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"  I was there about 3 hours, and only worked about a 5x20 foot area against the shore, but the targets were layered and plentiful!"

 It is very tempting to move on but that's a good haul. One of the old schools that I detected many years ago put me is the same boat as you. The school and village  closed in the late 1950s. Back then us kids had free milk in small bottles with the then modern aluminium tops instead of the old wax cardboard tops. Due to atomic bomb testing in that era we had iodine tablets and took them with the milk. Of course we screwed up the tops and flicked them at each other. Back to junk targets you will know how much effort had to be done to extract the coins from that school.     

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Great hunt in a small area and a lot of targets to dig.

Great hunting and good luck on your next outing.

After looking at your pictures more closely I did see where you did get a 1/2 cent piece.

That must have come up quite strange on your display.

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Bit of research seems the round is 10mm x 30mm so maybe large cal pistol like a 40 cal? Was there a body nearby? lol

Nice haul!

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Joe, Congrats on finding a productive site! Did I understand correctly that you only went as far as 2 feet deep in the water? !s that because of the headphones? The reason I ask is that most of my jewelry is found in a little deeper water- perhaps 3-4 feet. 

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Dig it,

That's a postcard picture of the mountains and lake! You are a lucky man! Keep up the hunts!



The headphones and connections are waterproof! That depth transitions from white sand to a mucky bottom, and zero visibility!👍👍

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2 hours ago, Joe D. said:

Dig it,

That's a postcard picture of the mountains and lake! You are a lucky man! Keep up the hunts!



The headphones and connections are waterproof! That depth transitions from white sand to a mucky bottom, and zero visibility!👍👍

Joe, It would be interesting to see where people hang out in that lake. One of my best producing lakes has near zero visibility throughout.

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Thanks Joe D. / Johnny Crunch, on the inside of the tree line there are RV camp site's and during the summer the lake water is up to the trees, so a lot of folks brave the cold glacier fed lake water and go for a swim. And I know some must have forgotten to take their jewelry off, But for the life of me I'm just not getting my coil over any of It !!! It's driving me Mad !!! LOL !!!! I've been hunting this beach since the 800 NOX came out, been pretty much the only detector out there with the occasionally friend that I have talk into buying one coming along, but mostly just me. Have found 100 or so coins, toys, and lot's of trash. So what the heck am I doing wrong ??? I do my Noise Cancellation / Ground Balance & start in Park 1 & mess with my sensitivity & threshold a bit, then I might switch to Field 1 doing same setup. Normally using stock coil, gonna swing the 15" coil over same beach area that I have already gone over as soon as weather breaks. Is it that old saying It's Better To Be Lucky Then Good Any Day ??? Is it just that simple ??? Haha !!!!!!!!



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    • By Annie
      Hi, I am new to this site and looking at purchasing a metal detector for my husband for Christmas.  He has always wanted one and really likes the Minelab (not sure why), I was looking a at the 600, though reading about the 800 it has extra features. 
      As this is his first, and I know he will use it.  Which one would everyone recommend and as a beginner would these be suitable?
      Thanks so much!
      THANKYOU so much to everyone, I have read all the comments and must say this is an amazing group and so helpful. I defiantly think I will be getting him the 800 and letting him know to join his group! Thanks, Annie
    • By zippykar
      Newbie here,how do I connect the  Garrett Z-Lynk to the Equinox 600?  Doesn't the WT-1 box of the Z Lynk have to be physically connected to the 600 via adapter cord? I didn't see any such cord on the Minelab site.
      I just bought this 600 havn't even used it yet  but fter reading post from different sources, I think I'm going to hate this thing.
    • By Steve Herschbach
      These are available at some dealers now. Headphone Adaptor Cable 3.5mm (1/8-inch) to 6.35mm (1/4-inch) Part No. 3011-0369 $40.00

      Minelab Equinox 1/8" male waterproof connection to 1/4" female non-waterproof connection
      I plan on wading a lot with the Equinox and this creates a waterproof connection to the detector itself. The cable is two feet long and reaches just about to my shoulder. Main gripe - the straight connection once it makes that 180 degree bend gives up some length. To prevent stress from pulling on this constantly the cable should be affixed to the detector itself so the cable does not get stressed repeatedly where it makes the bend.
      This is a good solution for people who want to hunt in the water but do not need to put their head in the water, and so who do not need the waterproof headphones. The cable also mates directly to the WM08 module for those who wish to use it for that purpose.
      Minelab Equinox Parts & Accessories Page
      Do be aware there is a compatibility issue as regards the Equinox external speaker. If headphones and adapters are not wired correctly the speaker will keep going even with headphones plugged in. Here is the Minelab article on the subject. As far as I know this applies to the CTX 3030, GPZ 7000, Gold Monster 1000, and both Equinox models. I use Sun Ray Pro Gold (CTX version) headphones which are wired to work properly with the Minelab units.

