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I wish he had better video of finding it, so we could see how deep it was. He's a bit off on saying it only finds gold. That is not correct and he should have said it finds targets in the gold range, including lead, nickels, pull tabs etc. I'm not a fan of videos made (by anyone) before they get some time on the machine and learn what it does and does not do. I hope he reads up on the machine and watches some videos on how it works. A little disappointed with his video. I expected better from him. But in the end the AQ found gold as we already knew it could do.

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Old Norwegian expression...”Sooner or later even a blind cat stumbles across a dead rat”. 

Not criticizing the poster of the video, but the capabilities of the AQ extend so far beyond stumbling across a great big hunk of gold in easy conditions.

The AQ is no blind cat - what we are hunting are way less obvious than dead rats!!!

Again, no criticism of the poster. He is a serious and experienced operator and will now doubt learn over time what the AQ is really capable of.

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I appreciate all the videos as someone learns.......you get a lot of info as they learn and from their targets.   These videos have  a lot of exposure/marketing value too now days.  Theres a learning curve to some machine.  We all know most gold targets in the 8" range with our current water machines..... as we say ..... its who ever gets their coil over it first.  Even the newbies....... that blind squirrel finds a nut.   Im not really critical about anyones video.......... its more about what are they finding and hows it comparing to other machines ive used.... depth and sensitivity.   Their game will improve......as will their finds and settings as more buy the machine and talk about it.   Run time for every target takes time....... and frankly, sometimes you dig an unexpected surprise that you just didnt video from the beginning lol.   Its very time consuming to do videos and edit them....... and it takes away from hunting time out there.   Right now theres only 3.5 hours on the battery as well.  So do you hunt ... or do you video?   Some dont want others to think they are bragging as well.   Id love to see more videos........ post um if ya got um.

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Well put, Dewcon4414.  Gigmaster doesn't claim to be an expert and is quite honest about his lack of experience with the detector.  I personally commend him for not coming off as your usual self-professed expert on a machine he has barely used.  Also, for those of you who haven't tried to do videos of your hunts, they are exceedingly difficult to produce and edit.  It's not like you have a camera crew and director along with you.  As far as I am concerned, anyone putting the time in to post videos of this or any other machine should be commended.

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    • By w.j.mccrary
      Well,gents this is suppose to be  a very deep pulse beach & surf detector.Not much information on this beast.So here's some pictures. William

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      Received my catalog from Kellyco today and they proudly announced that they are looking forward to offering the Fisher Impulse AQ in 2022.  The write up that Kellyco gave made it sound like there was substantial discrimination with minimal loss of detection depth with the AQ.  We shall see.
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      We have been told on several occasions that it was impossible to export the Aqua limited outside of the United States and now on the official page of Fisher I find this publication.  How is this possible?
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      Was in Myrtle Beach for most of a week. Got the AQ well into the chop on this trip. I stayed in cuts between sand bars and the beach so the waves were not terrible and I was able to stay on my feet. Ran all metal all the time. It ran mostly quiet with ATS on 7, Sensitivity on 4, delay on 10. If I ran delay less than 10, each step lower got a good bit more noisy. ATS lower than 7 did not make for good hunting either. Still left lots of adjustment should I venture beyond the sand bar. Had the big coil on, did not take the 8 inch on this trip. The waves did make for an effort controlling the coil, but made it through without mishap. Did not go out detecting on Thursday when Elsa went through. Elsa seemed to mostly push some sand up on the beach in the area we were staying; that made the bottoms of the cuts softer than they were early in the week. That said, On Friday in a soft bottomed cut, had a fairly faint but repeatable signal that after four scoops became very loud and I got it on the fifth scoop. Nice little 2.3 gram 14K gold pendant.  

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      Sorry, I can't seem to find my previous thread on this subject. To recap, my AQ wouldn't power up, so, it was sent in to Fisher for repair. They claimed that it was the battery. I had my doubts, as I had tried a second battery with the same results. Anyway, they claimed it was only the battery and sent it back to me with a new one. On a side note, I had just sent the electronics back to them, and kept all the rods, cuff, and charger to save on shipping costs. Well, it seems they want EVERYTHING sent back when they do a repair. That's a first for me. They even told me that you shouldn't remove the arm cuff at all! It's something that they have to do, and not something the customer is capable of as it might damage the cable inside the rod.  Good grief, what a design. Anyway, when I got it back, I noticed that the cable from the battery to the pod had been changed. Hmmm, I wonder if that was really the problem and not the battery. Otherwise, why change it? Oh, you think they might have sent a new and improved one? Think again. I didn't think they could make that design any worse, but, they managed. It's even longer that the original, and wimpier IMO. And what is the problem with using 90 degree connectors to reduce the risk of cable damage? Well, it works now, so, I guess I can't complain too much, in fact, the new battery is a lot better than the original. The last hunt, I got over 3 1/2 hours on it and still had a green light! That's definitely an improvement. Now, if I can just find something good that my other detectors couldn't find!
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