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This forum allows threads to be tagged as a way to group and find similar threads cross multiple forums. Since the forum started, there have been numerous threads by people asking what the "best detector" is for various situations. Yet there was no tag linking all these opinions together. So I created the new "best detector" tag for these threads, hunted them down, and tagged them. All told we ended up with over four pages of links to these types of threads. There is lots of good info that gets brought up in these threads, so check it out.....

best detector

After this thread runs out of steam I will pin it to the top so new people will be able to see all that info before asking their own version of the question.


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Lot of work that will certainly lead to more threads 🙂 Almost like a perpetual motion machine!


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    • By Gerry in Idaho
      We all have different styles of gold nugget shooting and across this globe are so many varying terrains to chase nuggets.  Our skills and years at it vary and on this fine forum, it could just as easily be the eager beaver newer member who's grateful for their 1 and only nugget, as it could be a salty savvy veteran with a lifetime of Thankful gold finds.  And yet many of us have a certain detector that meant so much to our pursuit of heavy metal.  What model of gold detector are you most thankful for and why?
      For me, it's the Fisher Gold Bug-2 as it was the 1st gold detector we (detector & I) became 1.  It was the machine that kept gold coming in and eventually lead me to the Pulse Induction powers/depths beyond.  It's not my favorite to swing today (not even top 3), but I have to give credit when due and the GB-2 is the gold detector I am most thankful for.
      I look forward to hearing your Thankful gold detector comments.

    • By OFS
      Hello Everyone
      I am new to the Forum and fairly new to detecting. I currently have a GB2 and have for the most part only been nugget shooting in BC. I found that the GB2 did okay but had issues in moderate and high mineralized areas and lost depth rapidly. I am looking to get my next detector for the tool chest and would like something that will give me better depth and performance nugget shooting but it would also be nice if it had some capability on coins, jewelry and relics as most of the people that I know that detect aren't nugget shooting.
      With the vast amount of expierience on this Forum what are your reccomendations?
      Thanks in advance.
    • By Roughwater
      I live near the East coast and never done any Beeping in Oregon.  I am set up to go there in July. I don't know the terrain, the weather there in July or much of any thing else about the area. I have a GPX 5000 with the commander DD and mono coils that come with the detector and hopefully a 16" round mono soon on it's way.  
      Are there snakes to look out for, Ticks, Ants, Big Foot?  What coils would be recommended for the 5K to use there?
      I wonder if there is lots of Iron to the point where a VLF machine would be a good choice?  I live only 150 miles from the east coast so have been thinking about a VLF Machine suitable for the beach and for use in nugget hunting, maybe something like the Garrett AT Pro or ATGold?  I know there are better machines but trying to find something in what is left of my smallish budget.
      I'm not a total newbie as I've been to Rye patch a couple times and Alaska as well and used coin detectors in my past with some success but presently the only real detector I have now is the 5K.  
      Any advice would be appreciated.  
    • By Roughwater
      I'm in a bit of a quandary.  I am getting back into metal detecting and am planning a long detecting trip that includes Alaska, Oregon and probably more frequently the Atlantic coast beaches and coin shooting nearer to my home state of NC.  I picked up a GPX 5000 to cover most of my gold prospecting.  However I have nothing else.  It was suggested by a very experienced detector user that I get either a CTX-3030, a Minelab Excal II or as he put it his third choice, a Fisher CZ-21.  Problem is I'm not rich and just spent a lot on the GPX.  So, I have been looking at lesser priced machines that would serve a dual or more-so triple service and could be used for the beach, coins and a for prospecting in high trash areas.  I was thinking that other than the CTX, his recommended choices might not be the best for land use or prospecting and the CTX is a LOT of money.   So after a lot of online research, I am looking at maybe the Garrett AT Pro (water proof) or the new Whites MX Sport (also water proof).   Any suggestions would be appreciated. 
    • By Eklawok
      I am getting back into prospecting/metal detecting for the first time in about 6 years. I would like to pick up a new metal detector that I can prospect with and take out to the parks in the Anchorage area. I am leaning towards a Whites MXT due to it's track record, and I know that I can't go wrong with that choice. But, I know that there are other options out the (e.g. Gold Bug Pro). Some are in the 14 kHz range, and some run upwards of 20 kHz. Is there much of a difference in that 6 kHz range? What are other people's experience with detectors in this area? Am I even asking the right questions? I just don't want to go plop $800 on a new machine to find out that there had been a better choice out there in the same price range. In the past I have been using a Garrett Ace 250, so this will be a step up for me, and probably a whole new learning curve. But I figure that I will pass the 250 down to my daughter and try to get her away from her iPad  :p .
      I have been reading through Steve's reviews as well, and it sounds like there are a lot of good choices out there. This is why I ask, because there are so many good choices.
    • By dustman27
      Hello, I have been researching this hobby the last week or so and I am thinking I want to give this a shot.  I live in Arizona, and want to do mostly coin and jewelry hunting with the occasional hunt on old towns for relics and gold areas for gold nuggets.
      I was strongly considering the AT PRO or ACE 400 after lots of research, but now someone is selling a slightly used G2+ for only $400 which is very tempting considering the price.  I consider myself a very fast learner, but the relative simplicity, various modes and lengthy history of the AT PRO are making it a tough decision.
      Some guidance would be greatly appreciated!!!
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