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Nugget Finder Coil Cover For Gpz?


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Well I have now gone through a second GPZ stock coil cover. Has anyone tried out the Nugget Finder coil cover for the 14x13 and if so how have you liked it? I am either looking at one of these or somehow modifying my stock cover to extend the life. If the stock covers were only $10 I could justify the reoccurring cost but at almost $50 ..not really.   Thanks

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I have the Nugget Finder solid skid plate for the GPZ 19 coil; while the plastic is not as durable as the Miner John's plastic, anything is better than the Minelab skid plate (not to mention less expensive)!

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I also have the Nugget Finder coil cover. It is a vast improvement to the ML coil cover. It's much more sturdy.I have used it now for a while and have no complaints at all. 

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Hey thanks guys. So far I have reinforced the original with some Duct Tape inside and Liquid Nails around the outer edges and overlapped underneath like in the video. If that does not provide enough durability I will give the Nugget Finder a go.

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Liquid Nails is not as tough as it sounds and wore off basically within a few hours. Ordering the Nugget Finder from Rob Allison tonight. Duck tape on the inner corners protected the coil and managed to pick up 55 grams. Heck of a trip

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Well, if you are a real scraper there isn't much that will hold up.  I began using one of the spray on coatings on my 2300 to protect the coil and the knuckle.  You just have to remember to put some on before each trip.

If you picked up 55 grams of gold that is a heck of a trip and giving a gram or two back for a better coil cover should be worth it.

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Ryan, If you get some plastic tubing, I think it is about 3/8 “in diameter  in old language I think, then cut of enough to go right around the coil. Then carefully lay it flat and mark the inside curve in the centre and cut along that line for the hole length. If you then open it up and fit it around the rim of the coil and cut it so the two ends just meet. Use a small hole punch to put two holes in each end and use  couple of small plastic ties to pull the two ends together. I have never had to replace a coil cover, usually the area of the cover which becomes worn and damaged is the edge. This treatment prevents this damage.    Regards John

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The black abs plastic ones are definitely worth it. It will also help to add more rigidity to the coil so you wont develop false signaling from flex and end up with a noisy bump sensitive  coil.

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      Well boys... she's back, like the throbbing in your skull the next morning that just won't go away... LOL....
      All kidding aside, I know where the expertise is, I know where the experience is and where I can trust the advice, I know where users are respected and Steve keeps a tight ship, and that's here... lastly, I know when to eat a little crow....
      That and I wanted to share something I just purchased from Doc if you haven't seen them already.... you all know I've been flying a 4500 (I purchased my first one from Steve back when he was running AK Mining in 2009/2010 if I remember correctly, I then bought an Infinium based on his awesome Hawaii review), since then I've swung 2300's, 4500's, 5000,'s and a 7000 that you all heard me complain about as it pulled out ounces for me... well I bit the bullet, mainly due to needed arm surgery and weight issues and picked up a GPX 6000... and of course the obligatory Doc's cover for it (Hey Minelab, we know you want to, just buy him off and include them already, we all know that no one else makes a cover worthy of your name on it). :)... so that said, I wanted to share my thoughts.. this is not an ad.. I paid for this item. Steve, if this does not belong or belongs in another area, I apologize sir, please delete or remove as you see fit. As it fits the Minelab, I figured this would be a better spot than cluttering up the main forum.
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      I present you all, another work of art, straight out of Doc's Vegas lab.... Well done Doc.....another quality product, worth twice the price.
      Note: This is not an advertisement or paid endorsement, I paid for this item, I just appreciate quality when I see it and owning covers from Doc for my SDC, my GPX's and my GPZ's there is NO one I'd buy another from... and thought you'd all appreciate seeing this workmanship as much as I did.
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      I had one coil that had a cable that was badly sun burnt and brittle. A bit of heat shrink and tape fixed it, but looked nasty. The Snake Skinz covered the mess nicely. Looks like a useful solution to a common problem. Probably will fit most coils, certaily good camo for repairs. All the best.
    • By Pinger
      OK , I got my EQ800 out and cleaned it today wishing I had a cover to protect the head ….. my mind is ALWAYS thinking and paying attention to detail ( I’m a tool and die guy so you can imagine the struggle sometimes with perfection LOL ) SOO I came up with this , PRESS-N-SEAL cling wrap ! You can apply it like a screen protector and it wouldn’t leave a residue when you take it off and it’s thicker fir dig protection ( I need that bad apparently…… ) and guess what ? I think one application will last a good while and you can probably get hundreds out of a 5$ role …! COOL OR WHAT !! ( my arm is hurting from trying to pat my own back LOL . Pics of the final outcome soon. I’m thinking I’ll just poke a hole for every hole that’s for the  speaker apply it , ( I think just your thumb rolling over it like your taking a finger print impression will work for good clear seal - I’ll find out soon ! Ps I don’t proof read all the time so if something sounds stupid read between the lines . 

