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Yet Another Gold Basin Murder

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Agreed. Mike does a great job running the Meadview park, I wouldn't hesitate to stay there. The Sheriff also patrols in Meadview.

Just to give a bit of an orientation - most of what is happening is going on on the other side of the Lost Basin range and beyond towards White Hills/Dolan. The sheriff refuses to patrol down here. The criminal element aren't the sort that generally want their names and phones #'s on an RV park registry book. I'm told that at least one of the two arrested for this murder had been camping over the last year or so at the GSSN club claim area.

While not prospectors or in the common detecting area, there was a double murder in Chloride a few months ago too, one of the victims was the local Deputy's grandmother and frankly the news story is too horrific for me to link here. And then another one in Dolan Springs shortly before or after that one. The per capita crime in the area is off the charts since there is only maybe 3000 people in the whole area. 

I have a commercial gold exploration project there which is part of my income and my future, and I have my savings invested in land there, so I can't walk away. But for recreational detecting, I'll be starting fresh somewhere else next time I head down to AZ. Be safe and alert out there.

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Good luck for you out there. Might be worthwhile to have an associate with you at all times.

Gold mining was unfortunately always married with crime. Probably not different now in some places.

Like many booming mining camps, Bodie soon earned a reputation for violence and lawlessness. Killings were sometimes daily events and robberies, stage holdups and street fights were common occurrences in the camp.

In its day, Bodie was more widely known for its lawlessness than for its riches. Of Bodie, the Reverend F.M. Warrington would describe it in 1881 as “a sea of sin, lashed by the tempests of lust and passion.”

Given Bodie’s reputation, it is perhaps not surprising that one little girl, whose family was moving to the mining town, reportedly prayed: “Goodbye God! We are going to Bodie.”

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6 hours ago, Gold Catcher said:

It depends in which state you are in. Definitely not a good idea in CA.

Not so in Siskiyou County California. Our Sherriff told me that just being in the woods, away from people is enough reason to carry a gun. He said that no law officer would bother you for that.

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49 minutes ago, Jim_Alaska said:

Not so in Siskiyou County California. Our Sherriff told me that just being in the woods, away from people is enough reason to carry a gun. He said that no law officer would bother you for that.

Thanks, good to know. The best would be to check with the local authorities. From what I heard, the "tolerance level" varies from county to county based on the local sheriff. The question is in what trouble you might actually get really into if you ever had to use it (god forbid). CA gun laws are super strict.

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    As far as gun laws in California, and New York!  My answer is: "I would rather have 12 jurors, than 6 pallbearers"!! One of my dad's favorite sayings, when asked about the legality of concealed carry laws in "difficult" states!👍👍

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Folks here have referred to carrying guns for self defense.  In Arizona it is forbidden to blame the "victim" for a crime.  As strange as it may seem, claiming self defense  is no longer an acceptable practice as it blames the "victim". You run considerable risk carrying a gun.

I write from painful personal experience.  I was assaulted in a parking lot.  I fought back and hurt the guy.  He lied to the police claiming I was a violent homeless man because I wear a beard and was wearing a ratty old coat.  I was charged with felony assault. Since I could not claim self defense, I was compelled to plead no contest to felony assault.  I had no other option.

I carry bear spray, and in potential confrontations I launch an audio recording app as soon as the situation develops.  With bear spray if I were charged, it would be for assault not for murder.

While I have spoken of the law, I am not a lawyer, and it is always foolish to take legal advice from any forum.

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40 minutes ago, oldmancoyote1 said:

While I have spoken of the law, I am not a lawyer, and it is always foolish to take legal advice from any forum.



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