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I used the:

Equinox 800 w/ 6" coil Park 2, Sensitivity 23, 2 tone, Iron Bias f2 0, Recovery 4

Xp Orx w/ 9" hf coil, 4 tone, Sensitivity 96, recovery 2

Gold Kruzer 4x7.5 coil, Deep mode, Sensitivity 80

I wanted to see how well these detectors did in no emi area at a low mineral sandy beach with a 0.89 gram 14k gold ring buried at a measured 9". I was very impressed with the results.

The Equinox 800 w/ 6" coil and the XP Opx w/ 9" hf coil hit all the way around with the coil lifted 3"-4".

The Gold Kruzer w/ 4x7.5 coil hit it one way w/ coil raised 2"-3". The other was a weak signal harder to get. I was happy with that. I didn't bring the 5x9.5 coil. I'm sure it would have done better.

Over all I was happy with the results. The Equinox 800 w/ 6" coil did really good. Equal with the Xp Orx w/ 9" hf coil. The Xp Orx hit the ring very well at 31 khz and 54 khz.

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I have a very small white gold ring that will id at 2(AIR test) at about  9  inches and in pk2 in    a high emi area(my house  )and     I can get it with the nox and 6"coil with  pretty good id.The gmx also gives a soft signal  but the nox id is more reliable.For some reason my 4by6 gmx dd is not that deep of a coil and  would not hit your target if  I was betting.

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I should dig out a ring and test my Gold Racer. The GR has become one of my favorite machines I initially bought it for poking around the parks but the ergonomics of it, stability, light weight and nice solid numbers to the extent of it's range I end up using it for relic hunting in the woods.

I think that EMI has a big play on how well machines perform. I believe that if you can't establish a nice stable threshold then the ID' will be all over. I noticed this more when using Gen Mode on my MK. Usually most will run the filtered modes and 3 tone is very tame but I noticed where I had an unsteady threshold that the filtered modes would give jumpy numbers and even skip sporadically on targets. I noticed changing frequencies that give me a better steady threshold that not only my depth was more consistent but the numbers in general are better.

In case of the Nox that has good noise cancellation I think that helps a lot on it's numbers stability.

Curious if the ORX has similar issues at certain frequencies and EMI.

I avoid using non waterproof machines at the beach not because they may or may not get wet but because the salt mist can destroy the contacts. Even the little usb connector on the wireless headphones can be ruined.

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7 hours ago, kac said:

I avoid using non waterproof machines at the beach not because they may or may not get wet but because the salt mist can destroy the contacts. Even the little usb connector on the wireless headphones can be ruined.

Think many are not aware about the salt mist...... even 100 feet inland away from the water....until its too late.

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Had a jewelry hunt myself yesterday at the beach. Nox 800 is seriously sensitive. Once the pinpointers have a hard time seeing the target, you can bet it’s pretty small 😁

The beach is a harsh environment, either you get sandblasted or everything get a light coating of salt.

A waterproof detector is great after a day at the beach. Just give it a good rinsing down with tapwater and when dry wipe down with soft cloth coated with a little wax and shine. Use your favourite brand 😁

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Kac, the Gold Kruzer at the beach in all metal mode the threshold was stable with sensitivity 99. I forgot to test it in deep mode. Using the 4x7.5 coil it could hear the ring but was a very quiet tone. Deep mode would have helped.

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  • Steve Herschbach changed the title to I Did A Test Today At Sandy Beach

I was able to run the Multi Kruzer flat out in gen mode too with little issue other than the loads of hot rocks we have in some areas. I could hear the threshold increase as I swung toward the water. In beach mode it didn't false. Overall depth was as expected for a vlf.

If you do a lot of beach hunting you are better off with the waterproof headphones or maybe toss a piece of electrical tape over the ports and on/off switch to keep them from getting corroded.

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Of late I'm starting to measure my smallest find at the beach. Not only in weight, the easiest way. But also in diameter.

Targets can weigh next to nothing and still be very visible to a metal detector due to a large diameter.

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