    • By NV-OR-ID-CAL-AU
      Got creative today and decided to sew up a super light weight cover with a       waterproof liner and the bottom padded for my GPX 6000. 3 ounces for weight.

    • By phrunt
      I haven't done a story on a gold find for a while, partly because once you find a patch with a bunch of nuggets everything else seems pretty insignificant, a couple of months ago  I did just that, it's only my second patch but had quite a number of nuggets, I'd guess at least 40 (Correction: at least 80 nuggets) and over 30 grams in total.   I lost count of both the nuggets and the grams we got out of it in the end.  I did take a couple of videos on the first and second day of it, after that I stopped filming and just worried about detecting as filming videos is very time consuming and wastes valuable detecting time 🙂   That patch has been the highlight of my detecting time and hopefully I can find another in the future, I'll put links to the videos for anyone that wants to watch them and hasn't seen them already.
      Now to the more recent adventure, one of the most common gold spots I've been to is being developed, very soon it will no longer exist, already a large area of it has disappeared over the past few months with more to go yet, seeing it's probably the closest gold spot to home and one I've found a reasonable amount of gold before so it will be missed greatly.  It's obviously getting extremely hard to find gold there as it's not a huge area really and it's been done a lot over the years by a number of people being an obvious spot to look.
      My focus on this day was to take advantage of how well the GPZ and Concentric coil handles EMI to hunt almost exclusive in and around the power lines where people including myself with previous setups were unable to really detect very well, especially with my GPX 4500, it was terrible near the power lines, and what inspired me to try out a QED which ended up working quite well under the power lines but just didn't have the power of the GPZ.
      I didn't take all that many photos as my aim was to get some video, I always struggle to get gold finds on video as I just use my phone to film and I have to put it down to do the recovery 🙂 I have a GoPro but just haven't bothered to use it yet. 
      I went to some bedrock and worked my way up digging every signal and recording and deleting all the recordings as they were turning out to be shotgun pellets, this is entirely normal in this area as it has a big rabbit plague and shooters love spreading their pellets around all over the place for me to dig back up again.
      Here is a video of the first gold find, a .109 of a gram nugget, I was pretty happy with that to start the day as often at this location I go home empty handed.  I didn't get the entire thing on video and I had my detector in difficult from when I was messing around the other day doing some testing and didn't check my settings, I'd never normally use difficult in my soil as Normal works just fine. Fortunately it didn't prevent me finding the gold, or the numerous pellets before it 
      Once I'd finished that bedrock area I walked up under the power lines to detect hoping I'd find something others couldn't get, I took a little video there of how the detector was working under the lines, I really love how well the GPZ handles power lines seeing they're in many of my gold areas.  You'll also notice at the end of the video the millions of bits of rabbit poo on the ground, this is the reason for the shotgun pellets everywhere.
      You'll notice in the video I discover I'm in difficult and seem a bit surprised, this is when I worked out I may have wasted the past hour detecting in difficult and it went through my head now I'll have to go check that bedrock again 😛  I was quite happy at that point I took the video or I may not have noticed for the rest of the day.
      I started detecting along under the power lines and ended up in a little area I don't think I've been into before, I'm terrible with directions and locations so it's quite possible I have been there before and don't remember it but it didn't look familiar, I was still recording every target dig to try get a gold find on video and managed to do it, I think this might be my first time ever getting one from start to finish on video, quite happy with that.
      And a couple of photos of it.

      And my lucky last nugget of the day if you could call it that was a 0.038 of a gram nugget, very shallow on some bedrock, it took me about 20 minutes to recover this one, but I only got a portion of it on video, I kept moving it around but couldn't pick it up, I had no idea where it was in the cleared area, I was wishing I had a VLF with me with tiny coil to narrow it down.

      I'd imagine there are quite a lot of these little guys around it's just the amount of pellets you'd have to dig to find them would be crazy.  I do it more for the challenge but the novelty wears off after digging a massive amount of pellets and not finding any nuggets and if you ignore the pellets you'll miss these little bits of gold. 
      So here are the 3 little bits for the day

      and the weights

      All a bit of good fun, I really enjoy chasing these little bits especially after the first one pops up to get you into gear looking for more.  I can't compete with the photos lately out of Alaska for gold though, I'm just glad I can do the hobby near home and find a few bits to keep me happy.
      Here is a little tour video of where I was detecting.
      Keep in mind to run these coils you need to have an adapter and that involves cutting the end off your existing GPZ coil and making an adapter out of it, it should only ever be taken on by someone very skilled at electronics or really the best thing to do is get a professional to make the adapter for you to avoid any problems.
    • By Steve Herschbach
      If you want a hard case, I ordered this Plano 36" case ($79) and it is just barely big enough. It works as is, but I will take a little foam out of the top foam in the areas directly over the body and batteries. You could buy a larger case than this, but do not go any smaller.
      Packed and ready for four days detecting

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