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  • Joe D. changed the title to A Few Good Treasure Coast Erosion Days! п

Up here they use big granite blocks and those drift and wash away too. As much as I like beach detecting it gets discouraging when you see all that wash. Not for nothing but if your pretty much digging all why not get a PI for the beach. One the guys is selling a new TDI BH for $900. Really hard to beat them in the salt I think.

Will have to check out those books.

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  • Joe D. changed the title to A Few Good Treasure Coast Erosion Days!


    I was using a used Nox 800 i recently bought, in a "box of parts" for $315! It was a barebones unit with no headphones, wireless unit, or lower shaft! This was it's maiden hunt!

   The huge sandbags actually work very well! And yes, they are full of sand! I wish they would use them all over, instead of constantly pumping useless amounts of expensive sand on the beaches! Only to be washed away every year!


    I would love a PI! Are you offering to send me one??😁 Maybe when my other machines are paid off, i will get one, but i have spent my limit for awhile! I am interested in future AQ development, but we will see what comes out in the next year or two! 👍👍

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I would think the finds would be around the bags in the depressions, just a thought.  GaryC/Oregon Coast

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Nice pictures. I see different colored bags. Do the blue ones show more of an erosion effect took place or is it just different colors. Are they pretty much all along the treasure coast or just in certain areas. Thanks! Bob K

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    That's where all the item's i detected where found this time! I figure that they act like riffles for gold! But things also get blasted out of these areas, back up near the cliff, or washed out to the water!


  There are two different colors that i have seen! The blue one's run about a half mile, and are only here, as far as i know! The white one's I've only seen in front of one house! 👍👍

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6 hours ago, Joe D. said:

...There were musket ball's and spent bullets!

Can those be tied to a particular time period/skirmish/etc.?  What's the silver-looking coin-like object under the two pennies in the photo?

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    For the most part, the musketballs are generally thought to have been in small barrels from the 1715 Fleet! And are generally found in groups! There is some conjecture on the spent bullets, but they appear to be from between the 40's and 60's! From people just target shooting into the bank! There was also alot of WW2 training going on not too far South of here with live ammunition, including 50 cal. and bombs!

   That coin was a 65' quarter! Underneath which may be a smashed musketball, or spru piece! And the other one is one of those  possible WW2 spent bullets!👍👍

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    • By bklein
      I guess we can’t add videos to our posts?  Anyway, the default  setting FE and F2 is 2.  I set out a gold ring, old square I ron nail, and quarter. With FE or F2 set at defaults of 2, it seems to mask these targets.  Set to zero all is good.  (This is an EQ600). This seems to contradict the original videos that came out when the detector did.  Beach2 program.
    • By Eden
      Hi all ! and cheers for the add !

      I have had the Nox for nearly 3 years now and have finally bitten the bullet and grabbed a Monster 😁 also this morning Eyyyyhaaa !

      Now for the stupid first question (I've had a read and could not find anything in a post on it 😔)

      Has anyone here tried a Nox 15 inch coil on the Gold Monster.
      The Nox can run at 40mHz and the Monster runs 45mHz so pretty close there and I have read (not confirmed) elsewhere that the coils have proprietry chips in them to stop interchangeability.

      They both fit each others coils though even though some said the plugs would not but I have not been game to turn on the monster with the Nox's 15 inch coil plugged in.
      (Big chicken 🤣)
      The thought of the Monster with a 15 inch coil is so tempting
      So back to the big ask.
      Has anyone actually tried ?
      (Ps love my 2 nox 800s)

    • By Luis
      Normally I run the equinox in multi-frequency mode, but yesterday I tried to use it at 5Kz in field mode 1. Lately I am hunting with the Iron filters at 0, but I did not like it in the single frequency mode so I went to modify it and what was my surprise  it wouldn't let me enter the submenu to upload iron rejection.  I tried it with the partner's equinox in case it was a failure of mine and the same thing happened.  In single frequency mode it does not let you enter the iron rejection submenu.  Do you know what the reason is?
    • By schoolofhardNox
      So I'm still trying to milk the same cow 😄 I figured until it stops spitting silver on me, I will continue to ask for it. Long day at the beach 8:30-5:00, but the weather was decent, as I dress well for the cold. I'm getting to be a delicate flower in my advancing years 🤔 I'm using the GPX all day for this hunt and digging select areas and removing all iron so I can hear the deep targets.I hit a patch that started producing exclusively wheat pennies, so I knew that the chance for silver was very possible.  It did produce some silver but the ratio was mostly pennies. Moving over just a bit, the wheats turned into memorials and the clad followed as well. Not a bad day with 8 silvers, but I worked harder than usual for it.The beach is slowly sanding in and the easy stuff is gone. No gold again, but switching the timings on the GPX did start getting me a lot of nickels, including a handful of Buffalo. Jewelry was missing as usual, but the spoons sure weren't lacking 🙄 So here is everything I dug. Lots of junk too. It was great to get out and enjoy the hobby.

    • By EWCoinhunter
      Anyone try Andy Sabisch coin setting on the Nox? What I would like to understand is I see there is offerings for the 800, but will they also work on the 600? Obviously I swing the 600, and coming from the Etrac using his settings, just wanted to make sure. I know the factory ones are good, but everything needs tweaked at one time or another.
      Thanks for any and all feedback. BTW, I am not new to MD, just to the Nox 600.
    • By Rivers rat
      Hello to all ,went to a secluded beach today,just to make sure i knew how to detect again it wasnt warm but sunny,and my fishing jacket kept me nice and toasty.As i got the luxury to have 3 times more digging tools than arms,i choose a spade for a change over a scoop.A cheap spade i bought on a road trip a while back when my old one broke and i just fitted a new shaft which i oiled with linseed oil 3 times.Anyway a lot of walking and gridding,the nox is my to go machine when i am back after a while especially with those long lockdown period.
      Lots of coast fight remains as you can tell fro the pictures a nice brass cross alas.......and a 1919 coin were the oldest find.
      Funny enough the cross bare the name of Saint Anthony of Padua ,which is the saint to pray to when something is lost......................well i found it.
      Will try to go out tomorrow,to see if i can find more bullets


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