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  • Joe D. changed the title to A Few Good Treasure Coast Erosion Days! п

Up here they use big granite blocks and those drift and wash away too. As much as I like beach detecting it gets discouraging when you see all that wash. Not for nothing but if your pretty much digging all why not get a PI for the beach. One the guys is selling a new TDI BH for $900. Really hard to beat them in the salt I think.

Will have to check out those books.

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  • Joe D. changed the title to A Few Good Treasure Coast Erosion Days!


    I was using a used Nox 800 i recently bought, in a "box of parts" for $315! It was a barebones unit with no headphones, wireless unit, or lower shaft! This was it's maiden hunt!

   The huge sandbags actually work very well! And yes, they are full of sand! I wish they would use them all over, instead of constantly pumping useless amounts of expensive sand on the beaches! Only to be washed away every year!


    I would love a PI! Are you offering to send me one??😁 Maybe when my other machines are paid off, i will get one, but i have spent my limit for awhile! I am interested in future AQ development, but we will see what comes out in the next year or two! 👍👍

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I would think the finds would be around the bags in the depressions, just a thought.  GaryC/Oregon Coast

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Nice pictures. I see different colored bags. Do the blue ones show more of an erosion effect took place or is it just different colors. Are they pretty much all along the treasure coast or just in certain areas. Thanks! Bob K

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    That's where all the item's i detected where found this time! I figure that they act like riffles for gold! But things also get blasted out of these areas, back up near the cliff, or washed out to the water!


  There are two different colors that i have seen! The blue one's run about a half mile, and are only here, as far as i know! The white one's I've only seen in front of one house! 👍👍

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6 hours ago, Joe D. said:

...There were musket ball's and spent bullets!

Can those be tied to a particular time period/skirmish/etc.?  What's the silver-looking coin-like object under the two pennies in the photo?

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    For the most part, the musketballs are generally thought to have been in small barrels from the 1715 Fleet! And are generally found in groups! There is some conjecture on the spent bullets, but they appear to be from between the 40's and 60's! From people just target shooting into the bank! There was also alot of WW2 training going on not too far South of here with live ammunition, including 50 cal. and bombs!

   That coin was a 65' quarter! Underneath which may be a smashed musketball, or spru piece! And the other one is one of those  possible WW2 spent bullets!👍👍

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