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I know Nel improves on models but still calls it the same thing, I am pretty sure when I was buying my Tornado coil it was the 5th generation Tornado coil, I got it direct from Nel and they told me so, now they're probably at 6th or 7th as it's been almost 2 years since I purchased it.  I don't know what generation my Snake and Sharpshooter are as they don't overly emphasize there are new revisions of these things, probably wise of them to keep it a little under the radar as people will think theirs is faulty even if it's just improvements like weight and so on changed.

I'm sure this is normal and most coil manufacturers make newer revisions whenever they find a reason to.

A quick Google revealed they're still at the 5th generation, they've settled on the design now maybe ūüôā



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Interesting they even say what generation the coils are rather than just hide it in a batch code. I looked at the Tornado and price wise it was $195 than the Nokta 13 at $170 and both on the heavy side. I wanted the lighter and smaller coil especially because of many spots I hunt have some serious hills.

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Usually. I haven't been a big fan of after-market coils because most f the hunting I've done the past 37 years ash been very ferrous-contaminated sites a good 85% of the time.¬† For that, the better¬†coils have been smaller-than-stock and I've noted that generally a detector maker also provides a decent-performing smaller-size coil.¬† ¬† The big trend for a lot of after-marker coil makers was to offer larger-size coils, and they just didn't fit¬† my needs.¬† There was a period, however, when I was using some FBS models and evaluated a lot of the after-market coils from 4¬ĹX7 on up to 12" and larger, and for big urban city parks they worked OK, but they were usually heavier than the standard coils.

i mainly tried aftermarket coils on Minelab, White's and then some on Nokta or Makro products, and of them all I was most pleased by the Sharpshooter, Snake and Sharp coils from NEL .... but while I liked their build quality and performance, I already had good-working coils from the detector maker in the smaller to mid-size coil categories.  However, some manufacturers do not offer  smaller-size coil for some of their models, such as Nokta / Makro for their Simplex + r Garrett for their Apex, so I am eager to get a NEL Sharp 5" DD for both of those models and give them a serious workout in an assortment of locations, and I would guess I will enjoy some improved performance and handing in the trashier environments.

But I have been transitioning back into more urban Coin & Jewelry Hunting and considered working a good aftermarket coil in the wide-open places, but with my mobility limitations I definitely didn't want to go to a heavier search coil.  I enjoy the round 11" on the Simplex ... but I never liked the looks or, or the feel, or the rod-mount point, or the performance of the 11" BiAxial coils on a FTP device.

I do like the T2 series so I bought¬†a new T2+ as well as the NEL Super Fly to give it a try in plowed fields and open grassy parks.¬† Impressive!¬† Rod-mount is centered, weight is remarkably light and comfortable, and so far in my evaluating I have found it to work well, with VDI read-outs that have been tighter and better than with the 11" BiAxial coil.¬† If we don't get snow this evening, and there's a possibility, the ground will be good and we might hit 45¬į on Tuesday and I plan to give it another work-out.¬† Might just keep a Super Fly and 5" DD¬†combination with a T2+ around.¬†¬†

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      Just wondering why they chose to go a different route to others on the frequency selection?
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