my Simplex + a country boy can survive. That’s until Nokta/Macro comes out with a too hot to handle new detector.

 Phrunt I just hope you drew my name for Christmas. The first on my list is this detector we’ve been talking about.

 The best to you.


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  • Steve Herschbach changed the title to How Long Is Too Long? Are Nokta Going To Release A New Pi Detector?

All I know is next year I’m going to have a new nugget detecting PI. It will be a Fisher Impulse Gold, or it will be a Minelab GPX 6000. Or it might be a NokMak Pulse.... if there was a chance such a beast could happen in 2021. I think there is another leg up coming in the electronic gold rush worldwide due to increasing gold prices, and Nokta/Makro would do well to get in on that. It’s been a gold mine of a different sort for Minelab, and nobody has done much to challenge them yet in that arena.

I did get a new NokMak pulse recently, but I don’t think nugget detecting will be its strong suite! :laugh: 

I do seem to recall Dilek recently confirming a full size PI is still in the works.


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