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AT Max Z-Lynk Probe - A Complete Silence Mode On The Probe. Just Audio In The Headphones

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From what I have experienced, you can only silence the audio on the probe with Z-Link.

The vibrate will still sound on the probe.

If this was intended to be a stealth mode, it's not.

If there are people near by, they will hear the vibrate moter making noise.

Kind of defeats the purpose.

I would like to see a complete silent mode at the probe and audio in the headset.

Your thoughts?

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  • Steve Herschbach changed the title to AT Max Z-Lynk Probe - A Complete Silence Mode On The Probe. Just Audio In The Headphones

If somebody is so close to me that they can hear a pinpointer vibrate - they are way too close! I only ever use my pinpointer in vibrate mode, and have never had a person say they can hear it, let alone that it was too loud. It’s therefore a non-issue for me. But it’s not a bad idea either.

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I use my PP's in vibrate mode too. I like to be as discreet at possible when I am detecting in broad daylight in busy parks....

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On 11/15/2020 at 10:44 AM, B0SC0 said:

If there are people near by, they will hear the vibrate moter making noise.

Your thoughts?

As Steve H. mentioned, if people are so close as to hear the Pinpointer vibrate, they are definitely too close. I'm on the hearing impaired side of life, but I also have numbness and lack of sensation in my hands to I like to both hear and try to feel whatever I can when using a Pinpointer.    I like the MS3 wireless set-up because I can hear the device without having to remove and ear-cup like I used to.

Besides, if people are so close to you to her the device, what does that matter?  They are close enough to be annoying and get in your way and be bothersome, which is what often happens, especially with younger folks.


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