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Treasure Pro - Is My Coil Broken?

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I haven't used my Treasure Pro in about a year and it has been packed up and hauled around a bit. I turned it on and I get random readings all over of the scale.  I followed the directions to reset it with no change.  If the coil is not connected it is quiet.   Could I have a broken coil?


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13 minutes ago, DanPettit said:

I turned it on and I get random readings all over of the scale.

First thought -- electromagnetic interference (EMI).  If you are inside a building there are multiple sources including internet routers and simply the AC powerlines in the walls.

If that's the problem, it will lessen and maybe go away if you put some distance between yourself and buildings.  (Even then you may pick up interference from overhead or undergroumd power lines, TV cable lines,... it's a long list.)  Turning down the sensitivity/gain will also show improvement.

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Thanks.  I was outside holding the coil up in the air in a general area that I have run it before without this issue.  There is an invisible dog fence in the area that might be new since I was back there...   Maybe that's it.

I'll try moving around and see if I can find a quieter place.

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7 hours ago, DanPettit said:

Thanks.  I was outside holding the coil up in the air .....

Don't.  There's no good reason to hold the coil in the air, and doing so makes it far more susceptible to EMI problems.  Just turn it on at a proper search coil height or ±2" from the ground.  That can help reduce some EMI intrusion.  Then work away from sources, such as an invisible dog fence, etc.

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