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Other than the Falcon MD 20 Probe, does anybody make a Prospecting specific Pin Pointer for small gold?



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While running the GPZ7000 with the 15” coil, I can find some amazingly small gold, but pin pointing that same find can suck a lot of time, and I’ve had to give up a few hard to isolate Find’s.  So I know a good pin pointer has become a must have. 
My solution & the absolute best pin pointer I’ve ever used is the Gold Monster 1000 with it’s smallest coil and a shorter shaft... (to fit in my backpack.).  
Now I’ve only tested it against the Minelab Pro-Find 35 & the Garrett Pro “Orange Carrot” Pin Pointers, and that has only been for gold.  
The ML P-F35 is great for coins, and multi gram gold, but the Monster will hit on most any sized “picker” gold with that small 5” coil.... a simply amazing tool.

Happy swinging out there!

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Re (My solution & the absolute best pin pointer I’ve ever used is the Gold Monster 1000 with it’s smallest coil and a shorter shaft)

In the Good old days of the ML 2000, 2100 and the 2200  I used a ML 1600 with the control box on my belt and a 6inch coil on a small shaft in a hammer holster on my belt as a pin pointer.

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Although i have never done any nugget hunting,a couple of setups that i use and it depends on the targets etc,the 1st one is a 4'' coil on a cut down Tesoro shaft which has been mentioned a few times on this forum.

But i also own and occasionally use and possibly the best method for nugget hunting pinpointing wise is the 'UNIProbe pinpointer Detector PRO' which is basically a 7/8'' pinponter Pulse probe that should b ideal for small gold recovery although i will admit i have never used one for recovery of nuggets.

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I will try to compare the Sunray DX-1 probe on the Specter at 1F -22.5 khz and also on the MXT all pro ... to the pinpointer Minelab profind 35 ... which works on 13.5 khz ...

I will perform the tests on 0.1gram gold, 0.02 gram gold, and also a very small 2.8mm-0.07 gram 18k gold earring .. which is significantly less detectable than 0.02 gram gold ..

I can only say that this earring is very sensitive to the frequency used ... but also the size of the coil ..., and many detectors will not detect it at all ...

For example, the increase in range of the Equinox 800 on a small 6 "coil is linear:

Multy F -Park2 ..- 4.5cm

1F frequency: 5khz-0.5cm
                          40khz-4-4.2 cm


Combining different detectors on 4-5 "small coils is also one option .. and some can prove a bit super sensitive to very small things ..

but what a mistake is a 2 "coil CC or DD ... which could really replace the pinpointer ... in finding very small things ..




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The presence of extreme mineralization in lots of gold bearing ground makes VLF pinpointer vulnerable - I suspect that a modern PI pinpointer would be very useful.

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4 hours ago, RickUK said:

But i also own and occasionally use and possibly the best method for nugget hunting pinpointing wise is the 'UNIProbe pinpointer Detector PRO'....

Is this the device you are referring to?

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1 hour ago, GB_Amateur said:

Is this the device you are referring to?

Yes,thats exactly what i use,not cheap but i was lucky someone bought one across the pond to the UK and never used it so it was brand new without the additional shipping cost and i mean it was cheap.

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I said a MODERN PI pinpointer. PI’s can be built to have extremely short minimum pulse delays and be incredibly sensitive to tiny objects. I believe that most industrial metal detectors used to find - for example - broken off needle points in clothing are PI’s

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Simon ...... Fisher also has /  pulse-pinpointer / something available at least in the prototype phase /n.9/... I believe we will learn something more soon ...
The development of Impulse AQ ... brings its positives to Fisher's other detection techniques.

I believe that such things from development will soon get into production, and the detectorist will be able to buy it ..👍

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