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Detecting Boots

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1 hour ago, Dig It said:

I've been wearing Danner Stronghold Wellington 10" Brown Slip On, only metal is a little tag on side of boot that I cut off with a pair of diagonal cutters. ( Dikes ) Good snug fit, not crippled by end of day !!!!

I just ordered a pair and they'll be here Sunday.  Thanks for mentioning as I have been a Danner fan for many years (big game hunting), so hopefully these keep me just as happy.

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Been a Danner guy for years myself. Hope they work for you as well as they have been for me.... Hope to meet up with you in Rye Patch this coming fall. Winter in the Great State of Alaska isn't as fun as it use to be !!!! Lol !!!!!!

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Bought a pair of Doc's high top boots, haven't wore  high tops forever. Always had trouble with "stickers" getting in my socks but didn't this trip. I'm sold on high tops. Thanks Doc!!

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Has any one had any experience with leaving the zipper on the Reebok Rapid Response boots or similar?  I see DaveDolan took his zipper off. Was it as a precaution or was it messing with your signal?

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I just put on an Under Armour boot for the first time.  I got them a few days ago and I noticed how light they are.  Much less than my old boot.  This was my old boot and I've had it a couple of times but the sole would separate.

Magnum Men's Stealth Force 8.0 Boot,Desert Tan,8.5 M US

This new shoe has a feature I've never had on any boots.  It has a pull on the tongue and the back of the hightop.  Wow is all I can say about putting them on.  

This is the shoe:


Under Armour Men's Micro G Valsetz Lthr Military and Tactical Boot

$140.00 41% off List Price
This was the Woot price.
I'll give more of a review when I use them someplace.
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Looking good! Do they provide good ankle stability?

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They do look very good.  In addition to ankle support I am also curious about the grip of the tread, especially on rocky, rough and wet terrain?

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I've worn them a couple of times now and I would say the ankle stability is fine.  When I put them on I feel them above my ankle a bit but I'm a guy who wears sandals about 95% of the time.  

The lugs on the bottom aren't real deep but I think when you step on a rock it will not slip off too easily and you will be able to climb.

I haven't been out to the desert with them yet.


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Very comfy, light, no metal and good ankle protection.  

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