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Just the 12 inch coil would be great. It keeps being pushed back because of a delay in parts arriving caused by Covid.

This isn't Nuggetfinder's fault, but frustrating nonetheless.

It's not the weight reduction of the new coils that I find attractive, but rather the increased sensitivity and possible greater depth, on small pieces.

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Simon although most parts are made on site the materials to make them may beheld up at their source. Rohan was very sincere and accominating way back in 2006 when I had a problem with a 16" coil and have not had any reason to think he has changed since then.  I believe the 12" will be the best size for prospecting and will be used almost as the goto coil, except for some of those tiny bits less than 0.01 gm bits.  

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Lets hope it is available to put under the xmas tree, in years past it was the Easter Bunny that dropped the presents (or was that the nuggets😀)

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I too am waiting for these long awaited Z coils, but for the life of me I don't understand why Rohan has started with one so close in size to the standard ?

Maybe a 10 inch, or 17 inch, would have been a better option to give current users a different size coil ??

One thing I do know about Rohan, he won't release them until they are perfect, with any bugs ironed out. 👍


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2 hours ago, araratgold said:

Maybe a 10 inch, or 17 inch, would have been a better option to give current users a different size coil ??

Agreed, also because the 12 inch is in reality more a 13 inch. I still think ML has something cooking for more GPZ coil options. Could be released with the next product cycle around the time the 6000 comes out. They must know that the lack of coil options for the GPZ is a big complaint and people just go an look somewhere else for it.

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I firmly believe, and have for a long time, that Minelab don't give a damn about coils, or their betterment. 

They leave it to the aftermarket, which is fine, but in the case of the GPZ they should have supplied the chips to the aftermarket makers from day one ! Just an act of corporate bastardry IMHO !


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    • By 1515Art
      Got out for a hunt today in some of the worst conditions I’ve ever detected in, the wind was howling and the EMI was in machine gun mode so bad until afternoon when the atmosphere finally settled down it was impossible to detect. Then in the late afternoon the sky cleared a bit and my coil found itself over 6 little nuggets all found within an hour inside a 25 yard by 25 yard area, not a virgin patch but a patch!

    • By Rob Allison
      Hello All,
          Well it's been a bit since I had the 12" NF Z Searchcoil on my GPZ 7000, but it managed to show the same results once again.  It was about 3 months ago when I originally was field testing the new NF 12" Z Search, before it's release here in the US.  I managed to take it back over a few patches I hammered hard with the stock 14x13 coil, but still was able to find about a dozen for so smaller gold nuggets that I missed.  The hyper-sensitivity this new coils gives, plus the lightweight, make detecting with the GPZ 7000 much easier and pleasant.  
      I managed to just get in the first batch of new NF coil for the GPZ and even got a few that I didn't expect.  Most of them were pre-sold and spoken for, but I still have 1-2 left I think. 
      I went out for my second, first day, meaning I only got one day on the first coil then a customer/good friend just had to have it.  I ended up hunting all day, sun up to down down and scored the nuggets below.  I'm super impressed with this coil, so if you own a Minelab GPZ 7000, this is something to consider if you're looking for a lighter coil and something that is more sensitive to smaller/specimens vs. the stock coil.  
      Just a FYI, the original coil I sold has scored well over 100 nuggets from what I'm told and some of the recent coils that just hit customers hands (some pictures now on this forum) have scored gold.  
      Congrats on all the new NF Z Searchoil owners and new ones to come!

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      I’ve been following the battle between the old dog (GPZ-7000) and young dog (GPX-6000) with keen interest.. From what I can make of it, the young dog’s winning its battles in the USA and the old dog in Australia.. So far it seems the old dog can handle a scruff on heavily mineralized and ‘hot rock’ infested grounds better than the young dog, who prefers milder grounds.. But it’s too early in the day to scorn the young dog, it’s only just finding its feet in the world.. The old dog might’ve fought it out with other GPXs and always come out on top, but this young dog seems to have more sense of geology than its cousins.. Maybe a few more dust-ups in the old dog’s yard might do the young dog some good.. Or maybe the old dog won’t let the young dog anywhere near its yard no more? Maybe they should flog it out on neutral grounds somewhere, another 'Rumble in the Jungle'? Only time will tell who emerges Top Dog of the World , as with most other dog fights.. Hackles come up and fur starts to fly..  
    • By Papasmurph
      Has anyone had any issues with their coil chip failing?
      l bought a second hand 19” coil for my GPZ and it worked fine for several months and then out of the blue, it failed.
      Minelab suggested that I buy a new coil. After a bit of research I decided to have a dongle made up from my 14” coil and now 12 or so months later the chip in the dongle has failed. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a problem with the detector or am I just very unlucky?
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      Hello gentlemen, finally someone from the Australian guys made an honest comparison
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