      Minelab headphone wiring diagram
    • By Stu
      Hi, just though this was worth sharing as it turned out so well. A number of things happened to bring this together - the biggest one being having just bought an Equinox my neighbours changing their curtains for blinds. I ended up with 3x6ft lengths of wood curtain pole.
      I also (long story) smashed my right hand up some years ago in a bike crash - straight stem won't work for me. I had read the threads (various threads on straight vs S) and puzzled over the alloy pipe bending method. But then I already have a Mars universal shaft and took a closer look at this. After reading the thread on the  Garrett gizmo that screws into the end of the stem so the arm cup can be moved along I got to thinking some more - I don't own a Garrett but am always intrigued to read what others are up to.
      So the Mars universal shaft will come apart. Held by a holding screw and with some hard pushing and pulling the arm cup pole (I'll call it that) will release. I measured the length I needed, then by hand whittled the shape to Mars flat sided (not round). A tight fit and the holding screw back in place to hold. The strength of this part of the Mars hand grip (the bit under the hand grip) left me confident that it could cope with some pretty minimal stresses - like it would have to do anyway.
      The curtain pole hand whittled at the arm cup end, then drilled through with a slightly under size drill bit. I didn't note the size, but it waggled freely in the Equinox upper stem hole for the arm cup. As I drilled it I waggled the drill to make it a little splayed out (as is the shape of the plastic fitting in the arm cup bits).
      For the Equinox itself a similar blind hole, but on an angle (judged by eye) as per the angled shape of the Minelab underneath grip bit - and also drill waggled around to get the splayed out shape. Two lines of wood were whittled away to the correct diameter for the equinox and it lower grip to meet perfectly. It could be neatened up. I may spray it black.
      Some things considered were the Equinox grip needed to be far enough away from the Mars grip to allow fingers of winter (thick) gloved hands - and also the coil cable and head phone cable. The Mars shaft can be made to shorten - and in effect smash into the back of the Equinox unit. I would just put a wrap of tape around the release lever. I won't ever release it - I don't need to I have a long detector bag - but I guess somebody could.
      Weight for weight the wood pole is pretty light. I weighted the Minelab top piece of shaft, and my piece of wood was 14 grams heavier. 
      The next step (which I am waiting to arrive) is a proper Minelab Equinox lower stem end piece for the coil to go on, The Mars universal one is a bit narrow and this looks it will swap over fairly easily.  

    • By Tday
      ive recently brought a equinox800 and upon detecting in the grounds of an old house that has been built on an old mot and bailey. The hose I’m told is at least 1300
      ive hit a signal of 15-19 on the screen, approximately 15ft from where the existing brook used to flow. (It still flows it just moved over the years) ive dug down to at least 18 inches into the river bed (the pebbles make this apparent) and the signal has grown to 32+ but I’m yet to find the source!
      the signal is strong but I’m doubtful the detector is reading true?!
      the deeper I go the stronger the reading, I’ve detected the soil I’ve recovered nothing!
      move filled the hole in and shall return with maybe a better tool?
      any ideas or experiences?
    • By GB_Amateur
      Unfortunately this story isn't about an interesting find.  I haven't had many of those this summer but autumn weather (cool temps, cloudy skies, and many fewer park visitors!) are opening up so maybe I can break the bad streak there.
      I was in my favorite park where I've been searching most of this pandemic year.  I've saved some of the parts which are most frequented by park visitors and thus the most difficult to exercise social distancing.  (Most wear masks, but not all, and I don't like to detect with a mask on so I just do my best to stay far away from people, which works.)
      There is a ~2 meter wide walking trail about 120 meters long which is hilly and wooded on one side with a shallow creek on the other.  The trailhead is in an open area which I've hunted more than once this year with modest success (old coin wise).  As I got a few meters from the trailhead (detector running) I started to pick up quite a few ferrous hits -- considerably more than typical for this site.  I quickly decided there may have been a building or fence closeby in the past.  But as I started up the trail it continued.  I'm talking 6-10 ferrous hits per swing.  And it's pretty consistent.  I checked my ground balance and it was fine.  The hits were peaking in the -4 to -2 range, so very unlikely to be hot rocks (which are rare around here, anyway).  I walked into the wooded part next to the trail and the ferrous hit rate dropped.  I was using the ML Equinox w/11 inch round DD, Park 1, 5 custom tones, gain = 23, recovery speed = 4, Iron Bias F2 = 0, no discrimination/notching.  As I've been doing lately, my user profile was Park 2, 50 tones, recovery speed = 6, IB F2=0.  I use that for target investigation.
      I continued up the trail, only having to step aside for one small group of 4 people.  On the way up I was covering the full trail with my overlapping swings and on the way back I went more quickly but still covered maybe 50%.  During the ~2 hours time I found two 22 casings (surely over 50 years old since this is a municipal park) and one green (95% copper) Memorial(!) cent.  Date turned out to be 1967.  It was as green as most of my oldest Lincoln cents and the typical Indian Head cent finds in my area.  I also dug a couple beavertails, but only 2-3.  Normally I'd get about 10 or more at this site over that time period.  None of these recoveries was deep; the Memorial was deepest -- maybe 3 inches -- and it was not a clean signal (nor pure VDI) at all.  In that particularly recovery I got two pieces of wire and a boot tack(!).  (Gold detectorists, you know the feeling. 😁)  Another hit that sounded decent (far from ideal) turned out to be a small nail.  So what was up?
      Here are some more clues.  The trail itself was gravel paved, with the size ~1 inch and larger.  But unlike most of the trails in this area, it was water rounded gravel, not sharp crushed limestone or tiny river gravel.  That was another headscratcher.  Also, this park was a Work Progress Administration site (1930's federal government employment program to improve infrastructure and provide jobs) with many signs of that still remaining.  After getting home and contemplating all this, I think I figured out what was up.  (I'll let you speculate if you're still following this post and have interest in trying your sleuthing skills.)
      The lesson I learned (again, only after getting home) was that I should have adjusted my detector and settings.  Would the 6 inch coil make more sense?  What about a faster recovery speed?  And now reading ElNino77's comments on discrimination, how about silencing the low (ferrous) VDI bins?  (BTW, I did check what the Beach modes sounded like -- just as bad.)
      This trail has been used over 80 years (WPA ended about then).  Maybe there are detectors better suited (e.g. XP Deus/ORX) but even they won't make this area a cake-walk.  That means there are likely some juicy old coins here as any previous detectorists would have had similar problems.  Any other suggestions on change of settings or detector are welcome.
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