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New Member Located In Yuma Arizona

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I relocated to Yuma Arizona 2 years ago after finding the USArmy 1853 steam paddle wheel Uncle Sam. I am always looking for people to metal detect with, I work wrecks all over the world. When I’m not investigating wrecks, I’m out swinging a detector. Anyone that wants to put in some miles I’ve got lots of hunting ground, in and out of the water. Currently involved in three ongoing Spanish ( Shipwreck projects,  currently researching a fourth,  actively involved in the search for an English 1587 wreck etc. today I got up at five am to hitch the boat in order to go explore a new area of desert, accessible only by boat, the two people going with me blew me off. I’m trying to find others that are more committed to actually searching for the gold and not just talking about it.  I have found it before because I understand that to find the loot you got to get some blisters, and wear out some boots. No one ever finds treasure sitting in front of the T.V. If you don’t dive no worries, we find a lot out of the water too, if you dive and don’t have gear, no worries I’ve got more than most dive shops. From Polaris razors to boats to ships, fully equipped to, metal detect,sonar, mag, ROV, UAV,  dredge, dig, lift, recover and preserve.  I’ll do modern salvage or crime scene dives if the price is right otherwise I stick with going after gold and historical finds and meteorites.  Home is Yuma, current projects are Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, and  Mexico

8057126199 text or Email. 


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Welcome aboard and I am sure that someone will be interested in helping you out.

If I didn't have so much on my plate for the next year I would be jumping on your offer.

I do not dive, but I am in posesion of my grandfathers Ocean Pearl if you know what they are.

Good luck on your adventure, and please post some of your finds.

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That sounds like a great offer to the right people! Wish i could be one of them!

  May i suggest advertising in the Treasure Coast area of Florida on several forums! Those guy's and girl's on their off salvage season, are experienced, and may be available for part of the year!

Good luck with your hunts!👍👍

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Should be some good help here for ya.

I have found other peoples treasure on tv and the web too, just not as gratifying 🙂

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  • Steve Herschbach changed the title to New Member Located In Yuma Arizona

If I would have met you in 2010 ... I was ready for treasure and had plenty of time and interest.  I just didn't have someone who had the research bug to go with at the time.

Now I've got a wife and two little kids as treasure finds!

Steve and Lunk are down your way part of the year.  I've detected a few times around Yuma and liked it.  I found a few nuggets and know there is a lot more.



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Hi TG,

Welcome to the forum. I have sent you a short txt. I metal detect and am a certified (but infrequent) diver. I love history and as a kid I cleaned boat bottoms and did a little wreck diving in Long Island Sound. 


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