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For Sale Trade Or Sell: Gold And Ghosts Volumes 3,4 Queensland

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Hey, Iv Got Volume 3 and 4 of de Havellands Gold and Ghosts.    Volume 3 is softcover, 4 is hardcover.   Both volumes are clean, and in great shape.     Im open to offers and trades.   I got these with plans to make a big jump across the pond for an extended trip, but thats not happening for the time being.  

  Please Pm me if your interested in more info, to make an offer, or inquire about a trade.   I would prefer not have a public dialog about price, value, trades, or related conversation in this post.  Im located in Tucson, az.    Thanks,  cheers!


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    • By midalake
      Sovereign nuggets. Merry Christmas!

      I have some sought after hard to find Sovereign goodies.

      1. 9" Coinsearch coil with cover. $135  SOLD

      2. Super clean 550 meter. $150

      3 Used 10" Tornado Coil $135

      4. Brand New 10" Tornado coil $200

      5 Three coil covers $35

      All prices include shipping

      To the first two buyers, I will throw in one of the two coils that work, but have the outside sheathing broken

      Thanks Dave

    • By Rick Kempf
      Nice clean example of this uncommon nugget machine. Predecessor to the Lobo - uses the same 4 pin male 20 kHz coils as the original Lobo - no other Tesoro coils will work.
      Works fine and besides the standard 10” DD coil, there is a pristine 6” concentric elliptical coil
      $300 shipped 

    • By Jeff McClendon
      Nokta Makro Gold Kruzer GR24 9.5" X 5" DD search coil in excellent condition with coil cover and coil nut/bolt.
      This coil is excellent for more mineralized gold prospecting areas and for me was the only coil that would work in some areas. 
      Very sensitive and easy to swing.
      $60. Paypal friends and family preferred but USPS money orders are OK. $10.00 shipping to anywhere in the lower 48 USA

    • By Goldseeker5000
      If you would like to increase your knowledge on geology relating to detecting for gold to improve your odds of finding nuggets then please, buy my book. There are things in this book that I talk about that you never knew about, relating to detecting for gold. Find out about the Townes Theory and  how it can put you over more nuggets. Do you already know what Mass Wasting is? Whether you do or not, find out how these events can increase your gold detecting locations, and skills to find gold deposit you never thought of before.

    • By Aaron
      Modified Tarsacci MDT 8000. Original owner, serial #0000024. Purchased May 2019. Excellent condition, includes 2 batteries, charger, headphones, new coil cover and backpack. This unit was modified by the manufacturer (Dimitar Gargov). This unit has the battery compartment that is basically very similar to a MAGLIGHT flashlight with double O-ring seals. The cap fits EXTREMELY snug over the O-rings. This unit was tested extensively while water hunting as can be seen in my YouTube videos. This units warranty has expired, however it is in EXCELLENT cosmetic condition and was just inspected by Dimitar in August and found it to be operating perfectly!
      $1150.00 shipped in Con. USA
      PayPal friends & family only!
      For pictures please check the link.
      Thanks! Aaron
    • By Steve Herschbach
      I purchased this new is May of 2017 and it has been a closet queen ever since. I had plans for it that did not develop, and so this detector is in like new condition. This model with wireless headphones sells for $1555 new. The two year warranty has expired. Beside the standard equipment, I am including a scuff cover for the coil and a used Bullseye II pinpointer for free.
      I am selling for $999 with free shipping in the U.S., Paypal verified addresses only. Message or email me if you have questions or ask here on this thread.
      Includes White's V3i serial# with latest version of 10" D2 DD coil, V3i Spectra Sound wireless headphones, NiMH rechargeable battery with charger, separate AA battery holder, and operating instructions. The coil scuff cover is for the previous version of the coil so is odd fitting, but is all there was at the time. I am also including a free White's Bullseye II pinpointer. V3i information and manuals

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